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Plasticman 01-12-2017 12:18 PM

For the last 7 years I have lived in Houston, TX and worked half time in Houston and the other half in Yuma, AZ. I do miss the weather there in the winter. Having moved to northern Alabama, it does get cold here. My water tank drain valve froze this weekend and cracked, so now it had to be replaced. It won't hold water anymore. I hope all in the Yuma/Quartzite area have a very mild and enjoyable winter.


Franka548 01-12-2017 07:01 PM

Good Evening Gang,
Been kind of hectic again here, Coffee at the Lodge in the morning, so I don't get on here while drinking my coffee, then on my days off, I check the chemical balance of the pool and make any adjustments that are needed and add water until they get the auto level hooked back up to the water lines. Yesterday worked on some things that needed done on Goldie, today was golf, then dinner buffet at the golf lounge. I need a vacation, lol.
Rail, the park is coming along good, we are down to a few odds and ends and then trying to get them to do the punch list.
I think that I have a leak somewhere in the hydro hot, I added about 1/2 gal of boiler fluid and it sounded like the tank was about empty. I have to get hold of a radiator pressure tester and check it out for leaks before I put any more fluid in(it is $15/gal).
Safe travels my friend, hope that the break in the weather stays with you all the way to Woodward.
Sounds like your training class is a big success and that it was needed. I am very happy for you, it is a good thing that you are doing. Sounds like Ruger will give you lots of Joy.
Have a great evening all,

beamisl 01-12-2017 07:40 PM


Coffee was great this am on the drive to work. Problem was I wasn't real comfortable taking a hand off the steering wheel with all the black ice on the roads. God, I hate winter icy roads!

Frank, sounds like they are running you at the park. Will you have more help in there soon or do you have some already?

Chapter is doing well. Gathering info on each member so we know what needs most work. Most are novice so will probably start at very beginning which works just fine.

Ruger is sleeping again. Hope all are doing well. Keep warm and hope you are in a good clime to do that with.


Lloyd in S.C. 01-13-2017 05:29 AM

Good morning all!

52 here headed to the mid 70's!!!!!!!!

Frank if you just want to use a radiator pressure tester check out autozone. They lend tools, not sure if this is one of them but worth a try. Also Avanced Auto. Another option is you can buy one at Harbor Freight for $90. Usually can find a coupon with them to get a better deal.

Lynne, I'm not telling you anything new, becarefull on the ice.

Gonna use the great weather today to wash vehicles. We live on a dirt road, all we have is dirty. Don't want to leave my old commuter car and my pickup in the garage covered with dirt while we are away. Also the Jeep needs a bath,,,, and the coach from top to bottom (I wass the roof every spring) which by itself will take a couple hours.

We received letters from the county back last fall, our road will be paved in March, we won't be here to see it but coming home to a paved road will be nice. It will give our home a serious shot in the appraised value department. Nice:bow::dance:

Well have a great day all, got to get going.


Snufy1 01-13-2017 09:00 AM

Good Morning
Good morning 35 here this morning but it stopped raining so I will be able to work on the RV today. I need to run AC power to TV. I fixed the hole where the old 14" was bought a mount for the new TV and realized there is only DC there. I am also going to install running lights. I imagine as soon as I get things torn apart they will call and tell me that my tires are in.

bap 01-13-2017 09:02 AM

goodmorning gang

well,,,,i wrecked my side x side,,,--flipped over in a culvert about 7ft deep had a metal tpost ram threw the seat not 2 inches from spearing me in the head so I feel blessed about my hip being my only injury,,,lol-----I admit I was playing and driving waaay to fast on icy,,,,but that's


CampDaven 01-13-2017 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by bap (Post 3414792)
goodmorning gang

well,,,,i wrecked my side x side,,,--flipped over in a culvert about 7ft deep had a metal tpost ram threw the seat not 2 inches from spearing me in the head so I feel blessed about my hip being my only injury,,,lol-----I admit I was playing and driving waaay to fast on icy,,,,but that's


Who held your beer? ;)

rvpopeye 01-13-2017 02:45 PM

Jeff's turn in the corner!
You got lucky buy a lotto.

Lloyd in S.C. 01-13-2017 03:25 PM

Wow Jeff, close call!!!

How is your hip? Serious injury or bruised?


mkohler30 01-13-2017 03:58 PM

Hey Jeff just hope you didn't spill your beer......Lol....

Hope your hip feels better soon

guardrail53 01-13-2017 10:19 PM

Jeff, did you say, "Hold my beer and watch this?" Just kidding! Hope your hip is not too bad! Now, GO to the Corner!!:facepalm:

Coffee is good today!:dance:

Hope to hear from Janet and Gordon soon!

Jay, travel safe!

Lloyd, You too, have fun!

Everyone have a great day! Rail!:cool:

bap 01-14-2017 04:44 AM

lol,,,,,,,sad thing is I don't drink,,,,,but I should hold that stupid sign some

hip just bruised some,,,,thank the good lord above...

anyone hrard from GORDAN...,,,,,,,the wifes cousin was on a cruise the same time and said it was rough seas and very cold.......everyone was sea sick,,,,


beamisl 01-14-2017 04:53 AM

Good Morning,

Jeff, glad to hear you are ok. Last thing you need right now is an injury especially with your neck. Be careful my friend. The icy roads here have taken some victims.

Coffee is good. Going to be cold this weekend and then they are predicting in the 50;s by next weekend. Go figure, cold, freezing, warm and back again. It's not done by a long shot.

Ruger (the cat) is putting on weight and muscle now. If he doesn't slow down a bit he is going to have to waddle. He sure likes his food though. Poor critter, I think if he hadn't found us he wouldn't have lasted much longer.

I will see if I can find Gordon's email and send him a message. He may be answering that. It's a shame if they are having rough seas, can really ruin a trip.

Lot's to do today as usual on my days off. Still need to take down the Christmas tree but I like it. Took everything else down but think I might leave this a while yet. It's pretty.

Hope you are all doing well. Take care and keep safe. Lynne

Lloyd in S.C. 01-14-2017 06:12 AM

Good morning all!

55 here, showers expected. The trailer is loaded, Jeep, Motorcycle and Bicycles. It is all hitched up to Ms Prissy and yesterday afternoon it was moved up to the house. Lots of groceries and such were packed (leaving for a long time takinging everything that might spoil). We still have odds and ends to do mostly around closing down the house for 3 plus months.

Jeff glad you are okay. How is your side by side? Still operable?

We will hit the road first thing tomorrow. Probably won't check in here tomorrow, should have time in Montgomery (our first stop) where we will spend Monday visiting some friends.

Have a great day all!


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