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FleetMan 03-08-2014 11:20 PM

Rear View System Replacement
Rear View System Replacement, 2007 Winnebago Journey 34H

My OE Voyager VOM-7SN Rear View System failed for the second time so I decided to upgrade from the B/W CRT system to a Color LCD system. I found the RVS-7706133 package through Costco to be less expensive than replacing the failed Voyager component. Pusherman Don, thanks for the information you provided when I was first considering this project.

I’ll go through the project in detail, hopefully helping another RV owner planning a similar replacement.

The RVS camera can be mounted in the OE bracket on the rear of the coach, the OE bracket is much more sturdy than the RVS bracket. The mounting screws on the new camera are not positioned the same as those on the OE camera but you can mount it without modifying the bracket. If necessary, use a small grinder on the bracket to allow proper aiming. I did not need to modify mine. The grommet on the new camera cable is the same size as the OE grommet, no modification to that hole is needed.

I dropped a cord with a weight through the camera cable hole to use to pull the new camera to monitor cable up through. I removed the eight screws on the panel just inside the rear access grill to be able to reach that cord, attach the new cable to it and pull it up to the camera. Cables were connected, pushed back through the hole and grommet put in place. The cable was then routed down the right side, passenger side, underneath the coach. From there, it was routed up the right side to the front of the generator, zip tied every foot or so with plastic cable cover installed everyplace the cable could possibly rub or be damaged by vibration. Since this is an “after the fact” routing, it is in no way as neat as it would be if it were done at the factory before everything else was added on. However, there are plenty of other cables, lines and attachment points to secure the cable to.

Rather than try to drill a hole through the floor or someplace in the dash area, I cut a slit in the steering column boot at floor level and routed the cable into the “cab” that way. The slit is in the area farthest from the steering column shaft and secured well out of the way. I have no concern about it getting caught up on anything. A generous amount of black RTV was used to seal around the cable slit. From there, the cable was routed up into the dash itself to be attached to the multiplexer.

I took the cover off the old Voyager monitor, modified it and mounted it back in the OE bracket to be used as the mounting platform for the new monitor, mounting bracket and multiplexer. The power plug on the Voyager system and the RVS system is identical but the wires must be removed and repositioned for use with the new unit. Repositioning the wires in the plug allows you to use the OE power harness and saves you cutting and splicing wires.

The new monitor is positioned so it protrudes about ½ inch through the hole in the dash. The new monitor is slightly smaller than the Voyager monitor so I positioned the top of the new monitor directly against the top of the opening and used stiff roof ridge vent 1” x 1” foam, trimmed as necessary to secure it in position. Some detailing is necessary to make everything look original.
I have pictures in the photo gallery but have yet to figure how to portray them with this narrative.

I hope this helps one of you as you have helped me at other times either directly or indirectly.

FleetMan 03-14-2014 10:27 PM

New_Rear_View_Monitor - RV Photo Gallery

Finished product. See photo gallery for other pictures.

ladagobago 03-15-2014 03:43 AM

same for me
I put in one of these units last year. Paid under 200 for the monitor and camera. It came with all the cable and a interconnect box for additional camera for the side etc. Now this same package is about 219 on their site or amazon.

I kept the old sony monitor in place and mounted the new monitor above the dash next to the GPS. So now I can look down at the hitch on one monitor and see the rear view on the other.

I replace my sony camera with one of the from the "brothers" website but it was crap. they portray it as a rear view camera but it does not give a reverse view and had no audio even though the picture showed audio connection plug.

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