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danperryy 05-16-2014 11:15 AM

Tire SafeGuard TPMS, good, bad and ugly
I installed Tire SafeGuard a year ago and it has worked flawlessly with the exception of false temperature warnings occasionally. I also do not rely at all on the temperature readings, I think those reading are inaccurate. I really don't know how they can determine temperature anyway with the sensor sitting out in free air and really no air circulating from the tire to the sensor through a 8" stem extender.

That is the good of Tire SafeGuard. - now the bad.

I lost 2 sensors with the loss of a hubcap and 2 valve stems and associated back tires. Stopped in time before destroying the tires, but the sensors were hundreds of yards behind on the hubcap reporting that there was no air pressure, but the poor little sensors voices could not be heard and the display showed all was OK. This part of the story is just the bad.

Now the ugly: There is no customer service at all!!!

I have tried in vain to get replacement sensors from Tire-SafeGuard, no one I have found carries just the sensors and they do not answer the phone, just leave a message and we'll get back to you. Fortunately they did not indicate the century that they would get back to me.

Now it seems that I need to get an entire new system.

It will NOT be a Tire SafeGuard system!!!

greystroke 05-16-2014 12:08 PM

I don't think I will have any problem replacing my sensors and I will have a selection of flow thru or straight sensors to choose from. I have called the company several times for assistance with great results. TST also has dealers that can get your sensors for you. I purchased mine from Plug it Right with no complaints.

There are issues with the system that you have to watch that I have previously posted about . Although temp may not be accurate it is important to monitor because it changes constantly and each change proves you are receiving data from the sensors while pressures may not change much once your on the road. A drastic change in temp from norm also indicates your tire may blow and allow you to pull off before it happens. Such as separating tread, etc.

I would like to see a display that showed all tires at the same time and a red flag if the display has not received transmission within the two minute spec.

Sorry about your problems. Good luck with your selection.

Statgeek 05-16-2014 12:43 PM


I have the TST system on my current RV and had it on my previous one too. I have had trouble with their flow-thru valves, but I find the non-flow through ones to be rock-solid.

Generally speaking, this seems to be a "young" industry, and the technology for making small, reliable, portable valve stem "caps" that will transmit PSI and temperature must not be that reliable. I make this judgement based upon the numerous forum members who have issues with their systems--nearly universal among brands. AND... if it were easy enough, I think RV Manufacturers would be installing them on even the most entry-level RV's. I don't think they do this because, in part, they don't want the hassles.

Having said that, the people at TST are very cooperative and eager to provide customer service. Their system comes with a 3 year warranty, and they are more than happy to provide replacement sensors when you have problems. They replaced several flow-through sensors for me, and I had other issues that ultimately resulted in them replacing my whole package. I gave up on the flow through sensors and just went with the (less convenient) caps that you have to remove when adding/removing air.

With the replacement unit and non-flow-through sensors, knock on wood, I am doing alright. I run the system with TWO signal boosters--one mounted inside my Toad, and the other mounted close to my passenger/rear tires, where I happened to have a 12v power supply.

danperryy 05-19-2014 05:08 PM

The Tire-SafeGuard person contacted me and I have replacement sensors on the way!!!
As I said, the system works fine for me other than the false temp alarms. I bought it because it seemed to have a bit longer range so I did not worry about a repeater.

As for the temperature reading for external sensors. Internal sensors can detect temperatures within the wheel and tire as they are exposed to heat in the tire. External sensors cannot, they are not exposed to internal tire temperature, my rear ones are on 8" valve stem extender hoses. My front ones are on the stem but just exposed to external temperature. I figure that the vendors provide the temp information as it is transmitted by the sensor (same electronics ad within the tire sensors).

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