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mm82831 06-29-2014 10:19 AM

Intellitec EMS 00-00591 100 vs 200
Need input on differences in these EMS units.
I have a 2003 Pace Arrow 37a.
I have installed a new front AC that pulls 12Amps compressor/14.5A total vs the old coleman pulling 7.5/10A total. My -100 Intellitec unit is starting the new AC compressor and then kicking out. I can run the AC Ok if I use the AC1 bypass switch on the Intellitec. The issue is the same when I am running the generator. There are no issues running the rear 11K old coleman AC unit.
I believe I may need the -200 Intellitec unit since the amp draw is higher in the new AC unit. I have been unable to determine the difference between the -100 unit and the -200, but I think some owners are able to run a newer 15A draw AC unit using the -200. Possibly the -200 allows a higher amp draw for the compressor vs the -100?
Would appreciate any comments.

3wheeljunkie 06-29-2014 07:33 PM

the intellitec board has two relays one for each AC . Is the panel indicating that the AC1 is shedding. or is it just the compressor shutting down. If just the compressor then it could be the relay on the board.

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