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beamisl 02-11-2015 05:14 AM

Not getting the Brave
Good morning All,

How to explain.

When we went looking at MHs Saturday we had absolutely no intention of buying. There is just to much stuff we need to do first. Saw the Brave and fell in love with it. The factor that it was so obviously well taken care of got us so excited we made a snap decision and bought it!

Got home and started talking about the logistics and began to realize we were in no way ready to bring her home. We can't even get into our side yard let alone the back where we want this because I do not want to put it in storage elsewhere, I want it here. We had another RV stolen from a lot near here just this week.

We need to put in a drive, pad for parking and electrical outlet back where we have none. Me still working we would use it maybe 4 to 8 weekends a year and maybe a week during the summer for MI trips. So how much damage occurs during the next three years and we ruin the good care it already had. Do we need to build a covered area too?

What we want to use it for is retirement. We plan to go warm in winter and park it here in summer. That's why we need the driveway, pad, and electrical connection. Until we are sure that we want to fulltime we don't want to sell the paid for s&b.

After throwing this around for a few days I called the dealership and told them we had changed our minds. We have both cried because we loved this MH and know we will not be able to enjoy her the next three years but she also deserves someone who will use her and love her so she really was not OURS.

SO, what did we get out of this experience? We have set our plans more firmly, we have a path to prepare for when we do buy her, and we now know what she looks like. We will look for a Brave when the time is right the summer of 2017.

Right now we have a lot to learn still. We really aren't ready yet. So, my avatar will be changing again. I am sad but know this is the right decision.:sad:

Hope you all have a great day, Lynne

bap 02-11-2015 06:38 AM

i knew something was up when i saw the new avatar,,,,but i think you made the correct decision..and yes a pad that is covered is best even though there are some decent covers for them..

FRANK AND GORDAN----oooops my bad,,,hard for me to keep up without going back threw the posts,,,lol with who is where and doing this an that,,,,
daughter went threw the lazer surgery just fine,,,,hopefully that will end her pain..
things are very different for someone that is blind,,,,,her catteracks gave her so much pain it was very hard to see her in that misery,,,but when my dw had her stroke she lost vision in her left eye and then the copd and emphazima the meds she has to take caused her to get catteracks and is waiting on the 24th to have hers removed..
....everyone in the immediate family has had theres removed except me and our son,,,,so we know its no big deal and is painless..and quick..

everyone have a great and safe day------coffee is good this morning,,and the temp is heading to the upper 40s then were in the cold zone for a few days...highs in the 20s,,,,its been that way all winter so really cant complain,,,,but those 30deg. drops make it feel cold,,,,hard to adjust this winter with all the up,s an downs,,,,

jenandjon 02-11-2015 06:40 AM

Beamisl I know the feeling. Ive been shopping for months online. We are not in a position to buy for another couple years. Just ooking at options, diffrant styles, what engines are most popular and trouble free. Then we went to a few dealers to actually look at floor plans. They are way different in person than in pictures. Looked at a few and figured out what we don't want.
Then one day We pulled in a lot and seen a nice Georgie boy. Went and looked at it. Completely ruined my day. Fell in love on the spot. Has everything we want right down to the drive train and color of interior.
It just was not meant to be. Don't let it get you down. When the time comes you will find another one. Maybe an even better one. Anyway that's what I keep telling myself.

beamisl 02-11-2015 07:09 AM


I know what you mean. I want so badly to be retired now and on the road, just not the right time. I think this one came into our life right now so we could settle on the coach and now we need to do the driveway and cover.

I need to find out if I need a 110 or 220 hook up for the rig and how can I actually purchase one when I don't even know something this simple? I know it will be either 30 or 50 amp but not the rest. I don't know enough about the drivetrain and chassis. I got 2 books for my Birthday on RVing and Mh's and will be reading and learning and the next time we put money down on a MH it will be the full price and a done deal.

This has been a good lesson that we needed to learn so take your time before you buy. We will be renting a MH this summer and take a week and get some time in. May do this each summer until 2017 because the bug is biting awfully hard and needs to be tempered.

Either way, we will eventually on the road. I look forward to it but will take the time to learn between now and then.


huntnski 02-11-2015 07:13 AM


Originally Posted by guardrail53 (Post 2420453)
Bap, that was Frank that went on the cruse, He was the lucky one! Hehehehe! We are getting read for a trip to Kuaula Lampur for 5 days! Should be fun! One of the benefits of living in Asia! So many things to see and the food,, ohhhhhhh!
I hope everything comes out OK with your family, eye surgery is always scary?
And the coffee is tasting very good today!!
And I did not even know that humor thread was there, and read the "you know your old if" one all the way thru last night! Funny stuff! Thanks H&S, for bringing it to our attention!
Stay warm everyone, 20's in Florida:eek: Crap!

It just dosnt go in a sentence well does it, 20's and Florida! :laugh:
I tend to get in a rut visiting the same thread over and over. Then I started hitting the "new post" button up on the tool bar. That's how I happened on this group. Same about the " you know your old " thread. Up in 60s today, if wind stays low I may do a control burn on a small woods section near my shop. That should take out some of the small critters hiding places! Everyone have a good day.

guardrail53 02-11-2015 07:47 AM

Lynne, you were right in doing what you did! I know, you were so excited, and we all could tell how much you liked her! But you have learned, and that is just as important! I also saw that your avatar had changed in another post, and wondered? Well, now you can get a place ready for your new one to come home with you. As for your elect. line, a 30 amp is plenty of power and it is 110 v. Just get a heavy enough line for the distance you are running it! And a carport is all you really need to keep the sun off. MHs are made to sit out, but if you can cover them they stay nicer longer! Rail!

SDCOToyhaul 02-11-2015 07:56 AM

As they say, "Hind sight is 20/20" We all go through that sometimes. Guess what counts is learning from it. Many times "retirement" and what our new goals are or should be, is a series of difficult choices and detours. Smile and continue to think "RETIREMENT" and FUN. Sure everything will work out. Good Luck.

beamisl 02-11-2015 08:21 AM


With just needing the 110 we can make that storage and cover behind the storage shed lawnmower house because it already has 110. It will also not be as easily seen out back behind everything else. This was a hard decision to make but we know it is the right one.

I am working so many hours right now I can barely keep up with my laundry and there is no let up in sight. Did check out MH rentals for this summer though and plan to figure out when we want to do that. Probably in September as I have plans for May already. I want to go to an area that does not have all the amenities, a little rough to see what it is like. I plan to do this each year for the next 3.

Thank all of you for the support, this is hard and we have needed it. Lynne

Gordon Dewald 02-11-2015 09:12 AM

Lynne and Jerry;
Sorry for the disappointment. It will always turn out for the best. There are lots of MH out there for sale and there will still be lots when you are ready to make the final step.

The thing to decide about storing the MH at home is what you are planning to do with it there. Are you going to need the AC while it is sitting in the yard? If not a 15 or 20 amp circuit will be enough to keep the batteries charged and to cool the fridge prior to going for a weekend. All you need then is the 15 to 30 and the 30 to 50 (if applicable) connectors. Make sure you have a sufficiently heavy extension cord so the voltage drop is not too much if you are a fair distance from the plug in.

Going through the expense of building a concrete or gravel pad is discretionary IMO. We parked the 5er for a number of years on the lawn. I purchased some patio blocks and inlaid them where we parked the 5er. Just dug a hole about a foot deep, filled it with gravel to just below the grass level and laid the blocks on top. Then backed the trailer onto the blocks. Took a couple hours and cost less than a hundred dollars. Down side it the grass grows and we had to use the string trimmer to cut under the trailer. After a while the grass under the trailer died, but once we moved the trailer inside the shed it came back. I lifted the blocks and repurposed them, filled in the holes with topsoil and planted grass. All visible signs gone.

IMO the cover is more important if you have decals. Full paint is hardier and with regular washing and waxing will last a long time. We built the shed to put the trailer and MH in but also to clean up the yard. We had vehicles and trailers parked all over and it was easier to put them all in one place. It protects them from the winter weather when we are away and keeps them out of sight when we are not home.

Anyway - the replacement MH will be waiting for you.

bap 02-11-2015 09:38 AM

and i think you are spot on about renting an rv to get the feel of it...i dont know pricing a rental we never have,,,but when we bought our first mh a 30ftr fleetwood the dw and i were very comfy living in it,,,we lived in it a year...found out that we didnt need something that big and that got us into the little 60s vintage tt,s ..were very happy with those,,,,if prices are high on rentals you may find a nice older tt to do your 3 year travels in and then sell it when ur ready for you mh,,,,,,just a thought.....
well i will catch everyone latter...gotta plug in the 69 holiday get it warmed up for the dw to do some work in....she has secret stuff now..
and i need to work the horses and run the trapline....
take care everyone have a safe and wonderfull day..

HuntingHawk 02-11-2015 10:46 AM

Basically, if the MH has one air conditioner a 30amp service is sufficient. But you can't go wrong with installing a 50amp service.

On the same note, length & height of the cover for the MH will have to be determined. The pad also. And what about if you end up getting a MH with slide outs?

HuntingHawk 02-11-2015 12:13 PM

JMO, but a lot of good has come from this. You know you need to set up to receive the MH at your home before purchasing. You also know the approximate size you want & floor plan.

beamisl 02-11-2015 12:38 PM

Good afternoon All,

The MH will have 2 slides, be 32 or 34 foot long, and whatever normal height is I assume around 9 ft.

Already thought about digging the holes, filling in with gravel, and patio blocks because read it in another post. I am learning.

Checked out metal covers / roof systems today. Somewhere around $1,800 without install. Think my brother, husband, son and I could put that up. Dolly can go in the shed. This would all fit in 1 of 3 places. Behind shed, beside present garage, behind house (so I can see it from the kitchen) (boy is that pathetic :)) and all locations the electrical would be no further than 20 ft away. Mostly closer.

Beside garage is closet to driveway / road, big pine tree here to deal with. Behind is next and then behind shed is farthest. There are times in winter we can't even get back there due to drifts. The MH should be parked there only one winter and then gone every or most winters after I retire.

We will come back in summer and park it in it's home until the next winter or for trips closer to home. Do want to go to the Upper Pennisula a couple times because it is beautiful up there.

So, checking things out for the near future. I think every time we get something done I will feel better.

Otherwise, hope you all have a great day and that you have a wonderful Valentine's Day on Saturday. Remember to get your honey something sweet, not expensive but sweet.


beamisl 02-11-2015 12:44 PM

BTW, the rental on a 31 foot MH is around $1450 a week with other charges in the area of $280. Don't know if anything is hidden or not. They limit mileage depending on which company you go with and have no dump stations at their location. You MUST dump prior to drop off and fill the fuel tank or there is a charge for each of these.

Nothing provided except the MH, electrical cable, dump hose and not even a awning with one co. Some of it seems funny to me. Must clean it before return or you are charged. Like you pay that much and they can't even clean it?

OK, but I think it will be worth it. Oh yeah, they charge you if you use the generator too. $3.50 an hour.


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