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deSanford 02-18-2014 12:13 PM

William when you get to 85 or so you might want to hire out the "Polishing" job. deSanford

MarkofSJC 10-20-2014 06:44 PM

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Fast Forward to the October Pomona RV Show, 2014

They had two on display, with a prototype Diplomat on display as well. One of them had an MSRP of $661k that had been crossed out to upper $4k ($489?).

The good
- The stationary (!)peninsula island (with sink) is clever as you really don't loose anything on it when the slide is brought in.
- High end flexible restaurant-like kitchen faucet is a very nice touch.
- Build quality seemed very high
- The Duke was an open floorplan with view of the master from the front, while the Palace offered a more compartmentalized floorplan with the peninsula
- They offer a separate round table that tucks under an edge so stabilize it going down the road, but can be relocated anywhere in the salon (useful on the Duke wide-open floor plan).
- Driver's seat seems to have additional room behind before hitting slider wall (bonus for taller drivers).
- The new chassis has moved the fuel tank to midships, taking weight off the front axial and eliminating any issues with a steering wheel blowout taking out filler hoses

The Bad
- Not only are there few windows, but they're also not all covered with awnings! Oddly the largest salon window doesn't have one, while a smaller one does. (I'm told it was due to the window size ~ odd)
- Powered exterior window awnings aren't standard (offered with manual pull downs!).
- The circular, free standing table has a very large base that eats up leg room...and it's round.
- No real "booth" option on the Palace as the peninsula won't allow for more than a 1 person deep booth.
- Chassis includes rear drum, not disk brakes.
- Slides in eliminate all pantry access but one door.
- while the office chair is very's a huge space hog and could be a cannon ball to boot in a sudden stop as there is no way to secure its wheeled feet.

IMO the few windows they do have are very small, but the representative was willing to eliminate the overhead storage, install bigger windows and put in a larger TV on a televator behind the CS couch -- we'll see what that quote comes in at.

I've attached a price list they provided.

Mark of SJC

deSanford 10-21-2014 08:09 AM

Lots of interesting views on the new Monaco Coaches. I will be keeping mine as previously noted a 10 year older unit would find a few of us in our late 70s or early 80s. Of course that could be a reason to buy a NEW coach now, before our coach keys are taken away. de Sanford P. S. The old Roadmaster Chassis with all the aftermarket improvements along with CrazyKnights and Vans genius ideas have made it a DREAM to drive.

BVThunder 10-21-2014 07:02 PM

Read through all the posts. I wouldn't touch a new "Monaco" with a ten foot pole. I'm a real fan of the 2007-08 Monaco products. Bought my 2007 Endeavor "used" in August of '07. Absolutely no issues with the Cummins, Allison or Roadmaster components. The stuff above those components comes unscrewed, unglued or just falls apart when you put a house on wheels and bounce it down the road. Nothing I haven't been able to fix or modify myself.

96 Wideglide 10-21-2014 07:38 PM

Dont read many posts like this about Monaco / HR build quality.
Mine's solid. Dont think I've tightened a single screw yet! I have only owned it a year thou. Mabe every screw was tightened right before I bought it :D.

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