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ajlcal 02-15-2014 07:05 AM

From 5th wheel to Navion IQ
DW and I just traded our 35' 5th wheel and Dodge dually for a 2014 Navion IQ at the Tampa RV show last month. We don't have it yet because it's being built at the factory.

Here's a few reasons why we think this downsizing will be better for us. It will be much easier to drive and park than the 5th wheel - this may be an understatement. Fuel consumption will be much better - substantially better. I can wash and maintain the Navion in my driveway - I could never do that with the 5th wheel so maintenance had to be done in storage and that was a real PITA. Also, loading and unloading for trips had to be done in storage with the 5th wheel - now we can do that in the driveway as well. Smaller size means more sites available at State Parks - we love the Florida State Parks and the 5th wheel was too big for many of the parks and sites we love. Also, we'll be able to do day trips to the beaches with the Navion - couldn't do that with the 5th wheel. Lastly and ironically, the bed in this 25' Navion converts to a king bed which will be more comfortable than the queen bed in the 5th wheel.

Can't wait to get it and we're sure it will be better for us than the 5th wheel. Any advice from you all here on the class c forum would be appreciated.


Cherrysrib 02-15-2014 04:21 PM

I think you made a good choice. My hubby and I will probably be buying a Winnebago View Profile 24G (rear queen slide-out, but View is same as Navion Iq in all but decor choices). This is a first MH for us and we wanted to start out small and nimble, with the option to tow or not. More like a really nice luxurious "camper" than a full-time rig, which is fine with us.

smiller 02-15-2014 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by ajlcal (Post 1928050)
DW and I just traded our 35' 5th wheel and Dodge dually for a 2014 Navion IQ...

We just did a very similar downsize (to a Winnebago View) and so far are loving it. No more logistical exercises trying to figure out where you will or will not fit (what a relief) and all those cute places you had to pass by before become wide open to you. So far we haven't even felt the need for a toad as we've yet to find a place where we're been unable to park (or at least your Navion won't be any worse than that dually, DAMHIK.) Yes, a lot less living space but to us a worthwhile trade-off, this is more of what RVing should be like.

SeeTheUSA 02-16-2014 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by ajlcal (Post 1928050)
DW and I just traded . . . for a 2014 Navion IQ . . .


We are on our second one, first was a 2006 View 23H, now a 2012 Navion iQ 24G. Perfect for how we roll . . .

Good luck! Holler if we can answer any questions.

paisleydale 02-18-2014 08:45 PM

This what we did too. From a 36' FW to the View Profile 24V, same as your Navion. The DW had knee replacement so we use the twin beds and not the king bed. just to hard for her to climb into. We love ours, plus it was nice getting over 16 mpg traveling instead of the 10 mpg with the FW and truck. Hope you enjoy yours as much as we have ours.

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