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alindsay 05-27-2014 03:17 PM

Thor quality control issues - response from the Director
I received a call today from the Director of Customer Service at Thor. This is in response to my letter outlining my issue and frustration as outlined on this thread -

It may fall on deaf ears but he actually asked me to outline all of the qc problems I've seen since taking delivery of my coach and email them to him so he can address these with the production staff.

Since my initial coolant problem, I've found some little quirks that really should have been caught and better yet, should never have happened to my coach.

I am asking each of you to list some areas of concern and I'll include them in my response back to him. I'm not wanting this to be a "Bash Thor" thread but a "what can Thor do to improve delivered coaches" thread.

I'll start:

1) Better document the Sat Prep and if you put a cap with a sign that says Coax cables are below, then put coax cables below.

2) Screw in the valances with a minimal number of screws. Mine had several screws into air - the builder should know where the proper place to screw into is

3) If screws heads are torqued off, fix it and don't deliver the coach that way

4) Better documentation - this goes for most all of the systems in the coach. This documentation should be coach specific and available online for all.

5) Provide owners better assistance with wiring diagrams / schematics of the items on our coaches.

6) Treat the build of the coach like your loved ones will own it. Instead of a half-a$$ed approach to building the unit, take care and have pride in what you build.

7) Understand that current Palazzo owners are the best sales people for future owners. We see and visit with a lot of people as we use our coaches...make us happy and you will sell more units.

8) If a drawer or cabinet is supposed to stay closed while driving, design a way it will stay closed.

Hopefully everyone can contribute their thoughts and future coaches will have improved quality.



Redridge 05-27-2014 06:30 PM

dude... you missed the slide issues... thats the biggest for me.

But yeah...
*screws, cut out wooden pieces are everywhere on the floor.
*till this day Im still cleaning out saw dust.
*would love to have schematics.
*installed speaker bars crooked.
*falling TV in hallway while driving.
*floor deflects when slide is deployed and cant open basement doors without use of force.
*terrible QC!!!
*fluid leaks (levelers, engine coolant)
*leaky firewall from rain.
*black dust in bedroom (need to seal the engine bay better)
*Wheel well fender strip peeling from frame.
*front rear caps need sealing.

kokosfriend 05-28-2014 09:28 AM

I would like the coach information book to give more specific info about the Palazzo rather than information that tells us nothing when it come to locations and functions of some of the "mysteries" I have had to solve by looking everywhere or calling Thor.

MKM 05-28-2014 09:35 PM

Along with the above listed items, here are a few more several, including myself, have come across:
- Washer not connected to water supply.
- Sub woofer not wired correctly.
- as mentioned, the sawdust, loose screws and torqued off screw heads are out of control.

By far the biggest for me is the slide. I have had zero issues with mine so far, but with the many issues owners have suffered along with the fact that Thor has made several design changes to solve the issue, have me constantly worried. I do not normally purchase extended warranties but have been thinking I might need to when my one year comes up in October.

alindsay 05-29-2014 07:07 AM

These are all good items - I'll add them to my email. I hear ya about the slides..I also have not had a problem yet but I do hold my breath every time I put them in/out.

Sub woofer? I have a sound bar but don't see a sub woofer..where would it be?



PS I'm going to get the email out this monday 6/ please keep adding items that need to be looked at closer.

I would love to spend ONE day as their Quality Control person..just walking around the factory as the builds happen and point out things...not in a mean way but from a "Look at this" perspective. Not gonna happen but fun to think about.

MKM 05-29-2014 09:04 AM

On our 33.2, it is located under the forward facing dining table bench. Under the cushion is a panel that must be removed to access it. Some don't have a sub depending on which brand monitor you have. I don't remember which though.

Bud Parker 05-29-2014 09:41 PM

I love my Palazzo so far, 2013, we have had quality control issues, such as no latching doors, missed staples on trim, two bay door latches would not shut and other small issues. So far I just fix stuff as I discover it. Knock on wood, no major issues. I do wonder who the gunius engineer was that decided to put the DEF tank on the right side of the rig. Maybe there is a better way to do it but I have to fill my DEF tank from the next lane over and it is aggravating when I have to wait for a semi to leave or get throuh.

User1011 05-30-2014 04:12 AM

. I do wonder who the gunius engineer was that decided to put the DEF tank on the right side of the rig.

Regarding the location of the DEF tank ...

Last month we were in Elkhart, Indiana at the Thor Service Center. We took the diesel plant tour in Wakarusa and during the tour the subject came up. There is usually a 'good' reason for things. This is one!

Long story short and to keep it brief - Flying J/ Pilot initially decided on the delivery mode of providing DEF to their customers and told the manufacturers and chassis manufacturers that it would be dispensed with containers at their stations. This information is what Thor and other manufacturers was provided. The exhaust is located on the right side of the coach. The DEF fluid additive is designed to go into the exhaust and therefore was the shortest path.

Some time later, Flying J/Pilot decided to change the delivery mode at their stations and dispense DEF through pumps. Not only did Thor have it on the right side (PS) but so did other coach manufacturers; as most rigs are being built on the Freightliner chassis. The DEF tank location was then modified to the left side (DS) to accommodate the changes that Flying J/Pilot made. :)

P.S. Mercedes Benz and other vehicle manufacturers still have the DEF fill on the passenger side.......

StevieD 05-30-2014 06:18 AM

I like the def on the passenger side. I always fill out of containers ( $5.26 for 2 gal). I rarely ever go to a truck stop for fuel. I just won't pay 20 to 25 cents per gal more for fuel at the truck stop . That was the sole reason for the 33.2. I can go pretty much anywhere.

We love our hoach

Redridge 05-30-2014 06:20 AM

where do you buy DEF at $5.26... thats a great deal.

StevieD 05-30-2014 06:22 AM

Buccees, 3.18 per gal and 5.26 go 2 gal. All buckeyes locations .

StevieD 05-30-2014 06:23 AM

I seemed to be having issues with auto spell check today

Gingerela 05-30-2014 06:36 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Two weeks ago, I noticed the vertical trim piece in the front of my coach had detached from the body. This trim piece hides the connection where the front cap attaches to the body of the coach. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a number of screw heads had broken off. Luckily, I was still in Elkhart when I noticed it and Thor was able to fit me in and get it repaired before I left. Turns out all nine of the screw heads had broken off on the driver's side and all but four on the passenger side. That should not be happening to a coach under a year old with only 6000 miles on it. Others on this forum have complained about the screw heads popping off and have posted photos.

Is it the quality of the screws, poor workmanship, or a design flaw?

Hoses left unconnected or loosely connected, is a maufacturing problem that has reeked havoc on our coach as well as our vacations.

P.S. Tried to no avail to get these photos to post right side up, but for whatever reason, I was unsuccessful.

Moonrover 05-30-2014 07:13 AM

Is it possible that those screws were over torqued when installed? Broken off but ignored in haste?

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