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rdelcamp 09-30-2013 07:26 PM

Charge air cooler leaking
The charge air cooler is leaking at the rear end where the tubes meeet the tank on my 96 Monaco Windsor. side radiator 5.9 Cummins.
I have a couple of questions. Can the cooler be slid down and removed with out removing the radiator? Can it be repaired? Any one know of a source if I need a new one?
Ron D.

sjholt 10-01-2013 04:36 AM

The whole radiator and CAC has to be lowered together. Then you can unbolt the CAC and hydraulic cooler(welded together on mine) and slide it out. The air conditioning condenser has to come out with it too.
Make some 6-8" blocks to drive the rear tires on to or have a sort of open area that the rear of the coach can hang over. you'll need that extra clearance.
I used a jack to lower the radiator/CAC assembly to lower it enough to unbolt the CAC/Air Condenser assy. There are 3 allen bolts on top and on the bottom.

PM me if you need any more info.

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