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TwelveVolt 09-21-2013 06:47 AM

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I looked at a ten year old Fleetwood DP that had paint bubbles appearing on several fiberglass panels, particularly around the wheel wells. They were smaller than the ones shown in the photo below, about the size of pin heads. Numerous and regularly spaced across the painted surface covering most of the panel.

My question is: What can I expect in the future? Is this it, or will they continue to grow? Has anyone successfully solved this problem?

Any experience with this would be appreciated.


Originally Posted by bjo (Post 1703777)
I have a 04 Fleetwood Bounder that I have noticed on the panels over the Front and Bk wheels the paint has specks or bubbles in the paint. You can pop the bubbles with your finger and a brown sticky substance will come out. It smells like a chemical paint. The entire panel will be covered in this . As far as we know, this is the original paint job. Has anyone else had a similar problem? We had a man of 30yrs exp. in Auto Painting come out and said he's never seen such as this. Thanks BJ

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Similar problems with Corvette bodies:

bjo 09-21-2013 07:30 AM

answer to your question. that is my thread that you saw the picture of the fiberglass panels, In a nut shell the manufactor did not seal the inside
of the panels, there for moisture soak thru the panels...It will get worse if
not properly remove and seal.
we took our MH to a Paint and body shop and he remove all 4 panels, strip off the paint sealed the inside and out ,painted and put back on $2000 worth of repair. thanks to Fleetwood not sealing the panels properly
if you read where you saw my pictures there was a man that posted this happens to boats, and this is what the body shop man told us also so he had to refer to a boat speacialist to find out what to do .. My problem has been fix. NOTE.. the panels have to be cured/dryed out to be properly sealed... if you don't fix it will get worse..

TwelveVolt 09-21-2013 07:35 AM

BJO... What did he use to seal the fiberglass? How long did it take for the bubbles to get to the size in the photo? How long ago was the work done and is there any trace of the problem coming back? Thanks.

bjo 10-01-2013 04:16 PM

Bubbles on panels
here's what the paint/body shop did for our MH..
Both sides with Marine type,V-tech E-350 Epoxy primer Sealer before
refinishing both sides of panels.
hope this help you.. but if you see these tiny bubbles better get em fix it will only get worse and bigger..

hawk57 10-01-2013 06:02 PM

Bubbling of fiberglass panels is due to off gassing when the builder does not cure the panels. This can be done by placing the panels in 200 degree heat (we use infra red hearing bulbs) for six hours.The other way is to just let the car/boat sit outside for ten to fifteen days in the sun. To fix just sand the panel and use epoxy primer (two part) wait the prescribed time and repaint. They don't get worse, just look bad. But if they happen to be a coating over a sandwich luan and aluminum panel then forget all this- the panel is rotting from the inside.

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