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JDA 01-24-2014 11:47 PM

New Member from So. Calif.
We are looking to up grade from our 1999 Holiday Rambler Endeavor to 2006 to 2008, 38' to 42'. We started out looking at only Allegro Buses because we wanted the solid wood cabinets and 400 hp. I have now run across a 2008 42' Phaeton with a tag axle. It weighs 42,000 lbs and has a Cummins 8.3 Isc 360 hp.engine with 1050 ft lbs of torque. I am thinking that this size and weight of coach should have 400hp or 425hp. I tow a 5000 lb, 4 dr Jeep Rubicon.
Can anyone tell me if this Cummins will do the job for this large of a coach and tow vehicle. I want to be able to pull the grades in Calif. at a reasonable speed.
Thanks for Reading!

Medico 01-25-2014 03:33 AM Welcome and glad to meet you!

There are MANY Phaeton's out there. In our park, they outnumber all others including the Allegro Bus. For the money they are very nice. You will find the lighter weight of the Phaeton (GVWR 44,600, 43 foot with GCWR of 52,600) over the Allegro Bus (GVWR 50,900, 43 foot with GCWR of 65,900) should give it the same pulling power as the Bus. I have tested a 2013 Phaeton versus a 2013 Allegro Bus and noticed very little differences in power, but then again neither was loaded. I cannot comment on the power of the 2008 Phaeton. According to the 2008 Phaeton specs (look at the 3rd entry down), the 42 foot is on a Spartan chassis, shorter versions are on a Freightliner chassis. Both have the same motor.

The hitch rating must be 8,000 on the Phaeton versus 15,000 on the Allegro Bus. The Bus has a 450 HP motor with 1250 torque. Should pull your Jeep just fine.

If you could find a Phaeton less than 43 foot, the shorter version would not have a tag, and consequently would weight less with the same motor. In 2014 the 43 foot Phaeton has a 450 HP motor (1250 torque). All shorter versions still have the 380 HP motor (1150 torque)

Steve N Sal 01-25-2014 04:40 AM

Howdy and welcome aboard. Glad you joined us. Good luck on your upgrade shopping experience. Hope you find the coach that works best for you. :thumb:

JohnRR 01-25-2014 05:46 AM

Good luck with your search.

Chiefbvfd 01-25-2014 05:48 AM

Welcome aboard. both are nice coaches, but I have not driven them, so I cannot comment on their power....Good luck on your decision...:)

MSHappyCampers 01-25-2014 08:04 AM

Welcome to IRV2! It's great to have you join the gang! :dance:

Sorry I can't answer your questions, but I bet you'll get plenty of answers! Hope you find the right rig for your needs!

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

sdennislee 01-25-2014 11:39 PM

Hi and :greetings10: :welcome: :greetings10:

B Bob 01-26-2014 08:04 PM

JDA - Our coach weighs the same and we have 505 hp with 1550 lbs of torque. I did not think the Phaetons weighed that much. In my humble opinion a bigger motor would be nice to have when you run into a steep climb. We really don't need to slow down much for big climbs. We went up the Ocatillo I 8 climb going west two days ago and only had to use 4th gear once. Stayed up around 55 mpg. With 360 hp a just over a grand of torque there is no way you could do that.

bdickson 01-26-2014 08:05 PM


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