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Jbmsr 01-30-2020 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by Ranger Rick (Post 5129124)
. Hi Jesse, rangerrick22 here. I sent you a pm recently regarding sending me an email copy of your alignment and ride height specs when you had that done at Gaffney. Having my annual service done in February and would like to share with Kirk Ault at Tollesfon Az. Freightliner. Would love to have the bottoming out issue lessened. Thanks.

I just emailed you the specs.

Jbmsr 01-30-2020 07:03 PM

Winnebago Tour Tips
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We went the the RV show in Tampa and noticed this in many of the high end coaches. Found it on line for $23.00.
Now if I get up at night and want a snack I donít wake the DW with the loud click opening the refrigerator door.
I love it.
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Attachment 273776

Ron Postma 01-30-2020 08:42 PM

Please post a link where you found it.

loydt 01-31-2020 07:41 AM

Every time I fill up with fuel I get a huge mess when the pumps clicks off. Anybody else tired of this?

What did you do to stop it?

Robontheroad 01-31-2020 11:17 AM

On fuel fill ups, I have learned to accurately estimate my gallons needed by the gauge level. I usually stop about 10 gallons below full, so I dont get a splash back through the filler neck. If I want to fill further, I slow the pump WAY down as approaching full.

Jbmsr 01-31-2020 11:39 PM

Winnebago Tour Tips

Originally Posted by Ron Postma (Post 5130067)
Please post a link where you found it.

I didnít want to put holes in my refrigerator, so I didnít.


Jbmsr 02-01-2020 12:02 AM

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[QUOTE=loydt;5130403]Every time I fill up with fuel I get a huge mess when the pumps clicks off. Anybody else tired of this?

Attachment 273881

I stop a large auto gas stations rather than truck stops and use the end pumps. Set it on auto fill and go in and have a snack. Pumps slower, no mess at shut off, not so far to walk, no one behind you waiting for your spot, walk in once and put $350.00 on card.
No need to go back in the second time, they credit you back the unused amount. Truth be known, probably better quality fuel. When it stops I go out, hang up the pump. Take a picture of the gallons and price, wash my hands at the wet bay, go back in and take a picture of the odometer and away o go. No mess, No stress


RK Traveler 02-01-2020 06:25 AM


Originally Posted by loydt (Post 5130403)
Every time I fill up with fuel I get a huge mess when the pumps clicks off. Anybody else tired of this?

What did you do to stop it?

Go to the auto parts store or somewhere where they sell oil/fuel absorbent diapers, Cut them in half or quarters and keep them handy when you fuel. I wrap one around the fuel nozzle white filling and it captures any splash back, then throw it away when youíre done.

Rbeckwith 02-01-2020 08:28 AM

Why do you think it’s better quality fuel?

Jbmsr 02-01-2020 09:28 AM

Winnebago Tour Tips

Originally Posted by Rbeckwith (Post 5131651)
Why do you think itís better quality fuel?

I use a fueling company to fuel my fleet and at weather changes we have trucks turned in for repairs needed due to low power and misfiring. We add Lucas fuel treatment to replace missing fuel lubrication and after a short distance the trucks are running great. Our smaller trucks in the past that fueled with diesel at the auto gas stations didnít experience these fuel issues.
I believe that small diesel engines canít tolerate lower quality fuel and fuel companies know this.


bridluz 02-07-2020 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by sbkahn (Post 5115512)

I believe the part numbers will be on the capacitors. I hope this fixes your problem. As stated above it could be something else, but this is probably the easiest and lowest cost thing to try first.

I checked my 2014 Build List and my Mach 8s have the following model numbers.

(2) 47073-879 with Heat Pump

(1) 47273-879 no Heat Pump

I checked the AirXcel parts list and they both use the same capacitors. Attached the .pdf parts list for the Mach 8 with Heat Pump.

Parts list shows the following capacitors in the shroud with all the wires going into it.

Part # 1499-5721 Run Capacitor (40MFD/370V)

Part # 9333-9021 Start Capacitor (88-108MFD/250V)

Good Luck. I hope this works for you, Sanford

Jesse, those photos of the Mach 8 are great + excellent info. Thanks everyone for this info.

Replaced both capacitors and the AC system is up and running. Thanks for the help guys!

Jbmsr 02-07-2020 07:16 PM

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Attachment 274515

sbkahn 02-08-2020 09:11 AM

Hey Brian,

Thanks for the follow-up on the Coleman Mach 8 A/C Fix. I'm glad this worked for you.

Jbmsr 02-09-2020 06:50 AM

Winnebago Tour Tips
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My front LED lights partially went out.
They are easy to replace.
The part number is 174978-01-01AAttachment 274661Attachment 274662Attachment 274663

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