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cbu38 03-17-2014 06:15 PM

08 Select Partial 12v Power loss
Our coach has lost power to all lights in cargo & coach lights on push button switches, this meaning only ones that are run by the Intellitec Mutiplex controller in the 1/2 bath cabinet , there is NO power to the Multiplex controller to disperse? Any ideas where the power to those controllers in the 1/2 bath are run from or fused from? Batteries are fine(13.7 reading) slide outs work, 120volt fridge & all outlets working on the interior ??? Clueless in Indy :dance:

RollinOn 03-17-2014 06:45 PM

The red light by the door, is it lit? Sounds like a bad solenoid in the basement compartment.

Dale F 03-17-2014 06:52 PM

How many & what type of inverters do you have? I had half of the coach go dead one time and it was an inverter fault. Went to basement and held reset for 3 seconds and all was good again. Just a thought.

cbu38 03-18-2014 06:07 AM

:facepalm: Hah.Thanks Rollin!!! Feel like dumb ** walkinon!! Power is on after I reset door switch. Is there anything that would allow this to trip solenoid with out me turning power off, the coach has not moved for some time and powered up on shore in garage ?

slabman 03-21-2014 09:22 PM

Yes, this solenoid is called a "latching"type and can let go of it's contact, cutting off the power by itself. Might need a replacement which os easy to do. Find the part number and Google for a source.

cbu38 03-22-2014 06:56 AM

Thanks 4 the tip, will locate the solenoid and keep on hand !

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