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bassoneman 09-14-2014 10:00 AM

Whoe Does RV Direct Use for Extended Warranty
I have decided to purchase a Thor Hurricane 34j from RV direct. I am interested in their extended warranty program and was wondering who they used for the extended warranty company.. I will ask ed them but was just asking here at the forum.. I normally wouldn't buy an extended warranty, but the Thor Dealer around here said if I don't buy from them they wont do warranty work on it... The next other dealer would be camping world and from my camping neighbor who just bought a Thor Ace from them said their service is horrible.( 3 days after they bought the RV their fridge didn't work, They brought it in it took Camping world here in Berkley 1 month to fix it.) it would have been longer but my neighbor contacted Thor and they helped them out)

Also I am not sure if the sales rep from RV Direct Sales is trying to pull a fast one on me . She sent and email with the Extended Warranty QUote of 1995.00 for 7 years.. Before she sent it she said it was their premium plus which covered the slide outs and a few other things the the premium didn't cover. Then she sent over the purchase order it was 3095. Asked about the 1995.00 she said that email was a mistake and that was for trailers not motor homes.. Now I have trust issues.. What have others on the forum paid for their Premium Ext. Warranty for New Motor Home at RV Direct..

VSPA 09-14-2014 05:00 PM

Do a google search with "RV warranties". Hopefully the link below will give you what info you are asking. I use the Good Sam warranty.

rv warranties - Bing

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