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PaulAllen 10-01-2013 02:01 PM

How much seasonal variation will I see on used 5thWh prices (Houston/Austin)?
Is this (early October) generally the best time of year to buy a used fifth-wheel or are resellers (both private and dealers) more anxious to make a sale and/or flex on pricing in November or December?

In addition to price correlations with time of year, what about inventory/selection? Is the best selection now or perhaps later in the year?

[I'm flexible about age/model-year as well as price range. I mainly want to maximize size/length and slide-outs and perhaps storage in general. I can afford something in the $40,000 arena but I like to be frugal even at the sacrifice of aesthetics. I'm somewhat flexible on timing and I'm even willing to pay for transporting a longer distance if it was cost-effective. I even have family within the northern Indiana RV manufacturing industry but because I'm not interested in a new unit, I assume that my insider connections won't help me much---but perhaps there are factors I've not considered.]

wingnut60 10-01-2013 06:50 PM

Take a look at

for a huge inventory to shop. Seasonal? I thought you indicated you will have to make a purchase before too long in another thread?


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