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mkohler30 02-20-2015 01:32 PM

Well said.........if anyone who isn't in the military and sees that film and doesn't feel the patriotism then they aren't America loving Americans. ..I get emotional just thinking about the movie now that I saw son in law is in Germany right now he reupped and is being transferred to ft hood in a month or so...makes me proud to know he is serving...

mkohler30 02-20-2015 01:34 PM

To all who have served I cannot begin to express my gratitude for their service all I can say is thank you but you don't know the feelings that are behind it...

beamisl 02-20-2015 05:01 PM

Congratulations Rebecca on the retirement and to you Ron because now the two of you can do what you want when you want.

-18 on the way into w--k this AM. Good God but I want spring right now. It is bitter! They keep closing schools due to the cold. This is supposed to last another month and I am not sure that we won't all freeze by then. Brrrrr!

Well, I will talk with you all in the am. Have a warm and peaceful evening. At this point Rail, I would take the humidity to get out of this cold.


beamisl 02-21-2015 04:21 AM

Goodmorning All,

Wow, quite a difference in temperatures from yesterday's -18 to today's 17 this AM. All is better though cause I sit here drinking coffee instead of driving in it. Seems this weather pattern is hitting a huge area across the states and effecting a lot more people than normal. Pretty sure at this point most people just want it gone.

Well, have a great day wherever you are and with whatever you plan to do today. Hope there is peace and love in your life.


Pa Miller 02-21-2015 04:31 AM

Morning from Texas it's 62 degrees here this morning in Neast Texas , it was 32 yesterday morning at this time.... Yesterday they were calling for frezing rain today Ya'll stay warm and safe.

Pa Miller 02-21-2015 04:32 AM

Today we have tornado warnings gg..

jenandjon 02-21-2015 05:59 AM

My cousin and I got dragged to 50 shades of grey last night. Its a good thing we went to a crappy theater. IF the seats were remotely comfortable I would have fallen asleep. Slooooowwwww plot lines. The guy is a creeper and the girl unattractive. It was a total snore. Unless you are into tieing up women and beating them with a belt.

Harley1994 02-21-2015 06:09 AM

Good morning All, Lynne, I always enjoyed my days off, not clock watching having to run here and there. For yrs. owning my own auto/motorcycle repair shop I never had a day off, there was always paperwork or building maintenance etc. Pa, stay safe, I'll take snow over tornados, never thought I'd say that!! Stay warm (or cool) stay safe have a great day.

bap 02-21-2015 07:16 AM

goodmorning everyone,,,coffee is going down good this morning as i watch the freezing rain pile up on the powerlines and trees,,just hope they dont snap,,,been there done that an dont wanna do it again,,,,but were suppose to hit a high of 34 today and top off the ice with another 5 to 8 inches of snow..but at least it will be above freezing the next 2 days then the subfreezing temps are back threw our 10 day forcast,,,,,
everyone stay safe and have a great day,,,,

ronspradley 02-21-2015 07:50 AM

Morning all. Coffee/cocoa good this morning. 65 here. Next week we get colder and wet. Got wife Rebecca retired yesterday. Had a good retirement party at her work. Skyped with son and his family, they are temporarily in San Diego working, be back Mar 2. Finishing up physical therapy Mar 6th Friday, so we planned a trip to Dallas starting Monday Mar 9th. Got home last night and guess what was in the mail. Jury summons for Monday Mar 9th. Karma is a bitch. :cool:

Y'all stay warm and safe.


huntnski 02-21-2015 08:32 AM

Morning all, woke up to rain and 60*. Ground still covered in ice so that's clearing up BUT temp is dropping fast and two more rounds of snow coming. What's up with this weather!

Bummer on the jury duty, I got a questionnaire to fill out a few weeks ago, thus far haven't heard back. No news good news!

mkohler30 02-21-2015 08:47 AM

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Well coffee is great this morning but what is even better is we had a couple bovine grandbabies!!!! Now it's off for a 70 mile trip to check on them and feed the moms some sweet feed....everyone have a safe and warm day.

huntnski 02-21-2015 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by mkohler30 (Post 2434521)
Well coffee is great this morning but what is even better is we had a couple bovine grandbabies!!!! Now it's off for a 70 mile trip to check on them and feed the moms some sweet feed....everyone have a safe and warm day.

Among many names that my son calls the calfs I don't think grand babies is one of them. He uses Dividend and Interest a lot this time of year! Lol

beamisl 02-21-2015 09:50 AM

Congrats on the grandcows!

Jury Duty? YUCK YUCK YUCK, got to many of those when I first registered to vote at 18. I fill them out now I tell them I will gladly bring a rope and hang the sucker.

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