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JMonroe 04-05-2013 07:39 AM


Originally Posted by JoeMoe (Post 1520199)
... Any subjection what model and size I should go with?

I'd not be qualified for that, but there are many here that will be able to help you decide. You might ask that specific question in the technology forum.

Good luck!

vito.a 04-05-2013 09:34 AM

My Heart Interface 20 inverter failed last year also. I located a company called Tekris Power Electronics Inc, (888) 483-5747. They have stores in NJ and AZ. Chris can repair some failures on the Heart system, but if the main board is bad, parts are no longer available.

I purchased a new Magnum ME2012 from Tekris. They have the best prices and outstanding tech support. I also had to purchase the new control panel. I did not have to rewire anything. The new control panel uses the same RJ11 phone cord the old system used and fit right into the old cutout. The new inverter is slightly larger, so I had to cut a new plywood base but it still mounted in the same compartment.

The Magnum 2012 is not a pure sine wave model, however I have run a new Samsung LED TV, computer, and even a Sony Playstation on the Magnum and everything works well.

oneeyedmac 04-06-2013 09:19 PM

FWIW I bought a 1996 American Dream about a month ago with less than 100K miles, 2 year old tires (date code verified) with upgraded flat screen TV's and leather furniture (which is really like new) for less than $25K. We got it from a private seller and I'm the fourth owner.

So far we've driven it from Chicago (purchase point) to central Ohio to South Eastern Ohio to Savannah to Naples, FL where we are now. We haven't had a hic up yet, knock on real wood trim.

The deals are out there, just be willing to do the leg work and act fast when you find the right one. I looked for a looooong time and looked at many coaches in person and thousands on line.

There is a dealer who keeps American Eagles around and sells them for mid $20's and up in South Carolina. I think it's Carolina Coaches or Karolina Koaches. I spoke with them a couple of times and ended up not buying from them ut they did have some stuff I was interested in and their prices were within the realm of reason.

jzick 04-07-2013 06:53 AM


Originally Posted by Gary RVRoamer (Post 1509253)
The online NADA guide is based on average depreciation, not actual market values. The numbers can get way out of whack for popular models, especially as they get older. A popular model will hold value, but the guide keeps on depreciating it at about 6% per year. I suspect Dreams and Eagles pretty much stop depreciating after about 12-15 years.

DW and I, not so long ago, ended up with a motorhome to sell that we took in trade for a real estate purchase. When we sold it, I found that the selling prices were far above NADA listings, so I priced it at average retail. When people called I explained that that was the price, and we had no reason to lower it. Many callers/lookers were adamant about NADA pricing, some even wanting to show me "evidence". When I told them I did not care, some were outraged - took it very personally. Long story short - it was a popular model, we sold in about 60 days, for the price we wanted (average retail). NADA just does not work sometimes.

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