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Kiwi 09-29-2014 05:13 AM

Anybody research what it costs to buy a moisture meter? Here is one for $27. Sounds like a cheap alternative.

General Tools & Instruments MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter - -

sailwing2003 09-29-2014 09:17 AM

Be careful with what you believe you see with a moisture meter.

I own a roofing company. Had a single women client call me about a "leak" on the roof we had installed 14 months ago. She had a friend with a meter show her how the ceiling where a long ago removed and patched hanging light was now a "leak". No one had ever noticed in the 12 years she had lived in the home, the builder's repair after someone relocated the hanging light, and installed the ceiling fan in the better position. I check the roof and found nothing wrong, but was unable to get to the attic ceiling as the sheet rock was nailed to the bottom of the deck/roof rafters, with insulation between.

After trying to explain the long ago original repair to no effect, I suggested the moisture be checked anywhere else in the room or the house. Oh wow, every other place her friend checked had the same moisture readings. I said good bye and left.

But moisture meters can save us heart ache and lots of dollars in our RV's. Just understand how it should be used, to get the help and info that is correct.

Mike and Cha 10-02-2014 03:50 PM

We had a similar experience when considering a used MH, It looked and drove great but after it was checked out by a professional inspector there were too many issues that were not obvious to us. That is why we ended up buying new. Don't rule out new without looking, there are some good deals out there. And if you do buy a quality new MH it won't sit at the factory waiting to get fixed, we haven't experienced that, 8 months and 6,000 miles later we've only had a few minor issues that were fixed with less than a 4 hour wait.

davidki 10-04-2014 12:44 PM

I'm glad I ran across this thread, lots of good info here and you bring up an excellent point for an inspector.. even at 500 -1,000 that is cheap if a major disaster is averted...

We have been looking at what our next move is going to be.. I keep thinking of getting a 32 -34' DP and have stared read more about the Tiffin Red 33aa which seems to have quite a following ... I started looking at the Breeze but it seems like the difference between the Breeze and Red if one had the extra cash.. the Red would be the way to go... The info on the inspection by a 3rd party is a great idea... thanks for bringing that up...

I also are floored by the number of people we talk to in campground that their first few trips in a new high end motorhome is back to the manufacturer to get things fixed. OUCH! The sad part is it seems like the same story with about every one of the manufactures are out there... realy makes one think about spending all that money on a moving house!

Mr_D 10-04-2014 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by EVMIII (Post 2061999)
For an investment of this size I would never consider purchase without a thorough inspection by a qualified technician. I had a similar experience with a boat. Seller was out of town so I hired an inspector to take a look before I flew down to sea trial. Inspector fee ranged from $300 up depending on time required. He called me after being on the boat for 15 minutes and said run away from the vessel. He charged me $200 and saved me $100K in repairs. Don't buy used without a professional survey.

Yep, we bought a boat without a survey, found out it had been run aground and the bottom was not finished right. Would hardly come up on plane. Kept it for several years and just lived with it.

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