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seadogjim 04-03-2014 10:11 PM

AVS 100 HD with new TV
Hi all,

I have the subject box that apparently controls the signal(SATV, ANT, AUX) to each of three TV's. But, all of the ports in the AVS 100 are RCA-type and had nine wires going to my old tv(Samsung) which had two 5-wire(2 audio and 3 video) component input sets of RCA ports as well as some other RCA ports. As best I can tell, all the wires to the old tv were from the AVS 100. But, my new tv only has only one 5-wire component set of RCA ports and three HDMI ports, so I'm not sure how to wire everything up since the AVS 100 doesn't have any HDMI ports...? In other words, I can't wire up the new tv the same as the old one because it doesn't have as many RCA ports.
My entire setup is wired for three tv's; input from satv, antenna and cable and a DVD player as well. The AVS 100 has MANY RCA wires coming out of it and it's a bit daunting to figure it all out! And, in addition to the AVS 100 box, the system also has a Movie Vision model VCS-3 switch box. This device has a 3 position switch on the front to select the input source of tv antenna, cable or aux/sat. There are 3 corresponding input coax jacks on the back for the three input sources and one "output to tv" coax jack that goes to a 3-way splitter feeding the three tvs.
Can I still use, or do I even need, the AVS 100 with the new tv? Is there another signal distribution/selection box I have to get that has HDMI ports to replace the AVS 100?
If anyone has gone through this with a newer tv and can offer any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.


FlyingDiver 04-03-2014 11:13 PM

This box, right? AVS100HD

I have a slightly different model of that switch, the AVS200HD. Not too different.

There's no way there could be 9 wires from that box to your TV. At most, 6. Three for component video (R/G/B), two for stereo audio (R/W), and 1 for composite video (Y).

Look on the back and you'll see a bundle of wires marked TV 1. Those should go to one of your TVs (probably the closest/main TV). If there were two sets to that TV, then someone did something strange and unnecessary. You only need 1.

From what you list, only the Sat and DVD should be going into the AVS box. Selecting cable/antenna would be done with the VCS-3 switch. That doesn't change.

If the sat receiver and DVD both have HDMI out, you could connect them direct to the TV and ignore the AVS box. That's assuming you only have one TV and don't have any other amplifier and speakers.

Trace the wires. One set (of 5) from the old TV will connect to the AVS. And check that the sat receiver and DVD are connected to inputs on the AVS. It's possible one of them (probably the DVD) is wired directly to the TV, not to the AVS.

How many TVs do you have?

seadogjim 04-04-2014 01:45 PM

Hi FlyingDiver,

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. To answer your questions:

Yes, it's the AVS 100 HD you reference.

There are 8 wires to the tv from the 6 TV1 ports on the AVS. A green, blue, red wire go to the Yvid, Pb, Pr ports of component 2 on the tv. A yellow wire goes to the Yvid on component 1. The red and white wires are "split" and go to both the R/W(audio L & R) ports on component 2 AND the R/W(audio L & R) ports of component 1. So, there's a total of 8 wires to the tv from the TV1 ports on the AVS because the red & white(audio) wires are split.

Yes, only the Sat and DVD ports are used on the AVS(all 6 ports of the Aux are empty). All 6 DVD ports on the AVS are connected to 6 output ports on the DVD player. Of the 6 AVS Sat ports, only 3(Y,W,R) are used and are connected to the SATV box.
Both TV2 and TV3 on the AVS have 3 wires, Y,W,R for each TV.

As stated above, both the SATV box and DVD player are connected to the AVS 100, niether go directly to the tv.

There are 3 tv's; front, rear bedroom and outside.

I guess the bottom line is since the new tv only has one set(5) of "component in" ports, I could hook it up to the same 5 wires the old tv was on from the TV1 ports in the AVS 100 and see what's working. It would be missing the 2 R/W wires and 1 Y wire from the AVS that the old tv had, so I assume something wouldn't be working. If it's the audio/video from the DVD player, I'll try hooking the DVD up to the tv directly with an HDMI cable, bypassing the AVS 100.
That's about where I am on this project, any suggestions much appreciated.


FlyingDiver 04-04-2014 02:00 PM

Ah, I see what's going on. First, I think you have an error in your description above. I bet where you wrote "component 1" it actually says "composite 1". The yellow wire is composite video. So basically they wired it such that HD (component) video is going to one input (component 2) and SD goes to composite 1.

You didn't mention the make and model of TV, so I can't look it up, but it appears it does not have a R/W/Y set of inputs for a composite SD feed. Correct? If it does, that's where those wires go. If you don't have any composite inputs (R/W/Y) on the new TV you're going to need an alternate way of connection.

So, you have HD from the DVD going just to TV 1, and you have SD from both the DVD and Sat going to all TVs.

The DVD is fine the way it is, it's going to all TVs (twice to TV1, once HD, once SD). The Sat is going to the other TVs via the composite connection. If you don't have composite on the TV, you need another solution.

What outputs does the sat receiver have?

If you post the model numbers of the TV and sat receiver, I could figure out a solution I'm sure.

seadogjim 04-04-2014 08:31 PM


The old tv is a Samsung LN26A450C1D. It has 2 sets of "component in" jacks(5 each, audio R and L, Pr, Pb and Y/video). One set was full(component 2) with 5 wires from the AVS 100 and the other(component 1) had 3 wires, one to each of the R and L audio ports and one to the Yvideo port. These 8 RCA ports are the only ones that were connected on the old tv(besides the coax port for the antenna, of course). It does not have a "separate" R/W/Y composite set of ports, as you stated.
The new tv is a Panasonic TC-32A400U. The only RCA ports it has are one set of component ports(5, the usual 2 audio and 3 video). The owner's manual shows you can connect with a component(5 wire) hookup or a composite(3 wire) hookup(2 audio and 1 to the Yvideo). As you said, the composite connection(3 wires) is SD. Of course the manual also shows a HDMI connection, but I can't do that since the AVS 100 doesn't have any HDMI ports.
You said if there's no composite on the tv I'd need another solution, but the Panasonic manual shows a composite hookup using 3 wires, 2 to the L/R audio ports and 1 to the Yvideo port. The old tv setup had hookups had both a 5 wire component and 3 wire composite connection to the 2 sets of 5 ports on the old tv. So, now I can only do either one or the other(5-wire or 3-wire) on the new tv since it only has one set of 5 ports.
The DirecTV box is a model D12-100(SD). The RCA ports are 2 video out and 4 audio out. There's also a S-video out and a USB port, besides the coax ports for the antenna cables. If I could get the DVD player working on the front tv and all the tv's getting either satv, cable or OTA antenna signals, I'd be happy. My DirecTV dish/receiver box is only SD so if the tv's only have a SD hookup that's fine. The tv's are all HD so the OTA antenna signal gives me a HD picture. I rarely use cable at a campground, unless trees are blocking the dish, so if it's SD that's fine.
Thanks again for all your time and effort on this, hope my descriptions are clear enough to understand.


FlyingDiver 04-04-2014 08:35 PM

Since DVD isn't really HD either, you could punt all the HD hookups and go SD only. Does the DVD have composite output jacks (R/W/Y)? If so, connect R/W/Y from both the DVD and Sat to the two inputs on the AVS, and the same from the AVS to each TV (which you already had). Done.

FlyingDiver 04-04-2014 08:37 PM

If you don't have composite output on the DVD, get one of these: Mini HDMI to 3RCA Composite AV Converter for TV/PC/PS3/Blue-ray DVD, White: Electronics

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