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Harley1994 09-07-2014 06:20 PM

Thanks for all the great words of encouragement & praise.Yes one of the planning parts are the wiring, I have thought about going totol 12 volt with led lighting and just having the 110 for the plugs, also 110 in the garage with load lights ect, haven't got that all figured out yet. Right now I just need to get everything closed up living in upstate NY, and I live pretty high up snow will be coming sooner then I want. If I can get the siding and roof on I'll be in good shape, then I can put a heater inside and work on the interior. Thats the plan, I hope it all works out, we'll see. :) The plan was to do all this starting in the spring, but I fell off a load of steel and fractured my hip on May 29th so pins and screws later here I am starting a project that should have been almost done by now, ohh well go with the flow.

Gordon Dewald 09-07-2014 08:56 PM

The rounded nose looks like a great place for a full width closet. Half with hang up and half with shelves.

TravisNuwa81 09-08-2014 01:40 AM

Im certain youve thought of this but, will the extended, rounded nose cause any problemz towing and/or maneuvering?

HuntingHawk 09-08-2014 04:19 AM

You had mentioned adding a third axle. Did you modify the fender wells before working on the floor?

C-PHartley 09-08-2014 04:26 AM


Originally Posted by wagonqueen (Post 2218073)
Awesome... The re build process is so fun to watch. I am looking forward to seeing you final project. We are at the end of a year long re build. It turned out better than we envisioned. As far as walls go, we used luan covered with different paintable wallpapers. The wall paper textures (which was MOD 70's) gave us the retro look we were going for. Keep the pics coming.

Where was the wallpaper covered luan purchased?

Harley1994 09-08-2014 05:34 AM

Yes we think that its going to be a great area for a closet, the wife has allready had me measuring. The round nose is only around 9" longer then the original "shark nose", and I tow with a MDT so there is room, plus this has the older style pin box that is straight down, I could go with a newer style that is extended and maybe get one that has a form of motion control. This trailer like alot of older rv was very low to the ground, so I was just going to flip the axles, but they are drop axles and I couldn't get the height that I want so we are putting straight axles. and we are staying with 15" tires, we figured this very carefully and we don't even need a wheelwell the tires will clear under. We haven't purchased any wall covering yet, the wallpaper I think referenced to, was luan then covered with wallpaper. We are leaning toward FRP if we can find it closer to home, sooo many choices. Thanks for all the replys!:thumb:

Harley1994 09-08-2014 05:58 PM

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Its now down to bones, we will raise the rear section up to match the front so its all one level. put a new roof and aluminum siding on.

Gordon Dewald 09-09-2014 12:25 AM

Nice - work is proceeding at a good pace. Hope the winter weather holds off long enough to get it closed in.

HuntingHawk 09-09-2014 05:16 AM

Cargo tie downs in the back to secure the bikes?

Harley1994 09-09-2014 05:24 AM

Its surprising how little seems to hold these rv together, it took me just one day to remove the siding and roof. Now the tedious work begins, going over the whole shell pulling staples and smoothing out everything. We decided since we were moving things around and there was going to be holes in places that there is no longer going to be an appliance and patches just didn't seem the way to go, and patching the siding would have just not looked right, we said lets replace the siding and put a new roof on. Well that mushroomed into if we put a roof on, we might as well raise the rear section to the same level as the front, to give more room, the headroom in these old campers are low. Yep we are hoping for a good fall here, the weather is on as I'm typing this and its predicting the temps going into the 60's during the day for later in the week. Winter is on the way:sad:!!

Harley1994 09-09-2014 05:29 AM

Yep we are going with E Track on both sides and down the middle to give flexablity to hook up, as well as wheel chocks for the front wheels.:thumb:

TravisNuwa81 09-09-2014 12:09 PM

At the rate this is going you should be using it by thanksgiving! Haha

Harley1994 09-09-2014 12:48 PM

Things will be slowing down a little I know we will be getting some weather, that because I have to work on it outside, we have to tarp it when they call for rain. I don't want to let it get wet at this stage. I do have a tendency to get obsessive, and won't quit until somethings done. I am going over all of it pulling staples (I think some factory worker must have had a fully automatic stapler, there's hundreds) and grinding down the glue they put on the sides for the siding, so the new siding will sit flush. Trying to get the roof raised!!

Gordon Dewald 09-09-2014 11:29 PM

You will like the E track. Are you going to have the raised or flush version?

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