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HuntingHawk 12-28-2013 04:55 AM

New from Florida
Totally new to RVs. We are looking at getting an older Holiday Rambler as a bug out vehicle for hurricanes. Dolly tow a Toyota RAV4 behind it. Two adults (in 60s) & five large dogs.

Having trouble figuring NCC/CCC info as we would like to carry plenty of supplies. And being we figure to tow a vehicle figure a tag axle would help.

We aren't set on a model but figure 35-37ft. Getting up there in age we like our luxuries. Plus figure the dogs would get more comfortable in the RV then a motel room if we had to evacuate for a hurricane.


CLIFFTALL 12-28-2013 05:54 AM

Welcome to irv2. Good luck in your search.

Steve N Sal 12-28-2013 06:13 AM

Howdy and welcome aboard. Glad you joined us. :thumb:

Fred1609 12-28-2013 06:44 AM

Welcome to IRV2....there's a lot of good info to be learned here. Good luck with your search...hope you find what you need.

Chiefbvfd 12-28-2013 07:58 AM

Welcome to the forum and hoping you can use the unit for some good trips rather than hurricane trips...:)

Dog Folks 12-28-2013 07:59 AM

Lessons learned from using our TT over the years to bug out:

Leave very early to avoid traffic jams on the road.

Use improved secondary roads instead of interstates. For example: US 27 instead of I-75.

HuntingHawk 12-28-2013 10:08 AM

We have two homes in Fl, one in Escambia (main residence) & one in Marion County. We are both retired so will evacuate early when needed. But also know that secondary storms & wind can have power knocked out to one or both places at the same time. So being able to survive two weeks in a motorhome is imortant to us. But also would like to maintain a month of dry goods in the motorhome. But also carry extras in the back of the RAV4.

We garden & can but also can meats & things like our own combinations of pork & beans. So we have somewhat of a concern about weight of mason jars.

MSHappyCampers 12-28-2013 10:13 AM

Hi folks! Welcome to IRV2! It's great to have you join the gang! :)

Hope you find the right RV for your needs. My understanding of a tag axle is that it is needed to support heavier RV's. I don't think it has anything to do with what you're towing. JMHO!

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

HAPPY NEW YEAR! :dance::dance:

HuntingHawk 12-28-2013 10:55 AM

My understanding is tongue weight of towed vehicle reduces the the weight of supplies that can be carried. Total NCC/CC. And tag axle increases total weight that can be carried by several thousand pounds.

sdennislee 12-28-2013 06:27 PM

Hi and :greetings10: :welcome: :greetings10:

JohnRR 12-28-2013 06:32 PM

Good luck with your venture.

Medico 12-28-2013 07:10 PM Welcome and glad to meet you!

That size range will not have a tag axle. For most models you have to be in excess of 40 foot to have a tag.

HuntingHawk 12-28-2013 08:04 PM

On rvt I have seen Holiday Ramblers as short as 34ft with a tag axle.

aschuh53 12-28-2013 08:38 PM

welcome to the forum

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