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cvbdsl 01-19-2013 01:21 PM

2002 phaeton 40GH comments
I'm starting to think of trading :rolleyes: and have noticed a 2002 Phaeton up for sale. They don't list the model number but it looks like a GH (two slides) with a 330 Cat.

I've also been reading that there may have been some issues with the Catepillar motor around this time frame that could lead to expensive repairs.

Anyone have any comments on the 2002 Phaeton? Any owners out there willing to share their experiances concerning reliablity and quality?



michelb 01-21-2013 05:36 AM

We recently got a 2003 Phaeton 40RH and so far we like it a lot but haven't gotten to use it tons. Seems very well built and good quality. Prior to that we had 98 Pace Arrow and certainly like the Phaeton a lot more. We also briefly had a 99 Tradewinds 7371 but with 2 young boys, we didn't like the floorplan as much (only 1 slide, table and chairs and not enough room to swap out for a booth).

If you're curious to see floorplans, you can find brochures here RV Tech Library - Tiffin Specs and Brochures (no 2002 but 03 and 04 are there). Not 100% sure about 02s but I think all their 40' have 2+ slides. A 40GH will have the kitchen on the driver's side and the table/booth on the curb site, a 40RH will have the kitchen on the curbside - I kind of prefer having the kitchen on the driver side except that you get shallower slide and I don't know if you can get dual sofas with the curbside booth / table so ultmately between the 2, I prefer the 40RH. Ideally I'd prefer a 40TGH because it also has a curbside front slide - it's not a huge issue but with the the 2 slide models, you can't really walk by if someone is taking stuff out of the fridge.

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