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john109 03-18-2013 06:07 PM

Don thats quite an ordeal just to get out of your yard. Maybe you can get the town to put in a street light for you.:laugh: You guys got me thinking now when I first brought my RV home I found what looked like a small bracket and wheel on it. Under my slide out seat of my couch I am going to have look closer now. But it doesn't look like a latch.

DGShaffer 03-18-2013 06:22 PM

I amaze my wife twice each weekend we take it out on a trip, once when I back out and again when I pull in. She used to stop traffic for me but we use our MH so often that I'm pretty good now and can do it on my own.

If it's square metal bracket with a two wheel caster threaded into it then it's from under the pull out section of your L couch. There should be two casters under there. The latch that you tilt out to release the L section couch is what is broken on mine. That's one of the punch list items being repaired this week

john109 03-19-2013 04:36 AM

Don I remember the day we picked up the rv my wife sat in the passenger seat and said are you sure you can drive this? I have a class A cdl so it was not a big deal for me. But I got to tell you some of those toll booths can be scary not sure why I have driven tractor trailers through them and not felt so cramped. I guess its all part of the adventure. Can you back it in the drive way so when you exit you can see better? That may help with the pucker factor.

What I found is a caster I didn't know there was a latch I will be looking closer probably this weekend. Thanks for the info

DGShaffer 03-19-2013 05:07 AM

Look under the pull out section of your couch, there are supposed to be two casters under it.

I never tried backing it in. Pulling in and backing out is second hand now so it's not a big deal.

My Outlaw wasn't much taller than these units but at 12'9" and the sloped roof it seemed taller. We picked ours up in Rhode Island and every overpass looked like it was going to hit. My wife said the same thing. We decided that it would be fun to overnight it at a campground on the way home. The campground only had back in sites, the road through the park was one lane, dirt, windy, and narrow. The site was a tiny back in with trees all around. I managed to get it in place in one shot thanks to the back up camera but the wife and neighbors were impressed.

You really do need good coordination, depth perception and steady nerves to drive these with confidence. My wife drove our Class C on longer trips but no way will she drive these things.

john109 03-19-2013 02:57 PM

Don I will check under the couch this weekend and figure out what is going on. Thanks for the tip. My cross fires arrived today but its raining cold and windy. Won't get today..:banghead:

I don't think my wife has any desire to drive the RV. She's happy sitting in the right seat looking around. And fighting with the dog over the seat he sits there staring at her until she gets up. Sometimes I have her get me a drink or a sandwich just to help my buddy out. Once he's in the seat he aint moving. My female dog heads for the couch and sleeps until we get to where ever we are going. Where did you buy in RI? Was it a good experience?

bdickson 03-21-2013 07:47 PM

Drove 300 miles on I-40 from Arizona into California today, rough and bumpy all the way. Went into the bathroom when we arrived and found one of the mirrored medicine cabinet doors hanging off, ready to fall into the sink. The heavy door is held on with just two screws, one of which had pulled out completely and the other was ready to let go. Door is now reattached with oversized screws and wood packing (toothpicks, none better). If it had fallen it would probably have meant a smashed mirror and cracked sink.

john109 03-22-2013 04:24 AM

Bruce sorry to hear of your troubles. But thank you for the heads up I have never bothered to look that close at the hardware set up on the doors. But I will now, another thing to do. I have driven I40 (although it has been a while) but it was always a pretty nice road. I was thinking I will replace those screws with a couple of 3" deck screws and tell the wife she has new hooks to hang stuff on.
I got a feeling I may end up checking all the hinges as I imagine if those big doors only have a couple of screws the rest are probably the same. Bruce I have found the tooth pick trick is great I have also added some 2 part epoxy to the screws and then tighten them down and they don't back out through vibration.
Thank You again for taking the time to help the rest of us hopefully avoid troubles down the road.

Not sure where everyone is, I look forward to our times here. Hopefully all is well with everyone.

DGShaffer 03-22-2013 04:30 AM


Originally Posted by bdickson (Post 1504189)
If it had fallen it would probably have meant a smashed mirror and cracked sink.

Not to mention the mandatory 7 years of bad luck!

Thanks for the heads up. That is an issue with the pressed wood used in these less expensive coach's. My wife ripped a cabinet door clean off in our Outlaw. And yes, tooth picks were the tool of the day then as well! :thumb:

As a preventative measure, I wonder if removing the screws and soaking the inside of the hole with CA glue and letting it soak in and harden the wood would make it more resilient to fatigue from traveling?

What are your thoughts?

john109 03-22-2013 09:09 AM

Don iam sure that CA glue would work fine. I have had good luck with epoxy it's a little thicker and you can put dab on a screw snug it and it dries overnite. Keep the stuff coming guys we can take care of this stuff before we are on the road and little things turn into bigger issues.

DGShaffer 03-22-2013 02:50 PM

The neat thing about the CA is that I think it would soak into the wood and then the wood should dry hard. If the threads are still good in the wood, assuming you removed it and it didn't rip out, the threads would be hard like an insert.

I use CA glue to harden the cut ends of para cord as well. The thin kind just wicks right into the cord.

DGShaffer 03-22-2013 02:57 PM

An update on my repair list:

Good Morning Don,

The following items are not done:

Bulge in couch- couldnít fix- waiting for authorization; donít know if panel can be replaced. Waiting for our warranty dept to see
Drawer tracks ordered came in wrong-re-ordered
Vizio remote is not here yet
P/S night shade that doesnít stay up- had to order a new one
Pedestal table ordered came in wrong- re-ordered

As you are aware parts take a minimum of 7 working days to receive and sometimes longer.

The noisy slide was shimmed and adjusted
The couch wheels were replaced and floor gouge was repaired
Additional latches were added to the couch drawer
The window rubber was replaced
The sofa handle and cable were replaced
The windshield rubber was secured

I'm wondering if I should just pick it up tomorrow. We have reservations for the first weekend in April so I have to pick it up next Saturday anyway. It doesn't look much like they'll have the correct parts in on time anyway. I'll just drive down and pick up the parts and install them myself.

john109 03-22-2013 05:32 PM

I will be interested in seeing if that slide is quiet now. Funny story about my night shade. I was trying to get my shade down for over 20 minutes pushing the button. Thinking I wonder were the fuses are for this shade this thing is new what the #$%^. I turned off the ignition and was going to lock it up and said I am going to try the switch one more time. Imagine the look on my face when it worked as advertised and I thought about for a second and said what a dope. Of course it won't work with the engine running. Oh well lesson learned and it didn't cost any money just some time and a little pride.
Don that's a fairly short punch list you can knock that out in short time. Are they going to replace part of the couch? I say pick it up and let Cindy start packing that thing for next weekend. I envy you guys we got 5 more inches of the white stuff last night. I got my cross fires wednesday and got one installed on thursday before the storm and will have to dig out the otherside tomorrow and install it. I took your advise and drilled the hub cap their brackets just did not do it for me. I even tried to modify them but I didn't like the way they looked. I also have to work on my couch to see were that caster goes that I found a while back.

DGShaffer 03-22-2013 07:00 PM

That night shade issue got me as well. Like you, I thought to myself that it shouldn't go all the way down when the motors running!

We did decide to pick it up tomorrow. I have a couple more things I want to do and also to de-winterize it and get everything running in the driveway. Our first weekend out is at a small campground 20 minutes from the house. If something goes wrong it's always good to find it while you're close to home. My shake down trips are usually spent in the driveway so I might spend the night in it this weekend.

Pull the section out and then lie on the floor and look under the extended part. There should be two casters. If there are two then they noticed one missing and replaced it. Now you have a spare. While you're under there make sure the jam nuts on the caster stem are tight

john109 03-22-2013 07:17 PM

I will Don Thanks for the tip. Enjoy the weekend let us know your thoughts on the shim and adjustments to your slide..

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