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FastGlassMan 02-25-2015 04:16 AM


Originally Posted by Harley1994 (Post 2438866)
Good Morning All, -17* this am, good news no wind. You guys down south with the ice, that's hard to deal with, snow and cold we can deal with up here but ice its just rough. Fastglass, your lucky you didn't get hurt worse lots of bad injury's from ice like that, bet your still going to be sore! Rail, nice pics!! love the elephant, Curtis, careful getting that creamer! hope you guys keep your power with all that ice I see Tenn. got hit pretty hard. Be safe have a great day.

Thanx for the concern Harley! Funny thing is that shoulder has given me trouble for years since dislocating it after getting thrown off my old 3 wheel ATV. Unbelievably it is feeling so much better since I fell, LOL! Maybe it slammed it back where it belonged, I can sleep better too! But I will be more careful as I can't afford Obamacare. Bobby

beamisl 02-25-2015 05:49 AM

Good Morning All,

Curtis, glad the shoulder is better and I agree about Obamacare. It is a piece of junk unless you get everything free anyway. I had a accident 3 yrs ago and had a metal plate, 4 screws, and donor bone put in my neck. Still wasn't quite right. Got broadsided again 13 months later and I think that one slammed things back in place because it felt better after. Best thing was an inversion bench which made it pop and crack in 8 different places and pain completely gone.

Coffee good this AM. Daughter just dropped off Grandcats because she and her hubby are going on a cruise and we cat sit. We've always had animals up until 4 yrs ago when our last cat (of 22 yrs) had to be put down. Miss that cat, she was something.

It was 21 when I went to bed last night and 7 this AM and no wind. Man I wish this stuff would go back North and leave us all alone. As irritating as it is for us I believe the people South who are getting hit are just going crazy. Black ice is bad for everyone, just not safe to drive on ever.

You all have a good day and stay safe. Lynne

bap 02-25-2015 06:58 AM

i want you to thank you,,,since i have been doing what you said to do with my hands there alot better,,,i think the biggest help cam from while i slept my hands would curl up,,so i have been paying close attention to that and making sure to flex them out straight,,now after a couple weeks i can use them soo much better and not wakeing up in so much pain,,,,
again thank you very much...

have to take the DW in for her breathing test this morning for her COPD, so we will see where she is at with her lungs,,,,,she had to go 5 days without her inhaler,s she said that its just like on tv where the elephant is sitting on her chest,,,she would get so warn out just up walking around the house,,,,,,,very hard to see that,,,she has and still is a very hard working women...i hope and pray they can give her some help,,,,

everyone have a safe and wonderfull day...

bap 02-25-2015 07:01 AM

ohh yea,,,FASTGLASS.....seems like i have seen that pic. of your xj avatar somewhere else,,,,have you been on any jeep forums...?

i have always had alot of respect for the xj, they are a very capable offroad machine..

beamisl 02-25-2015 09:00 AM


You are more than welcome, I'm glad it is helping. Another thing you can do (that sounds funny) is to get a system (you can make yourself) where you have a rope you can put around your wrists just above your hands. Tie that rope to a door handle or something.

Gently pull and tighten the pressure (basically stretching your wrist bones apart) and hold for 30 to 45 seconds. Slip knots work great for this but make sure you can re-loosen them easily. If you can make one that does NOT completely tighten on your wrist, all the better. Basically do this 2 or 3 times just before you go to bed and in the morning.

It stretches the spaces between your wrist bones where nerves can get pinched and hurt like heck. Also allows for better blood flow so that your wrists and hands heal better. I will tell you this kept me from having to have carpal tunnel surgery and it's still good. I used a 1 inch wide strip of ribbon that looks like a purse or gym bag handles. Put a loop in one end, ran the other end through it and stitched it so I could get my hand in and still be able to pull traction but not slip off.

Wasn't sure it would work, but it did. I am going to see if I can find a book on lungs that I once had. It had a lot of good info about patient's with COPD. If I can find it, it might help your wife a bit.

Talk with you later, Lynne

bap 02-25-2015 09:52 AM

thanks again LYNNE,,,i pull and stretch my hands all day...even more now..

and god bless you for any help you could do for my wife,,she truley is a strong women and has always been a go getter,,very hard to watch her this past 5 days,,,truley heartbreaking to any info would be fantastic.....we know there is no cure but if she can get any relief at all would be a god send...
thanks again...
were leaving in a few minutes to have her test done,,,then at least tonight she can do her inhallers,,,

Franka548 02-25-2015 01:06 PM

You have to be extra careful about those falls,3 days after I retired, I fell off my car trailer and badly broke my left wrist, long story short, plate screws and PT before it healed and now can tell weather better than weathermen.
Hope that your DW can get some relief and a better way of treating her condition.
I hope that your knee has let up and quit giving you problems.

huntnski 02-26-2015 05:35 AM

I'm Backkkkkkk! Warning! Fat fingers can get you lost! For the past few days not only has it been cold but sleet, freezing rain and snow has been a great issue here. DW and I both get up, look outside and comment, "Don't look like we can make it in to work today" then we giggle, we've been retired going on 3 years now! Joke never gets old!

Ok about this lost thing, I seem to do this every so often. I select "user cp" and it list all subscribed threads that have unread post. Then clicking on thread title ie. "Gooodmorning" I proceed to catch up. What I have done a few times is accidentally touched the "unsubscribe" button and that's where I've been the last couple days. I was beginning to think this was the quietest morning bunch ever till I looked deeper, then I had several pages to catch up on. Lol

So, Gooooodmorning!

bap 02-26-2015 07:26 AM

gooodmorning everyone,,,,glad ya made it back huntnski..

thanks frank and lynne, hopefully they will find something,,at least she was able to use her inhallers last night and now is breathing alot better..

today the sun is shinning and the temp is heading to 27 so im going to go out and do some yard work,,,i would mow but still have alot of ice covered snow....maybe i will fire up the tracktor and plow the garden..,,,man im ready for the smell of fresh turned over garden and cut grass,,,
everyone have a great day...

spritz 02-26-2015 11:38 AM

Afternoon, Sunny
+7 Feels like -6
So says our weatherman.
Coffee tasting mighty Fine
Just hanging around the S&B today
Got out yesterday for a few hours running Errands.:D
How Ya doing?
Getting anything done or are you doing the R&R Thing.?
I know about the shoulder, I tore my RR cuff all up.
That's it.
Hope your doing okay,

FastGlassMan 02-26-2015 03:45 PM

I'm good Tim, had to take a break from the MH to work on a friends house. Be working on her tommorrow though. I can't believe how good my shoulder feels, must have put it back where it belonged, LOL! See ya'll later! Bobby

Franka548 02-26-2015 05:01 PM

Glad that the DW is feeling better, I know that is a big relief for you.
Welcome back, now you know what not to do, LOL.
Glad that your shoulder is doing better.

guardrail53 02-26-2015 09:52 PM


Originally Posted by Franka548 (Post 2442778)
Glad that the DW is feeling better, I know that is a big relief for you.
Welcome back, now you know what not to do, LOL.
Glad that your shoulder is doing better.


Frank, thank you for typing just what I was going to say! Hehehehe!!
I slept in today, the DW's snoring was "ON" last light! She must have been tired!:whistling:
Bobby, I sometime wonder about my shoulder too, maybe I need to find a patch of ice?:eek:
The coffee is tasting very good today! I also had a couple of "Puffs" Sausage surrounded by a bread like pastry! Good!!:thumb:
The weather here is getting hot! Next week they are calling for highs in the 100's! Hope they are wrong! Over here we have Mini Splits for A/C, and they are very efficient! I got them all serviced, filters cleaned, ready!
Everyone take care, stay warm! Rail!:cool:

gpscotty 02-27-2015 04:09 AM

Good Morning to all, temp 28 degrees and not supposed to get above freezing today. This kind of weather is not why I live in Texas. Was supposed to take the Avion in Wednesday for a new TV antena the drive & streets where solid ice, so had to abort that, will try this comming Tuesday. Planning to take the Grandkids camping during Spring Break at Fairfield State Park if the weather cooperates? Need for the weather to warm up, so as to due some calking above the front window. Its still a good day, I did wake up. Everyone have a good one & stay warm. gps

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