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jrsmustang 08-27-2013 08:15 PM

How to Waterproof Awning?
Is there a product to waterproof our awning (or at least make it water-resistant)? Ours is only 2 years old and leaks/drips right through. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

jesilvas 08-27-2013 08:19 PM

What brand awning with what fabric?

Mr_D 08-27-2013 08:26 PM

Shouldn't leak after only two years.
Our 10 year old A&E fabric, not the vinyl, was still leak free right up till a sudden rainstorm filled it too full and broke the arms and ripped the fabric. Who would think you'd get that much rani that quickly in Fresno CA? Found out later it got a bunch of other awnings and tents too.

Razzman 08-27-2013 11:17 PM

If it's Sunbrella or similar I would use 303 Fabric Guard 303 High Tech Fabric Guard

jrsmustang 08-28-2013 06:55 AM

Thanks Razzman. I'll give it a try.

Gary RVRoamer 08-28-2013 10:53 AM

Any waterproofing suitable for synthetic materials (not canvas or leather) will work fine. Starbrite makes a product and one is offered under the West Marine logo too. Outdoor recreation outfitters usually have something too, for nylon tents and flys.

If yours is leaking that quickly, something has taken off the factory applied waterproofing, which usually lasts many, many years. Heavy scrubbing can do that, as can strong bleach treatments and petroleum-based solvents. Or maybe you just camped in an area with a particularly nasty acid rain.

bartlettj 08-28-2013 03:00 PM

Mine is the same age and tends to leak at the top seam. A seam conditioner or caranuba wax on the stitching stops it.

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