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Quackersack 01-31-2017 01:52 PM

Just purchased a Thor Challenger 36TL cant wait to get out with it. Going to have a toad chevy spark

Nanaimo 01-31-2017 09:42 PM


Originally Posted by Capone (Post 3396075)
Maybe the App is just for iPhone, not sure. There should be something similar for other phones. Good luck, I hope you find it.

I see a few of them, which one did you get?

Nanaimo 01-31-2017 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by happycamperj (Post 3384663)
We also were not happy with the sofa in our 37gt. We got the 3 section recliner sofa and the console module. Installed it ourselves. We sold the sofa that came in the rig for $400; it took two of us a while to take it apart and get it out the door.

Could you post a picture pls. I am thinking about doing the same

ctpres 02-05-2017 08:04 AM

More mods fixes and upgrades
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#99 Dark Shower. Showering, shaving and wiping walls at night not so good. This mod is not an easy one and can be VERY messy. First decision is will shower light be independently switched or do you want it on with main light switch? Installation steps basically the same. Just get power from vanity lights or vent fan. I picked vanity light. Start by removing right sink light fixture. Turn glass cover counterclockwise and it will pull down and out. Remove three screws and fixture will come out. Ours was a very tight fit and needed a putty knife to pry it out. Next remove skylight interior liner. Probably will need three hands to hold liner for the last few screws - it is very flimsy. Next step very important - use a straight piece of stiff wire, like a coat hanger, and push it thru foam insulation all the way to power source. It may be necessary to remove more foam from light fixture recess so you can see the wire. Bend hook on wire end, attach power wires to hook and pull into shower. If not able to pull wire you will need to enlarge hole by pushing a pointed dowel rod in place of wire. Now decide on light location. Important be sure you will have room for drill and hole saw. ie. do not place close to center line of shower enclosure. Also see where a'cond duct is. in our KT the duct runs between linen cabinet and shower wall so that side is not possible. I had originally planned on two lights till I figured out the duct was on one side. Once light location firmed up mark circle for hole and carefully cut fabric headliner with a razor blade. Do no attempt to use hole saw to cut fabric. Once fabric removed finish hole with hole saw. Same procedure for wire from skylight to new hole. Cleaning up all the Styrofoam will take longer than the work itself. Day two after project and still using dust buster to pick up small foam beads. Light source was recreatiopro store on Ebay "3.2 LED 240 LUMEN RECESSED INTERIOR CEILING LIGHT" $8.75 ea with free shipping and no sales tax. Note Styrofoam balls clinging to glass shower wall.

ctpres 02-05-2017 11:10 AM

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#​100​ Project: Replace sleeper sofa with double recliners. After a LOT of research, price checking and reading recliner projects posted by so many others, I decided on the "RecPro Charles 67" Double RV Zero Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa w/ Console." Available from their website (, Amazon and Ebay. Lucked out and got mine for $723.25 no tax and free ship. Should be here in a couple days. I will supply all specs and more installation info as project progresses. To remove couch - open bed platform - ends of seat base have removable Velcro covers - with them off you will see four L brackets two at each end - remove screws securing them to floor and couch can be removed. No protective feet on bottom of couch and lots of staples - do not drag or slide couch across floor to prevent damage to floor. Remove TV enclosure bottom end panels to access screws into wall and floor (recliner.1). Note: some have kept TV enclosure - I just wanted as little slide floor extension as possible. Thinking that is if a real heavyweight sits on front edge of couch - something might happen due to leverage. If wires go thru center of enclosure opening make thin cut at bottom center cross piece so ends of cut can be spread allowing various wires to be removed (recline.2). CAREFULLY use razor blade to cut caulk around at joint of shelf and wall. Remove TV enclosure. I removed seat belts for cleaner work area and may not reinstall them - to be decided. Note (recline.3) TV outlet hanging loose. I drilled holes in flanges on the ends and secured sideways to wall. Flanges are on the ends and just wide enough for screw holes. Four long screws were sticking out of TV enclosure -cut off and smoothed ends. I was able to remove most of the top to wall caulk with a single edge razor blade VERY carefully with blade almost flat against wall. Removed enclosure ends and top - screws only no glue used. In (recline.4) you can see gray coax jumper and very long HDMI jumper. I will remove the gray jumper as main coax is more than long enough. Might use shorter HDMI if I can find one. Signal quality is degraded in HDMI and coax with longer runs and extra connections. Probably never notice any picture difference but I will feel better. I plan to use original enclosure front to cover back of TV, hide the wireing mess and put a couple 110 outlets on top. Really don't like 110 wires hanging in front of the window so that problem will get solved. So now I just wait for the new couch to arrive.

sbleiweiss 02-06-2017 06:17 AM

Chuck: Why the hooks on the inside of your shower enclosure?

ctpres 02-06-2017 08:11 AM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by sbleiweiss (Post 3448026)
Chuck: Why the hooks on the inside of your shower enclosure?

Good catch! The white one is Command hook for hanging squeegee. Hook in corner - there is also one in opposite corner. A wind proof cloths line goes between them. Allows us to put wet stuff on hangers and hangers stay where placed and do not slide to middle, also keeps them in place as we as we drive. Color choices not that great - but it works.

ctpres 02-06-2017 09:36 AM

Re #99 Dark Shower. Very important forgot to mention - I removed springs. Springs would make future removal nearly impossible.

ctpres 02-06-2017 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by sbleiweiss (Post 3448026)
Chuck: Why the hooks on the inside of your shower enclosure?

I missed one. Left top corner the black thing is a large S hook hooked over the top and hanging on the outside - about three inches long. Used for hanging towels. Just move or remove as needed.

PattyP 02-07-2017 05:34 AM

Post pics and let us know if recliners are comfortable. Someone we talked to at THe RV show said he installed boards under recliners, are you doing that too? I don't remember why though. Maybe height difference in recliners versus sofa.

ctpres 02-07-2017 06:03 AM


Originally Posted by PattyP (Post 3449660)
Post pics and let us know if recliners are comfortable. Someone we talked to at THe RV show said he installed boards under recliners, are you doing that too? I don't remember why though. Maybe height difference in recliners versus sofa.

Front and sides of original couch do not touch floor and just hang down to cover the end of the slide. Most all replacements front feet will not fit on slide platform so the they need some sort of floor extension for support. This type of project always generates more questions so I will have tons of info and pics. Just got FedEx email - three boxes on truck for delivery TODAY!

sbleiweiss 02-08-2017 07:05 AM

Plastic Cover for Clearance Lights
Our Challenger has five small lights on the upper front cap. I think they are called clearance lights. Three are upper center and one each is at the upper corners. We have lost the orange plastic lens cover for the corner one over the drivers side. Has anyone replaced one of these covers? Source?

Thor gave me a part number, but said they only come as an entire new light fixture. I would prefer just to replace the plastic cover.

ctpres 02-08-2017 07:21 AM

1 Attachment(s)
#100 Continued: Removed couch - highly recommend not taking bed off at hinge. OK to remove backrest to reduce weight - it is hinged with pin and lock rings - very easy to remove. In my, case nuts inside seat assembly and arms were lose. Nuts rattling around in side arms so reassembly means cutting fabric making reassembly very difficult. Just turn couch upside down, remove front panel and side arms for easy fit thru door. I did remove the gray coax extension and replaced ten foot HDMI cable with two footer. I also cut off the remaining screws and smoothed edges. Good chance hands could be cut when retrieving items from behind couch. Also less chance of damaging items stored there. ​Dremel with cutoff wheel made it easy and relatively mess free.​
Recliners arrived!. Three boxes totaling almost two hundred pounds 33, 83 and 83. Two larger boxes will not fit thru door. If installing in a KT or other model that has door stopped at 90 degrees, you will need to put slide in and remove door strut to open door enough to get the seat bases inside. At 77 I was able to get seat bases in by myself. A helper would be nice. No instructions but none really needed. Backs slip into receivers on base and clip locks them in place. The console back screws to base. Based on previous comments I bent the clips out so backs can be removed to access everything behind. The three pieces connect with posts and keyhole connectors. My power wires fit under rear base crosspiece with no problem. AV wire bundle much fatter but the plastic wire sleeve can be easily cut away and wires spread to fit under crosspiece. With TV enclosure and window side valances removed recline angle is good for TV viewing. If happy at this point you could just screw rails to floor without any extension. They fit on slide and chairs actually leave more walking space then the couch did! We did a TV night of testing chairs just sitting on slide floor and it was OK. Full recline only requires a small slide floor extension. Today I will finish that part

ctpres 02-09-2017 04:35 AM

4 Attachment(s)
#​100​ Continued: Replace sleeper sofa with double recliners. Decided to add length to floor by screwing a 2x3 to the front edge of slide with 6 1/4 x 4 lag bolts. This method does not add any height to seat. Selected 2x3 to allow room for rubber seal to bend during slide operation. Drilled 3/4 inch recess holes for lag bolt head and washer then finished bolt hole thru 2x3 with 1/4" drill. A trim board will be added later to cover front of the 2x3. Removed staples from vinyl flooring were it was folded down in front and used it to hide/cover the top of my 2x3. Some of the staples securing rubber seal needed to touched up with a hammer to get a smooth surface for 2x3. Aligned board with top of slide floor and used C clamps on the ends to hold while drilling into front of slide floor. Not sure what size drill but it was next size smaller than 1/4" that I used to drill thru both sides of the steel tube. I tested bolt install in first hole to be sure size was right. ​With chair feet on front edge of 2x3 chairs recline almost fully before touching back of TV housing. After two nights of TV viewing we decided this was a good place to stop recline. Any more recline and you would need a pillow to behind head to see TV.​ I added some scrap carpet to TV housing at chair contact point to protect chair fabric. I added a six outlet power strip to top of TV housing and centered it behind console. ​One pic shows installed 2x3 and hopefully the one showing feet answers questions about why chair height is important​ to some. Five foot four DW is sitting in chair and her feet are about four inches off floor. We have not had any problems with this. The other pic show chairs in recline with backs stopped at TV housing. My biggest problem so far has been getting chairs locked into fittings on console. Pins drop into notch and slide back in slot to lock. Not sure why but I still can't get this part right. Temp secured chairs to floor with a couple screws while I wait for more project material to be delivered. To be continued

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