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Franka548 10-13-2014 01:03 PM

Thanks guys,
It still isn't fixed, the tech was on the phone with GM tech and now they want to change the 4 injectors in the one circuit, I told them to change the 2 on the right bank because it was already tore apart, they also found a compromised wire in the circuit, so hopefully it will be done by the end of the day. Oh and GM says keep the new FICM in because the old one is probably shot due to the load in the injector circuit. Right now, I believe that they are all guessing, they don't seem to teach much troubleshooting to the techs nowadays, if it doesn't show up on the computer screen, just throw parts at it.

Harley1994 10-13-2014 02:10 PM

Frank, sorry to hear the problems your having, I always said that most dealers use the shotgun approach, throw everything new at the system they are trying to fix and something will happen, rather then diagnose then put what it really needs, I have seen so many new techs that could not figure out on their own.

Franka548 10-13-2014 05:00 PM

ok guys,
Ended up changing 2 injectors on the right bank, found one of the injector firing coils had rotated in the holder, opening up the circuit. The truck ran and codes cleared as they should, Yeah. Then the bad news, injector hung open on the left bank, so not heading to Florida tomorrow, and $$$$ keep adding up.

Harley1994 10-14-2014 04:20 AM

Good morning, Frank sorry to hear your trouble is multipling, maybe today is the day you finally get going again!!

bap 10-14-2014 06:36 AM

sorry frank,,,,,,we still maybe driving close to one another our trip to the shore,s is delayed due to a death in the family....we were going to head that way on the 15th as well....

Franka548 10-14-2014 08:04 AM

Thanks for all the kind words, sorry for your loss bap. It is always a sad day to lose a family member.

bap 10-14-2014 08:54 AM

thanks frank,,,the worst part is....the dad had just died a few moths ago,,the mother has no intrest in the kids and the lady, the mother of the son that died had just gotton custody of the children....,,,,i feel horrable for those kids..the only ones close to them have passed and there mother hasnt been in there life for years....

i hope u get ur truck on the road today..,,,,i know they just want u to buy a new one..
i have seen it to many times,,

Franka548 10-14-2014 09:58 AM

thanks bap,
Buying a new one just isn't going to happen. I told the DW last night that we weren't supposed to leave this morning for some reason, and looking at the wind and rain, it is probably for the best. If we get the truck today before dark, we will be fine, I will just have to drive tonight, which I don't usually do.
I'm sorry to here about the kids, that is a terrible way to have to live.

guardrail53 10-14-2014 11:33 PM

Yes, every morning drinking my coffee here in northern Thailand, I check on everyone and their posts! But my morning here is 12 hrs. ahead of your mornings! hahaha! So my mornings are your evenings! You guys are getting ready for bed, and I am catching up on everyone's projects! Frank, I am sorry for your mechanical problems, I know them too well being in the trucking business for so many years! It can be very frustrating! Bap, sorry for your loss! Rail!

bap 10-15-2014 07:04 AM

thanks rail,,,,,
frank,,,,,i belive like u rvrything happens for a reason, most we wull never know,,,,but some stay in our minds likke seeing a bad wreck, and for some reason u couldnt leave when u wanted,,,u see the wreck and know if u would have left when u wanted u would have been in or very close to that...

Franka548 10-15-2014 02:39 PM

thanks guardrail53, bap, that's the way I look at it, the weather yesterday morning was not the nicest and the wind would have blown us all over the road, not to mention the horrible fuel mileage. Well here is the latest and hopefully last update, changed the bad injector, then got a call, truck won't pull itself, no fuel pressure. I told the service writer to throw the switch under the dash to turn on the lift pump that I added. Low and behold, everything was ok. $3900 later and all is well, The only thig I am upset with was the $1225 FICM that they thought was bad but wasn't, the rest of the bill, I have no problem with.
Anyways, left Smyrna at 4pm, got into our site in Florida this afternoon at 1:30. Stopped at a Walmart last night at 11:30 of course there was the sign NO overnight RV parking, but I stayed anyways, I was too tired to go on. 700 miles and truck seemed to be running like it should. It is good to be at our winter home, and seeing some of our friends that are already here.
I guess the old saying all's well that ends well applies here.
Thank you to everyone that sent their kind response's to our problems. This is one of the many things that makes this site so GREAT.

Harley1994 10-15-2014 04:56 PM

Frank glad your in your winter home, so it really is a good morning :thumb:!

Franka548 10-15-2014 05:49 PM

Thanks Terry,
Well, morning was spent driving, but it was nice blue skies, so not bad, got in about 1:30 went over and saw my Dad(he lives under 2 miles from the park) to let him know we made it, tomorrow will be a great morning, lol.

bap 10-15-2014 11:05 PM

well gooooodmorning mr frank,,,happy u are at ur spot...

ND THE TRuck is running good; up some pix since uve made it there..

we ar planning a short run to mytrle instead of the shores but we will hit that this late spring...may hit the keys in the middle of december,,,,,i just love the weather there at that time of year,,,

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