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3dogsRV 01-03-2014 03:51 PM

Hi New Member here
Hello to all iRV2 members, we are new to the site and hope to find help, answers and new friends here.
We are looking for help. We aren't new to RVing but we always manage to get ourselves into new situations. This year, flooding.
Long story short: we left Canada 5 days ago and are now in Deming, NM. The rig worked fine, no problems at all, except that we didn't have any hot water when we stopped at the end of the day. Our rig has that option. The water heats itself during the drive.
Anyway, we plug in at the campground here. Try to find out what the deal is with the hot water tank. After my husband spent at least an hour or so playing around with entry valves and God knows what else:o. I noticed the the carpet in the bedroom had a damp spot. Looked under the cupboards in the kitchen, under the fridge, in the washing machine cabinet. Yep. Water all over the place. The water is coming out under the coach too.
This happened last night and still today, water continues to slowly drip from under the coach. What has he done wrong this time? Poor guy can't figure out what the problem is.
Does anybody have a clue about what happened?
Well, funny intro but I had to get right to the point. We are in dire straits here.
Hope to hear from anybody with an idea that could help us.
Happy trails!
Rachel & Denis

bdickson 01-03-2014 03:55 PM

:welcome: Can't help with your water leak, but if you update your signature with information about your RV make and type, that would be useful.

MSHappyCampers 01-03-2014 04:00 PM

Hi Rachel & Denis! Welcome to IRV2 It's great to have you join us! :)

So sorry about your problem! There are so many things that could be wrong that I'm afraid nobody will be able to diagnose it without being on-site!

You didn't say if you are hooked up to CG water or is this coming from your freshwater tank. Have you been in an area where low temps could have frozen and burst pipes?

Lots of possibilities here so maybe more info would help.

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

JohnRR 01-03-2014 04:48 PM

Good luck with your search.

MattC 01-03-2014 04:59 PM

Rachel & Denis,

Two things to do right away.
Turn off the pump.
Turn off the power to the water heater.
Taste the water - just a tiny taste.
Is it just water? If yes, good.
If it sweet, it's coolant and you lost a water hose that heats the water underway. You got to find and fix this NOW!

Once you get the coach de-watered (more or less), then you can turn the pump on and try to find out where water shows up first.

I may be something as silly as Denis didn't get the drain valve for the water heater closed all the way. I've never done that, but I have heard of it happening.......

I hope you have kept the coach warm. Given where are are from and where you are now, a water line cracked be freezing is a real possibility.

Good Luck - Yes and fill in the sig file


sdennislee 01-03-2014 11:17 PM

Hi and :greetings10: :welcome: :greetings10:

Chiefbvfd 01-04-2014 07:46 AM

Welcome to the forum...Good luck with your water issues...:(

3dogsRV 01-04-2014 07:51 AM

Hi Updated
Thanks for all the great suggestions and ideas.
I think we finally found the problem. We forgot to open the drains when we plugged in.
We are guessing that either the grey or black tanks were full and this was creating the flooding when we tried to use water.
I really don't understand why. But since he finally opened them, the water has stopped coming into the coach.
We have been heating and drying everything and have borrowed a carpet cleaning machine. So guess what we will be doing this first weekend of 2014?
Thanks again to all who tried to help us.
Wishing you all a very happy new year and happy trails.

Rachel & Denis
Lila, Rosette & Blacky
Newmar Dutchstar 38 foot Diesel 1999

Oregon Duck 01-04-2014 08:13 AM

Could the grey water tank have an overflow, if it does it should leak outside only. That still has nothing to do with no hot water. Better have it checked.

Medico 01-04-2014 04:19 PM Welcome and glad to meet you!

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