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Harley1994 01-05-2015 06:16 AM

Frank, forgot to ask, where are you located, if you don't mind me asking. Might have to check it out! :dance:

spritz 01-05-2015 06:25 AM

ZERO and -30 windchill, Yep the coffee is hot and soooo good.
You pick up the donuts I'll bring the Good coffee and we'll be over...

bap 01-05-2015 06:47 AM

coffee good this morning,,,so good may have to drink a pot

so far this winter it warms up to rain then the couds go away for the temp to drop,,skies are very clear tonight,,,that mean i will be breaking the ice in the horses water is still getting better here,,,but it has been slow recovery,,for the dw and her dad...he is turning 77 in a few days...we went and got him a golf cart...first one we ever had...he loves it,,it will help him get down to his garden this spring...and just cruize aroung....i gotta admite it is fun to drive,,,lol

everyone be safe this day...and have a goodone...

Franka548 01-05-2015 08:25 AM

bap, hope everyone is getting better up your way.
rail, it is only 58* here this morning, brrrr.
Tim, that's too cold for my blood anymore.
Terry, I stay in Brooksville, Fl for the winter. It is about 50 miles north of Tampa. Close enough to everything, but far enough away from all the crowds. Quite a few Harleys in the park, so you would feel right at home. Routes 41, 98 and 50 are the main routes around here, in fact 41 is the road you get on leaving the park. We are about 10 miles west of I75 exit 301. If you want to know more about the park, I will send you a PM with the info.

Harley1994 01-05-2015 10:00 AM

Frank, go ahead and send me that info, not quite sure what we are going to do yet, possible to leave FW there for the winter, go back and forth, DW still working for a couple more yrs. Thanks

Gordon Dewald 01-05-2015 10:03 AM

Good morning. Still cold here but warming up. Supposed to be just below freezing by Wednesday and right at freezing by Sunday.

Enjoy seeing the folks at the motorcycle club. We are in the process of planning a 4 - 6 week tour this summer. Going to spend some time in Colorado at a rally. Want to see 4 corners, etc. Numerour routes there and back and we are trying to determine which sights we will priorize.

Glad everyone is starting to feel better.

Anyone made any new years resolutions?

bap 01-05-2015 08:49 PM

my resolution is for everyone... long and prosper...
as for lose this 30 plus pounds i have gained since i quit smoking because of my last

Harley1994 01-06-2015 03:54 AM

Good Morning All, Gordon, that motorcycle trip sounds like fun, alot of work in the planning stages, when we did ours it would take DW several weeks of looking at things to do/see. I've been too busy to think of any resolutions, maybe travel more this year. Bap, I agree on everyone be healthy and happy. Have a great day all.

spritz 01-06-2015 06:20 AM

Morning everyone, Dunk ins tasting good this AM.
-9 wind chill -30/-40 thru the rest of week so they are saying and so far they are right...:sad:
They are even canceling school's or late start's :eek: They never did that when I was a kid.

Franka548 01-06-2015 07:25 AM

Good Morning All,
Stay warm and dry. Hope that you don't have to go out in that kind of weather. I always dreaded having to mess with the trucks below zero due to everything freezing up. You could never stay warm.

Gordon Dewald 01-06-2015 08:40 AM

The trip will be fun Terry. Biggest issue is getting folks to say what they would like to see. One of the fellows who was good with ideas had a double lung transplant in November. He will not be riding with us this year. Does not seem to have a great deal of interest in telling us places he would like to see as he would like to see them with us.

We all pull pop ups. We have a Bunk House, one has an Aspen and two have Leisure Lites. Good group. We generally drive until we see a likely campground and then stop. Travel is leisurely.

bap 01-06-2015 09:36 AM

goooooodmornig folks,,,slept in untill 11:32am,,,,,shew i gotta qiut doing

i would love to take a bike ride like that,,last one i went on there were 3 miles of bikes
it was the kieth whitley memorial ride,,,----i rode a 73 triumph bonnevile 750,,was a great ride...

guardrail53 01-06-2015 10:22 PM

Goodmorning everyone! Dang, Bap, "Ur Burning Daylight" What a close friend used to say to me all the time! Hey, if you can, why not? Me, I feel guilty when the DW has to get up to go to work, and i stay in bed for a few more min's! My riding day's are behind me now, too many years of hard tail Harley's and trucking have paid there toll on my body! Now, i like a nice comfy plush seat to sink into!
The coffee tasted very good today! Supposed to rain tonight, then cool back off, Highs in the 70's, lows in the mid 50's. High today 93*, tomorrow 82*, Friday 72*, sat. 70* Brrrrrrrr!! Hehehehehe!
Everyone stay warm!! Rail!:cool:

Harley1994 01-07-2015 05:51 AM

Good Morning All, 4degs here and thats the high for the day, supposed to drop after this "high" down to -40 wind chill Gordon you've sent it my way! Tim I see on the news how they are cancelling schools out your way haven't done that here yet. Frank when I worked for a truck stop here I hated those trucks coming from down south, they would get up here and freeze solid, and having to lay under thawing them out was not fun. Gordon, that trip sounds like you have fun, some different than the MH. Bap, hey if you can do it (sleep in) why not, my old body won't let me do it. Rail, those old hardtails will kill ya :eek:, we wasn't smart enough to leave the old soft sprung seats on, had to put something cool on instead. Thats why I ride a Softtail now :dance:.

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