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Curly1 03-05-2014 02:48 PM

Real wood, not particle board...
New to the forum, greetings all.

I'm in the market for a class A Motor Home. Being a bit of a builder, I really like quility wood cabinets and walls that feel like they are not made of cardboard, not the partical board stuff that has become so prevalent in RV kitchens.
I was in a used Airstream Motor Home yesterday and it was of pretty nice quality. Many of the others on the lot were just cheap feeling.

My question is, what are some of the Motor Home brands that are considered "upper end".

My intention is not to start a "Ford V. Chevy" debate, just trying to educate myself.

Thank you.

F117plt 03-05-2014 03:05 PM

If you want real wood, stay away from Damon or Thor.

HicksRA 03-05-2014 03:10 PM

I personally considered Newmar to be of the higher end, so that's why I bought one.
I've not been disappointed. All wood cabinetry and good quality all around.
There are other quality brands as well - Allegro, Winnebago, Itasca, etc.
Stay away from Alfa also.

becks 03-05-2014 03:32 PM

Buying a high end used MH from a quality builder is a wise route to go. Some good examples would be Monoco, Country Coach, Travel Supreme, Holiday Rambler, Newmar, Beaver, just to name a few.

gruelens 03-05-2014 03:41 PM

I typed "quality motorhome" in the search box and found this

fkloster 03-05-2014 03:45 PM

Beaver wood from 22 years ago...:
4 Attachment(s)
Everything is solid oak. (weighs alot and cost a fortune to someone 22 years ago)... great to have it now!

Attachment 57554

Attachment 57555

Attachment 57556

Attachment 57557

FormerBoater 03-05-2014 03:56 PM

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Vintage white oak in our 98 Eagle.

Medico 03-05-2014 04:00 PM

My Country Coach Magna is solid cherry.

nforus 03-05-2014 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by Medico (Post 1955290)
My Country Coach Magna is solid cherry.


That'a a beautiful interior!! Classic Country Coach!!

arlinv 03-05-2014 04:13 PM

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Originally Posted by Medico (Post 1955290)
My Country Coach Magna is solid cherry.

As is my 2011 American Coach Eagle. And my 2003. My 1999 was solid walnut.

Attachment 57563

JohnRR 03-05-2014 04:21 PM

Enjoy your search and good luck with your upcoming purchase.

CampDaven 03-05-2014 04:27 PM

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Monaco Camelot. Solid cherry. EDIT: with cherry veneer over quality plywood in other than the doors, framing, edging, and facia. Best of luck! Attachment 57566

steinjef 03-05-2014 04:49 PM

I have been in wookworking for about 35 years. If you take a good look at high end cabinets anywhere, even in the s/b i think you will find solid wood fronts, doors and drawer fronts. the sides etc are a veneered over plywood (best quality), or over particle board. The lower end stuff is veneer over medium density fiberboard, which is basically cardboard, and will swell and de-laminate when it gets wet. Even worse stuff is when they use a paper glued to the fiberboard. the paper is basically a picture of real wood to imitate it.
With that said......veneer over plywood is a much more stable product than "solid" wood as solid wood is not stable (it will twist and warp) especially if not finished properly, and is exposed to extreme changes in temperature and humidity.
so there you have it.....enjoy!

Larry and Suzette 03-05-2014 05:02 PM

X2 on that

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