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bacci321 09-20-2013 06:45 PM

Leaving camper at campground in winter
Hi all this is my first year owning a travel trailer! I am looking to keeping it in a local campground this winter to be able to go to for a quick getaway. I have a couple of questions. First is to cover the camper or not :facepalm: I would like to be able to access the door and at least one window. Second question is should i lift the camper on blocks or just leave it resting on the wheels and jack corners of camper. Third is do people find it a problem with snow buildup on the roof? I plan to go clean off when we get a heavy snow. I know i have to winterize the camper but really would like to go and use some weekends. Any help I would greatly appreciate!! :)

Ray,IN 09-20-2013 07:06 PM

Were it me, I would remove all weight from the tires for any storage over 3 months. This helps the tires for several reasons. Sitting on one spot for extended periods causes a flat spot on the tire, which may develop into ply separation in the future; that's the main reason. Cover the tires with either tire covers or cut a piece of plywood to fit inside the wheel-well to block all sunlight off the tires. OR, remove tires and store them in a dark dry place with about 10psi in them.
Make sure there are NO water leaks into the trailer. To cover or not is your choice since you plan to use the trailer during the winter. It would be difficult and dangerous to use any propane appliances when the trailer is covered though.
Do your best to seal any opening on the underside of the trailer to keep mice, ground squirrels out. Remove all foodstuffs when the trailer is unoccupied to eliminate any food supply for such animals/rodents. Consider using one of the non-powered moisture absorbing products to keep interior moisture from developing into mildew and mold.

VSPA 09-20-2013 08:20 PM

I would hope that security is very good at the proposed site.

MickBrennan 09-21-2013 12:40 AM

We have a seasonal site for exactly that reason. The motor home stays right there and our friends who use the indoor pool during the winter keep an eye on it for us. Security is great because it is an AANR sanctioned campground. Nobody gets through the gate without presenting a photo ID.
The electric bill is about thirty dollars per month. We have the six batteries in the coach, four in the golf cart and one in the toad all on float charge all winter.
The cover stays on well. We use plastic leveling blocks to give some pitch to the RV and prevent any ponding on the roof.
We also keep a small fan on a timer set to circulate air three hours a day.
My granny swore that old fashioned moth balls scattered on the ground would repel animals. So about two boxes of naptha goes underneath.
It works for us!

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