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Curtis in TX 05-15-2015 08:59 PM

Well I went out and played with it after Dinner just to see what I could figure out and guess what. I got that left bedroom window shade working again. It was an easy fix. Seems when the strings broke they restrung it but couldn't figure out how to put tension on the strings again. I dissected the right one to see how it was put together and did the left one just like it.

Then I decided I wanted some tunes while I checked out some other stuff and got the outside cd/ radio working. Led Zeppelin was good tonight. My neighbors love me!!!:angel:

Oh and I found the transfer switch for the AC. It was as I expected. Switched to shore power. So the AC should work. Will know more tomorrow when I plug it in. Gotta move a cargo trailer that is parked in the RV Spot.

Here's the outside radio complete with TV Table.

Well apparently my phone doesn't want to post any more pictures right now. I play with the picture thing more tomorrow.

Gonna hit the shower and call it a night. Tomorrow is Saturday. And that means an early breakfast with my Motorcycle Buddies if it isn't raining cats and dogs.

FastGlassMan 05-15-2015 09:02 PM

Nice rig Lynne! You'll have lots of fun with it! Your the man Curtis and the lovely Melissa too! Well the house on the river is no longer ours, went to closing this morning, then took the new owners to dinner. Was going to get all the rest of our stuff but u-haul screwed up on the triler we reserved, wanted us to go 100 miles out of the way to get it, cancelled the reservation! Will make other arrangements. Put a new set of ignition wires in , runs much better! Have a great weekend, Bobby

Franka548 05-15-2015 09:31 PM

We are happy that Janet is doing so well, we wish her the best on her progress and getting back to normal.
Imagine that you would be out tinkering on the MH, who would have thought. You are doing great things my friend.
Glad that the closing is done, That should take a big load off both of your shoulders.

guardrail53 05-16-2015 12:36 AM

Lynne, great looking MH!! Itasca Sunova is a very nice, well made, MH, for sure!:bow: Itasca's are the 'rich cousin's' of Winnabago, made to a higher standard, with some of the 'top of the line' features! You are going to have so much fun learning everything, and what better way to do so, then, doing so in Curtis's driveway!:thumb: Heck, by the time you get there, he will have that baby tweaked, 4 wheel drive installed, big off road tires, ready for rock climbing!!:eek: Hahahaha!:D
Sorry, could not help my self!:cool:
The coffee is tasting so very good today! Maybe I should cut back a little bit?:nonono: Rail!:cool:

Franka548 05-16-2015 06:03 AM

Good Morning Rail, I don't think that it is the coffee, sometimes we just can't pass up an opportunity to make someone laugh.
Good Morning Gang,
Had a nice fire last night, met a nice couple from New Jersey that is parked next to us. Had them join us at the fire and had a very stimulating conversation. Whoever had this site before us left enough fire wood for us to use last night, very nice of them.
Well, it is laundry day today, so maybe I will try the pool out while Rita does the laundry, lol.
Have a good day all,

Gordon Dewald 05-16-2015 08:10 AM


Cool and trying to rain. Not much predicted unfortunately. Every bit counts though. Spent yesterday mowing the grass. Used the bagger. Thankfully the grass was sparse. As it was got about 15 bushels of clippings. Compost pile is getting pretty large.

Some folks coming by to look at the 5er today. Will see what they think. I think they will like it, hopefully enough. A lot will depend on how they plan to use it and the size of their truck. Will be nice to get it out of the way.

Bobby - congrats on the sale.

Number of sleeps to May 23: 7

I am with Rail on the MH upgrades Curtis is doing. Curtis is amazing. You are in good hands Lynne and Jerry. Apologies to Jerry for spelling his name incorrectly in the past, I think I have been spelling his name with a G. Two of our friends are spelled with a G. Probably happen again so future apologies as well, just in case.

Old Car Nut 05-16-2015 10:26 AM


Coach looks great in those photos. Congrats again.

Curtis the CLACer is getting her prepped. Sweet!!

Gordon great news about Janet!!

Well I need to get a some work done in the front yard today. Curb appeal and all that. 7 weeks to GO TIME! We better find a coach soon or we will be living in an extended stay hotel.

Have a great day everyone.

PS Lynne are you having trouble going to sleep yet?

beamisl 05-16-2015 11:14 AM


Love Led Zeppelin! Jerry and I will fit in quite well with your music choices. Jerry asked how much the guy wanted to pay for the MH. I told him to never mind. Thank you for all you are doing. I was looking at the pictures the salesman sent and there should be a white water hose in the water bay since it is in the picture of that bay. Not sure about a sewer hose but we can buy whatever we need.

Gordon, Tell Janet glad she is doing well. I think about you two often and send well wishes your way. 7 more sleeps. Told you before don't worry about the spelling. My Dad bought an electric typewriter one day and said that it didn't spell any better than the manual one. Made us all laugh. :)

Rail, It would be cool to have all those things on the MH but I think we need to learn standard equipment first. Maybe next year. Made me laugh though.

Frank, Checked out that CG you are going to stay at and plan to make a reservation myself. Rhubarb pie and ice cream in September. You and me, it's a date. What does your wife like?

Jay, No, I sleep just fine. Like a baby. Do you need to borrow mine until you find one?

Bobby, Now that you got started you won't be able to stop getting rid of stuff. Just remember the wife is not for sale.

Had to w--k this am. One day closer to retirement. Have a great one, Lynne

Old Car Nut 05-16-2015 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by beamisl (Post 2558854)

Jay, No, I sleep just fine. Like a baby. Do you need to borrow mine until you find one?

Had to w--k this am. One day closer to retirement. Have a great one, Lynne

Thank you for such a generous offer but I was exaggerating a bit. We can stay at Patty's folks house if we need to. We won't be completely homeless, just homeownerless. Selection in this area is limited. The dealers that have pushers are asking far too much as a rule. So once the S&B sells we will be looking in FLA or TX maybe AZ.

Curtis in TX 05-16-2015 02:44 PM

Got up early this morning and rode to breakfast. I had loaded up my folding chair on the bike so I could go watch my grandson play soccer. Walked out of the restaurant to a flat rear tire. AUGH! Spent the rest of the morning getting it home. I had a new tube and even a compressor, but forgot to put my tools back on the bike the other night. I had taken the tool roll off to add some new gizmos I'd bought.
So with it threatening to come a downpour I wasn't in the mood to fix it in the parking garage lot. So I got a ride home and grabbed the truck and bike trailer. And Harleyed it home.
Theeeeeennn, I got home just as the drizzle got going.

Lynne, you do have a very short white water hose in the basement. It's enough to for hooking up at RV parks. I'll have one of my longer hoses on it to test out the plumbing over the next few days. Plugged it into the shore power on my house but my boots were too muddy to go inside to make sure everything works on the SP. I'll check it out Monday.
But I did get the trailers moved and your coach parked next to the garage.

Going to spend tomorrow with the Seniors at Church.

Coffee pot, towels and another big box got here. (I'm thinking sheets because of weight.) Nope! Cookware.

A'S and TV work...

So after the day I've had,
I took an afternoon nap.

I did feel bad about having my Kawasaki on the trailer for the ride home this morning while all the Harley Clubs were out in the rain riding. Go figure! Guess they had a special at the car wash today! :)
But it was Saturday and there is a bike event going on at the NASCAR track today.

Guess I'll go fix that tire now.

beamisl 05-16-2015 05:03 PM


Sorry for the flat tire. Take it easy on yourself, it will be OK. So, sheets and pillows still to come and then the box from home which should arrive on Tuesday. We'll have everything we need except the food.

I checked the info on the MH and they stated no satellite (maybe they didn't know since they missed the missing mirror). The pictures of the MH roof showed a satellite but couldn't tell if it was on mine or the one in front of it. I thought the one in front since it said no satellite. I am not going to complain though.

Have a great night and enjoy the elderly folks tomorrow. Some of my favorite patients are the elderly ones. They have some FASCINATING stories.


bap 05-16-2015 05:05 PM

hey gang,,,ive missed so much,,,,,congrats lynne,,,

and happy to hear janet is doing well,,,,

i cant get online ....everytime i try i loose it,,,,but i want everyone of you to know my prayers are with you daily....
....bap......i hope this makes it...

FastGlassMan 05-16-2015 05:54 PM

Just to underline the thought that "if there is a will, there is a way", our neighbors wife told me not to go back into the house after the sale as she doesn't have liability insurance on it till the house is demo'd! So I took the window out of the front room and took the wringer washing machine apart from outside and then sucked it out the window and reassembled it, put it in the MH and it is now back in Long Island ! Bet she'll give me one of those "I told you not to do that " 's! As she had her eye on it for years. Too bad! Feel so much lighter not having to worry about that house. Enjoy the evening all, Bobby

beamisl 05-16-2015 07:11 PM

I have a video of that TT for you and Debbie. I just have to download it to send to you. Figured that you were having PC problems and that was why you were not here. I'll get that downloaded soon.
So glad that you got the washer out and the load off your back. Can't wait to meet each of you.

Good night all! Take care, Lynne

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