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Bakeryman 03-29-2020 03:36 PM

Wow, that is a fried unit.

So is about 3:30pm here in Colorado and I did get a chance to replace the connectors I mentioned. That had no affect on the slide but the right thing to do at this point.

I then switched out the controllers and that did not make a difference. Acted the same with the good vs. bad. Bummer as I was excited it might be a easy fix.

Had a beer, then created a 2x4 and jack from my Jeep tool to push in the slide so I can take it in for repairs.

that worked great....My DW was even impressed with my efforts. LOL.

the slide going was not real easy but I spread the pressure using 2x4 over 24" and a foam pad to protect the exterior.

In the last couple inches of getting it back in it seemed easier and like the motor helped but it was disconnected.

Makes me wonder if their might be something blocking a little. There is so much crap in the bathroom slide portion with flex tubing, water lines, electric etc... Next RV the slides cannot house any water, Fridge etc... too much crap to slide in and out with the slide.

any way. was going to try extending the slide again but don't want to push my luck on getting it back in again to take in for fix.

I'll let you know final results after repairs.

opcop 03-30-2020 02:19 PM

Sorry it wasn’t an easy fix like mine. I’m fortunate my slide only houses my u-shape dinette and L-shape couch. My curb side kitchen slide with the frig, stove, micro/convection oven and sink in smaller and so far no controller issues. However, I did have to replace the front in wall Schwintek motor for that slide about 2 years ago. I did that myself as well. Good luck and hopefully not too expensive.

Bakeryman 04-16-2020 06:06 PM

Hey Challenger Owners. Update on my Slide out on my 37YT. Its 6pm here in colorado and my Camping World Service guy have become best friends.

I could not get the slide to move out even with 3 big guys (spaced 6' apart of course). So I took it to Camping World in Golden. Lonnie there has been great so far...they even announced a service discount on good sam/camping world hes going to apply.

So they could not move the slide out manually either. just would not move. Then they said they needed to remove the interior bathroom wall to access motor from inside. Problem there is the slide is stuck in not out. they would not be able to get the washer/dryer out of cabinet etc... to even get close to the motor area.

then Lonnie called today and they said they can pull my shower sky light, drop down a ladder (look at the 37YT floor plan and you'll understand) and he can then remove interior there to get motor. He was successful!

What they found was the wiring had been pulled on the wiring harness and shorted out the motor which locked up so they could not move the slide manually.

He said that was a fire hazzard. I said given all the issues I've had that may not have been a bad thing...assuming we and the dogs were not in the RV at the time.

So they are getting new motor (replacing both while I'm at it as I don't really trust the installation from the plant, will keep one as spare) They said the wiring in the RV for this motor was not in a good place and not a good install to prevent the harness from catching on something and stripping the wires.

Going to accumulate photos and asked Lonnie to document all so I can call my friends at Thor adding to the 3 year list of crappy workmanship on my unit.

New model in bad!

Will update with final results and cost.

bsheet2 05-12-2020 12:46 PM

I feel your pain with the slide out. I have a 2017 37YT as well. One thing I do not like is the lack of access to the slide motors. I had one power wire get unplugged from one slide motor. The way they routed the power wires to the motors leaves a lot to be desired.

We really like the 37YT floor plan.
But there is power, water and gray water lines that go into two of the large slide outs. Issues waiting to happen??

Bakeryman 06-09-2020 09:29 AM

BSheet, yes those plumbing hoses in the slides and the odd access panels with the rubber seals under slide are just dumb. I got some insulation panels(Pink) from Home depot, cut them to cover those and then clued a strap and button snaps. When in cold weather I attached those to keep out cold air. both my sinks drain hoses were bad from plant and I had to re-due them both. Factory sent diagram and parts but they improvised on my unit so bad I could not retro fit to what they recommended (no access to PVC in bathroom to fix). I just re-did it with parts from local hardware store and so far 2 years no leaks.

Just got RV back this past Saturday 6/6 about two months in the shop.

Camping World got new slide rails kit from LCI - no Charge- Great response from LCI throughout this ordeal.
Installed new rails and install kit and still slide was binding some. Tech took back off and measured again to find the factory hole cut for slide out was not square so the slide parts were binding.
CW re-cut hole to square, re-installed parts, another motor as one got ruined in this process.

Slide now works, have not camped yet. My portion of the Bill was $1700. Thor paid 4 hours labor $600 and would not pay more after repeated requests. I get its out of warranty but given the record of issues I have documented since new this may be a lemon law candidate (not sure what Lemon Law is on RV's) And, this was a factory fail, not wear and tear etc...

Anyway, I guess it could have been worse but I'm disappointed in Thor from the support side of this and from the stand point that this is my second Thor/Damon RV bought new. last was 2003 Challenger. I know they have plenty of business but is seems they just run them out the door and hope owner does not have a issues until warranty over. I have less than 10,000 miles on this one since new 2017.

I cannot recommend Thor RV's going forward. Not just due to this slide issue, it goes to 3 years of nothing but issues on this one. Mine was new model 37YT for the 2017 year and likely a early run in production. I hope others are better.

May want to have your technician measure your slide out clearances to make sure they have the slide centered properly and square, I learned alot in this process. Mine was the large bath/master slide.

Good luck,

bsheet2 06-09-2020 10:14 AM

Glad you finally got it working.

Getting my 37YT out of the shop this week. Decided to install steering stabilizer and rear track bar. Hopefully it will drive a bit better. It was not horrible previously. But, wind from the big trucks would push me around and the steering would wonder a bit on uneven pavement.

Hit_the_Rhod 06-10-2020 05:04 AM

If you had the coach in for ANY slide work during the original warranty period, and it was not properly addressed (which it appears it wasn't since the mounting holes were improperly cut) than the recent, final corrective action that finally fixed the problem should have been covered under the original problem reported while it was still in warranty. HOWEVER since you've already paid them, I think you're screwed. It will cost MUCH more than the $1,700.00 you've paid to hire an attorney, and even if you collect from Thor, the only person who will make out in the deal is the lawyer:nonono:. I doubt very much that thor will pay your legal costs. Call it a win, move on and try and let the enjoyment of using your coach wash away the sour taste of another poorly constructed thor product.

MeSteve 06-13-2020 02:56 PM

Can anyone send me the dimensions of the garbage can cabinet on a 37KT? I am looking to use the next size up garbage can and the rig isn't close by ATM...


Foxflyer 06-14-2020 04:30 AM


Originally Posted by MeSteve (Post 5302763)
Can anyone send me the dimensions of the garbage can cabinet on a 37KT? I am looking to use the next size up garbage can and the rig isn't close by ATM...


Door opening and interior depth: 10-5/8W x 24-1/4H x 17-1/4D.

sbleiweiss 06-14-2020 07:19 AM

That was fast. I can tell you that at least on ours the bigger garbage can fit fine. We put in a slide out setup and removed the door hinges, attached the door to the slide out, so that opening the garbage door was a one step instead of two project. I don't have pictures but could take them if you need it.

MeSteve 06-14-2020 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by Foxflyer (Post 5303267)
Door opening and interior depth: 10-5/8W x 24-1/4H x 17-1/4D.



Originally Posted by sbleiweiss (Post 5303391)
That was fast. I can tell you that at least on ours the bigger garbage can fit fine. We put in a slide out setup and removed the door hinges, attached the door to the slide out, so that opening the garbage door was a one step instead of two project. I don't have pictures but could take them if you need it.

I have the kit to mount the door to the slide out deally, just needed to know if I was replacing the slide out first or not...

Bakeryman 06-15-2020 11:09 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Hey BSheet2 or other 37YT. Was packing RV last Thursday for long weekend and noticed in the 3rd storage bay from rear on entry side (see photos) there was a black wooden box I never noticed before that was slopped to match the black holding tank and pushed in to wedge against the tank. Seemed like a support maybe during installation of the tank or ?? I contacted Ron at Thor and he thought my suggestion was right that maybe was left in by mistake during production of the unit (not surprising if so).

Question can you peak at yours and see if you have it as well or if the black tank is just supported by the brackets. I'm affraid to pull it out permanently if all 37YT's have it. It is not mounted and I can easily pull out (see photos).

I figure some manufacturing guy has been looking for his lost tank install wedge for past 3 years :)

Let me know if photos didn't come through. It showed they uplaaded.


MeSteve 06-15-2020 04:14 PM

roof runoff
1 Attachment(s)
Has anyone found a way to control the AC condensate from running down the side making white streaks? We've had it detailed, but that was only about a 90% solution.

Bakeryman 06-15-2020 05:31 PM


Let me know how that suspension work does for you.

Not sure I would take that plunge but I would like a little less sway.

I had a 2003 Damon Intruder and I put firestone airbags on all corners. Seemed to help a little but not a 100% solution.

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