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billandchris 09-30-2014 05:16 AM

New Member
Looking forward to reviewing all the comments in all the forums. We have ALMOST purchased an RV after just doing rentals. We seem to change our minds between how big, how much, what would be our most likely uses, etc. so we hope to get focused via this site. We had a contract in hand for a Coachman Prism, but then we saw and loved the Airstream Interstate, and then the Pleasureways, and then a Winnebago, and then who knows what will be next. Through lots of reading and discussion, we are not hard core campers, but more travelers who would stop at RV resorts while traveling. Thus the current appeal of the Class B's. We are looking forward to the input from all the experts in this forum as we take our leap into the world of RV's.:confused:

Chiefbvfd 09-30-2014 05:20 AM

Welcome aboard and good luck on your search.......:)

Bilgerat 09-30-2014 05:29 AM

I'm sure you will enjoy visiting. There is a wealth of information and the Folks here are very willing to help. Taking your time and shopping is very wise. The Owners Forums provide a ton of info as well.
From One Newbie To Another "Good To Have Ya Aboard"! :greetings10:

homeless 09-30-2014 05:47 AM


Medico 09-30-2014 06:52 AM Welcome and glad to meet you!

MSHappyCampers 09-30-2014 07:06 AM

Hi Bill & Chris! Welcome to IRV2! We're glad you joined the bunch here! :dance:

Hope you find the right RV for your needs! Enjoy the forum!

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

JohnRR 09-30-2014 07:43 AM

Good luck with your choice, you already know it's mind boggling.

TonyDi 09-30-2014 08:29 AM


Glad your here with us. Good luck on the search for your Class B.

Happy Trails!!!

Fred1609 09-30-2014 08:36 AM

Good luck with your search for an RV......your doin it right, rented rigs figuring out what you need......take your time and looks at lots of rigs.

Safe and Happy Travels.

DieselTech39 09-30-2014 11:03 AM


Glad you're aboard. Best of luck in your search and decision. Enjoy your adventures and be safe.

myshaggydog 09-30-2014 11:45 AM

Welcome to the Forum and best of luck on which ever RV you decide on.

Happy RV'ing

Hudgens 09-30-2014 08:34 PM

Welcome to the irv2 gang, Bill & Chris! Glad you're here.

We took over a year to choose what we wanted. The more we looked, the more fun we had and the more we learned. From our point of view (may not be yours), we were ready to purchase two different Class C motorhomes; then it hit us that we needed to list things we would want on a trip and consider both capacity and weight.

I didn't know about a few things until learning in these forums. (1) Capacity--internal and under-carriage storage are more limited on Class Cs that we looked at, and (2) motorhomes are built to handle certain load capacities (including any vehicle you might tow). When we put it all together based on our wants and needs, we had to shift our sites to a Class A. As a compromise we limited ourselves to a length under 35 feet. I really don't know that we would have figured these things out (at least not easily) without the help of folks here.

Good luck with your search and enjoy the process. :)

billandchris 10-01-2014 06:03 AM

Thanks to everyone for your warm welcome and kind thoughts. We look forward to your comments as we journey towards our RV selection and journeys.

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