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Ron750 08-10-2014 01:01 PM

Planning for RVing in retirement
Hello everybody. I have been married 33 years this month. When I was younger, I would tell my wife that I would love to have a motorhome or trailer when we retired, and go where the wind blows us. She always said she would rather have a motel room every night.

Last night she was at a Brewer's game, and talking to my SIL. They informed me they had planned mine and my BIL's retirement. I got mentally prepared for an argument, and they said they would like us to travel the US together on a RV.

OK, I'm in! I would think 2 couples being together all the time would require some space, like a Class A motorhome, so I am here to find out. When I was a graduate student in Chicago, I drove a CTA bus, so 40 ft vehicles don't scare me.

JohnRR 08-10-2014 01:10 PM

Good luck with your plans.

TonyDi 08-10-2014 01:27 PM


Glad to have you here with us.

You made a choice for retirement you won't regret. Good luck on your search for the perfect COW (Condo On Wheels).

Happy Trails!!!

MSHappyCampers 08-10-2014 01:27 PM

Hi Ron! Welcome to IRV2! It's great to have you join the gang! :dance:

Hope the retirement works out good for you!

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

tomwalt 08-10-2014 01:39 PM

Welcome to IRV2 and retirement planning. We'd love to help you spend your $$ :>).
We got our Class A 2 years prior to retirement to learn and work out the bugs (while we still had an income). Turned out to be a good idea for us.
Only you can decide on what is right for you (well, maybe a good idea to have the wife participate).
We found that there were a lot of good solid used Class A's to choose from - but there was a lot to learn prior to deciding then again after the purchase.
Mostly - enjoy the process of looking, learning, buying, and learning. See ya on the road.

Steve N Sal 08-10-2014 01:46 PM

Howdy and welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy your retirement. I can't really comment on the two couple adventure that will have to be your decision. Hope all works out and you have a great time. Enjoy and Be Safe. :thumb:

Fred1609 08-10-2014 01:57 PM

Good luck with your retirement ..... I'm sure your gonna love the RV life style.

Safe and Happy Travels.

Medico 08-10-2014 02:18 PM Welcome and glad to meet you!

Ron750 08-10-2014 02:30 PM

Thanks for the replies. I won't be retiring for at least 8 years, but I like the idea of buying a RV while I still have an income. Usually, I wouldn't entertain the thought of travelling with another couple, but we are both low maintenance and independent. They have come on vacations with us, and there has never been any drama re expenses, etc..
looking forward to learning more.

My wife and I ride 2up on my Harley, another thing, I never thought my wife would enjoy. I learned a lot on forums about motorcycling.

DieselTech39 08-10-2014 02:38 PM


Glad you're aboard. Best of luck in you and your DW's search and decision. Enjoy your adventures and be safe.

Hudgens 08-10-2014 04:33 PM

Welcome to the irv2 gang, Ron! Glad to hear your dream of RVing is taking shape. You certainly found a great set of forums to ask questions and pick up information. Folks here have been a great help to DW and me. Good luck and have fun with the research and finding that ideal set of wheels.

Gadget63 08-10-2014 05:25 PM

Howdy from SC and welcome to the forums. Congrats on your retirement too.

TJ311 08-11-2014 06:46 AM

Sounds like a good plan Ron. That's what we have in mind too!!

Chiefbvfd 08-11-2014 07:13 AM

Welcome aboard and good luck on your search....:)

gmadams 08-11-2014 07:27 AM

We didn't get an RV until after I retired. We love the fact that we can go when we want and for the most part stay where we want and take out two dogs. We traveled with my DW's sister and brother-in-law in our MH in our 34 ft. to Nova Scotia and back. It was only a three week trip but the coach got a little small at times if you get my drift. Shorter trips with them and separate trips with the son and his wife and granddaughter have been great and we have really enjoyed traveling with them.

Good luck with your quest for a MH for you. There are a lot of good choices both new and used.

myshaggydog 08-11-2014 08:59 AM

Welcome to the Forum and best of luck on your retirement plans. We fulltime now and love it.

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