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maxwell18 11-10-2013 06:53 PM

How to get bleach in fresh water tank
Have a 2004 Gulf Stream 36 DP with water hook ups by hose connection only and trying to figure out how to get bleach into the fresh water system?

BFlinn181 11-10-2013 06:57 PM

Pour the bleach/water solution in the empty hose then hook it up to the faucet.

JohnT 11-10-2013 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by BFlinn181 (Post 1801427)
Pour the bleach/water solution in the empty hose then hook it up to the faucet.

+1 :thumb:

Hooligan 11-10-2013 07:06 PM

Bruce: I've found it's easier to just pour the bleach into the hose at the faucet end and then connect to the RV. Use about 1/4cup for each 15 gallons.

I usually fill to overflow because my tanks have a loop in the vent hoses to prevent siphoning and this gets the bleach solution into the loop. Let it sit overnight then flush 2x with fresh water.
In our area I also drain the hot water heater and flush with a wand in the drain to remove calcium deposits.

(so I don't type very fast:o)

CountryFit 11-10-2013 07:34 PM

search rvgeeks in youtube. he made a very good video showing you how to do it.

Mr_D 11-10-2013 07:49 PM

On our Dutch Stars there has been a hookup to the pump to use when filling the system with antifreeze. I just take a 5 gallon bucket and mix in 1 cups bleach (105 gallons of water), drop the intake into the bucket, turn off the city water valve and turn on the pump. Draws it right in, then I can finish filling the tank and run it through the system, leave for at least 4 hours and flush.

jfran304 11-10-2013 08:38 PM

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I rigged up a filter for all the water entering the coach with a pressure regulator. When I want to add bleach I just remove the filter, add the bleach to the housing and then turn on the water.

I purchased everything at Lowe's.

lanerd 11-11-2013 11:08 AM

We also just fill the hose prior to hooking it to the mh. Made the mistake once of connecting first and then trying to fill with bleach....didn't work as the air in the hose had no place to go. So now I put the mh end of the hose up about 4 ft and then put a couple cups of bleach in the hose (with a funnel) and then connect the hose to a water supply and finally connect the other end to the mh's fresh water inlet.

I then turn on the water supply and fill the tank about 2/3rd to 3/4rs full and drive around a little bit to insure the bleached water is in contact with the entire surface of the tank.

I then, of course, run the solution through all hoses, faucets, washing machine, dishwasher, hot water unit, outside shower, and ice maker. Let set for a couple of hours, drain and flush the entire system two times or until I can't smell/taste the chlorine anymore.


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