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homeless 03-13-2014 08:18 AM

I like the MHP gas bbq pits with the Stainless and Aluminum parts and the bricks you put in it. It last forever and the closest thing to char coal I have found....

spritz 03-13-2014 11:59 AM

We use the little 18 inch Weber Charcoal Grill because of our basement storage openings are like 12".:mad: Won't fit thru.
I wash & dry (anal I know :nonono:) after each use put it back in the box into the rear closet in Bathroom next to the charcoal in a plastic 2-3 gallon container (old cheese puff container) no mess no smell. Lighter fluid in basement secured.
We also use a gas 2 burner Coleman stove, outside (Frying or Boiling)

Steaks Served @ 5 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Redridge 03-13-2014 12:40 PM

Love our Coleman Roadtrip Coleman RoadTrip LXX Grill: Sports & Outdoors

CJ7ole 03-13-2014 12:48 PM

Weber Q100. Takes a while to heat, but once it does, it will char meat better than my charbroil at home. Have it hooked to the big tank with a hose.

Tinmantc 03-13-2014 06:15 PM


Originally Posted by jeffwit (Post 1959827)
Full disclaimer here, I am a grill snob. Have a Green Egg at the S&B, and will never have anything else (at least in a permanent location). I have the Weber Q-200 in the RV and, frankly, I am underwhelmed. I have trouble getting all the outlets in the ring to light, and then it seems I cannot get the grill as hot as I would like it. However, it is adequate for what I use it for and doesn't take up a ton of space.
There is at least one guy on here who has a Traeger pellet smoker that he travels with. Maybe he'll chime in. I'm not sure you can do a high-temperature sear with that, though.

I have 2 Traegers at home and lake property and love them. Thinking of getting the Traeger PTG (small suitcase model) for the MH. A little smoky on start up and wasn't sure if that would violate park rules.


jtermini30 03-13-2014 06:21 PM

When I start the charcoal with the chimney it's very smoky and I occasionally get "looks", but no complaints. Is a very short term issue!

I also use am electric smoker and never get a complaint, however, in think the entire campground is salivating !

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