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rlott2k 08-23-2013 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by GaryKD (Post 1697740)
Hi retiredtenn,
Do not over analyze this situation. There are three things that will make or break you with a coach.
1. floor plan
2. GVWR (NCC or CCC) - will the coach carry all your stuff and you
3. GCWR + (hitch rating) - will the coach tow what you want to tow
The primary need is a home for you and the horses. For you, get a 40 to 45'' coach, simple as that (size matters, the longer the better). I have no skill with the horse situation. You are not going to stay in National/State parks. Private CGs nearby is your place to stay. You will learn to drive and make turns, just like the millions of coach owners before you. You will fuel at truck stops and have an easy in/out or a place to park, if needed.

Find the coach that has the three items mentioned above. Get it inspected by a certified RVIA technician (for the coach)
certified ASE technician for the engine
certified (by the manufacturer) for the chassis

Don't forget to consider Newmar brand coaches.

Many happy adventures are waiting for you.

I agree and I think after reading all you done in research you may be able to educate us more!

Ramblin 08-23-2013 01:53 PM

Gary nailed it with his top three. I can lend some perspective for the horse trailer, as I pull one regularly behind my coach. The main problem I have is dips. The hitch on the coach is SO FAR back behind the rear wheels that even a small dip in the road can cause my trailer's landing gear to hit the ground. Turns and backing are no problem for me, though my coach is almost 10' shorter than the ones you are looking at. The backup camera makes backing relatively easy.

My trailer towing capacity is relatively small, so I had to buy a small, light trailer. I chose a Brenderup 2 horse (The Royal TC is the one I have) which are not made anymore, but is designed to be able to to be pulled behind light SUVs. I load up my mules and head to the mountains, don't even know it's back there. No rock damage so far, but I wouldn't expect that to be any worse than pulling the trailer behind the dually.

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