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heinzjf57 06-10-2014 05:41 PM

Hello a other "Noobie" is Checking-In
Hello all
I am from way up north from a little City called Edmonton :cool:
we just got a almost new 2012 Sligshot 27RB TT it was used only once to sleep in by the old owners :thumb:

What I can see there is a lot off reading and learning to do,and i am looking forward to be a regular member in here :bow:

Hedy and Heinz

MSHappyCampers 06-10-2014 06:07 PM

Hi folks! Welcome to IRV2! It's great to have you join the gang! :dance:

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

JohnRR 06-10-2014 07:20 PM

Looking forward to having you here.

Nuclear 06-10-2014 07:28 PM

Welcome! Enjoy the forum!

Hudgens 06-10-2014 08:01 PM

Welcome to the irv2 gang, Hedy & Heinz! And congrats on your Slingshot purchase. You've come to the right set of forums for information. Folks here are really helpful and the forums cover about any topic you can think of. If you haven't found them, take advantage of the search options (usually found in the upper right portion of a forum page). Enjoy!

CLIFFTALL 06-11-2014 03:33 AM

Welcome. We're glad you're here.

Chiefbvfd 06-11-2014 05:35 AM

Welcome aboard...;)

John H... 06-11-2014 05:42 AM

Welcome to the forum...

myshaggydog 06-11-2014 05:53 AM

Welcome to the Forum. We hope you have many wonderful RV adventures. Best of luck.

Happy RV'ing

Medico 06-11-2014 08:38 AM Welcome and glad to meet you!

Arch Hoagland 06-11-2014 09:24 AM

Our Canadian trip (1999) was focused on seeing the Edmonton Mall. Spent a week in your town and found some good food.

We also got lost/confused on a couple of roads with a bridge that had one way streets and it seemed like we could never get across it. We still laugh about it.

homeless 06-11-2014 09:35 AM


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