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ronboc 03-01-2007 01:13 AM

Well, since they say the sincerest form of flattery is imitation... how about we flatter those folks in the Newmar forum a bit (even though it's not really their fault they didn't get a Monaco, maybe we can still make ˜em feel a little better anyways :angel: ).

There's a very popular and useful thread going on over there entitled "Quick Tips and Easy Mods" and a lot of it pertains to just about everyone and their coach – no matter what brand it may be. But it got me to thinking about some of the peculiarities of our coaches and the expert talent we have in the Monaco Forum, and I thought that we need to capture some of that brain power over here.

Anyone care to start?

Route 66 03-01-2007 02:34 AM

We appreciate your concern for our feelings.

Looking forward to some fresh ideas.

MonacoMama 03-01-2007 08:08 PM

RB ... I will try to get SacsTC to post a thing or two - I know what he has done is modest in comparison - but hey the Monaco doesn't need much as far as mods go!

Digg... YOU have done a ton of mostly electronic gadgetry. You should repost them here even though you may have already posted them!

ronboc 03-07-2007 03:47 AM

C'mon y'all. Where is everybody?

Route 66 03-07-2007 04:00 AM

I know. It's a plot to make us Newmar owners think all the Monaco's are perfect.

MonacoMama 03-07-2007 07:13 AM

Since SacsTC isn't gonna post it here... I will
He did add an Echo-charger to keep the chassis battery charged...

and Dirk..Monacos are almost perfect...that is why our forum section is so quiet!

ronboc 03-07-2007 04:47 PM

Yup, you caught me, Dirk. It's a secret that can't be kept for long.

Mama - Good one. When I was at Wildwood a few months ago with an electric awning that wouldn't retract well (or fast), they installed an Echo-Charge unit too. Seems the awning motor is tied to the chassis battery and if'n the engine hasn't been run in awhile, the battery may be down just enough to cause the motor to drag. Makes a big difference now.

There, see? Now that wasn't so bad after all now, was it? Who's next?

MonacoMama 03-07-2007 05:53 PM

..can you say ..."another new project for SacsTC?"

(again, Dirk... it isn't broken ...just making it BETTER!! )

Dutch Star Don 03-07-2007 09:14 PM

Some things I did:

* I added a manual automatically retracting water hose reel to my coach. I plumbed the water line into the utility bay with PVC and put an on/off valve (similar to the lever type for the fill/city water valve) just before a built in regulator. I added a 3' water hose to the regulator and put a brass quick connect on the other end. I put a brass quick connect on the coach water fill and one on the tank flush. Now when I connect to the campsite spigot I leave the on/off valve I installed off and turn the campsite spigot on. Back at the utility bay I disconnect the short hose from the city water fill and turn the valve on. It allows me to flush the line. I turn the valve off, connect the hose and turn on again. No runnng back and forth to the spigot. When I'm ready to dump, I turn the water valve off, disconnect city water connection and move the hose to the tank flush quick connect. Turn the valve on and flush tank (back flow valve protects water). This all makes dealing with water connections simple. The biggest thing here s to add quick connects to all of the hoses to make life easier.

* I hated how close the throttle is to the brake pedal and that they are both at the same level. I often found myself looking down to make sure I didn't have my foot on the corner of the brake pedal. I added a spacer/block to the wooden center console directly across from the throttle pedal. Now when I move my foot from the brake to the throttle I keep sliding my foot to the right until I hit the metal plate. My foot is now centered on the throttle and not catching the corner of the brake.

* I added back-uplights under the rear bumper and wired them to the docking lights.

* Changed out the headlight high and low beam bulbs to all high beam bulbs using Sylvania Silver Star

* Rplaced the stock fog lights with Hella FF lights

* Removed the screw holding the fuel filler bay doors closed and added latches. Now have access to storage above fueltank

* Removed floor in washer dryer closet and added hinge to access unused storage area.

* Added Thinlite two bulb outdoor patio light just under awning and above efrigerator access. Powered by 12v refrigerator connection. Great for lighting patio area.

* Added "Flag Pole Buddy" flag holder brackets to rear ladder to fly flag. Added a clip to the corded engine light in the engine compartment. When flag is being used I clip engine light to flagpole and illuminate flag at night.

* Added 32" Sony LCD to overhead cabinet without modifying wood....looks factory.....lightened cabinet and reduced bounce.

* Replaced front shocks with Koni's and eliminated jarring from road ruts.

* Added wireless transmitter to rear TV and front DirecTV box so DirecTV could be changed from bedroom.

* Added (plug-in) 110V switch to microwave plug so that it could be turned off when dry camping with inverter. Just flip paddle switch instead of trying to unplug.

* Changed all of the rocker switches on the dash to the new style so they're easier to read, exhaust brake switch to red.

* Added a plastic storage box to the dead area just above the nose of the generator, directly behind the generator door.

* Moved the chrome exhaust tip hose clamp around so the screw portion is out of view....cleaner look.

* Added the quick flip battery caps to make filling batteries easier and reduce battery acid venting.

* Welded a 2 1/2" wheel to the underside of the hitch receiver for dragging driveways.

* Adjusted the fuel sending unit to be more accurate.

* Added third piston to rear bed to assist in lifting. Added a bar on a hinge that drops into place when bed is up.

* Was able to acquire electrical schematics for coach on CD. Had them printed on 2' x 3' paper at Kinkos and have them onboard if needed.

* Found a piece of matching colored felt (interior colors) the size of the dinette table. Cut to fit and store in a tube. We cover the table with felt to play games such as Rummy Tile or Mexican Train.

* Added spacers behind the top of the thermostat screws to angle it down and make it easier to read. I also keep a credit card sized magnifying lens next to the thermostat so I can read it.

* Added an indoor/outdoor wireless remote to the interior. Mounted the outdoor wireless unit on the bottom of the livingroom slide. When driving it's protected. When stopped, it's in a shady place that takes an accurte reading. that enough stuff to start. My coach is my "Hot Rod" and I like doing projects.

September 2008...

It's quiet at work so I decided to update my list...

*Added the rear Koni FSD's

*Added a Pioneer AM/FM/XM/CD/GPS system to the dash and threw away the Magnadyne

*Bought a Gentura and then made a custom bracket to support it without attaching anything to the exterior of the coach.

*Added a wire rack high in the storage bay for more stuff.

*Added a sewer hose storage tube in the upper edge of the pass thru bay that I store my 6' collapseable ladder in.

*Changed the coolant out to O.A.T in the engine and generator.

*Replaced the HUGE rocker recliner with a more comfortable Euro Recliner.

*Adjusted the wipers on my two piece windshield so that they touch the center bar and give me more visibillity.

*Added the SMI Air Force ONe braking system.

*Bought a Sterling tow bar for my truck.

*Added the battery oil to my batteries, completely eliminating acid build up.

*Added the front windshield fans...newer version that mounts a blower in the TV cabinet and then has four ducts.

*Got rid of the cheap Camping World rear/outside thermostatically controlled refer fan and installed a 3" computer fan using the thermostat off of the old CW fan. Looks better, claner install and pushes more air from the right spots.

*Made a rack to hold/center my unmounted spare in the middle of my slide out tray still allowing me to store stuff under it and in it.

*Made a metal rack for the end of my slide tray that holds my four ZipDee chairs so they are easily accesible.

*Added a lighted handle to the front door.

*Added a second GPS near the passenger seat window that holds my portable GPS. Wife can look up nearby locations without changing in-dash GPS

*Added another wall clock to the bedroom.

***Changed the shower head to an Oxygenics....Great addition.

*Changed the tank monitor to a Vena digital monitor.

*Removed the deteriorating tow/capacity page on the back of the bathroom mirror. Ordered a new one from Monaco, placed it in a plastic sheet and glued inside a less conspicuous cabinet in the bath.

*Added the trckle charge unit to my chassis batteries.

*Added a hot lead to my towing harness to charge my tow vehicle battery.

*Cut off the trailer plug from way back on the hitch and welded it on close to the receiver opening.

Projects left to do......

Disassemble dash as much as possible and check integrity of A/C ducting.

Replace rear TV with flat panel and separate DVD player.

Mount spare under frame....

MonacoMama 03-07-2007 09:22 PM

Can you come to our coach and play? I think my list has just grown beyond belief!!

ronboc 03-08-2007 01:37 AM

Now THAT's the spirit, y'all!!!

Gonna make them Newmar-onians absolutely overwhelm our Monaco dealers with new purchases!

M2Kelley 03-08-2007 03:45 AM


Originally posted by ronboc:
Now THAT's the spirit, y'all!!!

Gonna make them Newmar-onians absolutely overwhelm our Monaco dealers with new purchases!

Mutha 03-08-2007 11:36 AM


Originally posted by Diplomat Don:
Some things I did:................
........* I added a ............ that enough stuff to start. My coach is my "Hot Rod" and I like doing projects.
DON, <span class="ev_code_RED">YOU DA' MAN! </span>

jim d. 03-08-2007 06:21 PM

Hi Don,
sounds like you have had a good time on your coach. What wireless did you get? I bought one but its not strong enough to get the signal back the the main unit. Under the slid sounds like a great place to put the outside unit I'll try that.

Jim Davenport
2003 Knight
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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