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Lloyd in S.C. 04-06-2017 10:07 PM

Hi all!

Been missing you all, our RV park at Zion was off the grid. Arrived today in Moab about 3:30. We will be here for 11 nights.

Interesting problem when we got here. Put the slideout out and observed the carpet was wet. Long story short, after lots of disassembly and searching we found a tiny pin hole in the ice maker line where it travels as the slide moves. (frig is in the slide) So off to the hardware, bought a new ice maker line (braided stanless) and installed. We should be good go.

Popeye, sorry to hear about your mom.

Rail, your trip was awesome. The exact opposite of what I am doing.

Gordon, glad you and Janet are home and safe.


H-12Mike 04-07-2017 05:18 AM

I remember sitting in our patrol boat in the delta in 67 and 68 watching them spray the "orange defoliant" thinking how cool it was to get rid of all the greenery so we could find the Cong easier. Then about 10 years ago I was notified by the VA that if I was diagnosed with any cancer I should report it to the VA. However, for me so far, so good.

mkohler30 04-07-2017 05:38 AM

Coffee is brewing and I am sure glad it's Friday......

Decided on an aftermarket transfer fuel system for my truck now just have to save a few greenbacks for but I also need new tires so I wonder which will come first.....Hmmmm....

Gordon glad you made it home safe probably need to relax a couple of days while the weather improves don't get yourself too busy....

Had a cool snap past couple of mornings lows around 40 but warmed up nicely in the afternoon

Well take care everyone


Wroughtnharv 04-07-2017 05:55 AM


Originally Posted by H-12Mike (Post 3538136)
I remember sitting in our patrol boat in the delta in 67 and 68 watching them spray the "orange defoliant" thinking how cool it was to get rid of all the greenery so we could find the Cong easier. Then about 10 years ago I was notified by the VA that if I was diagnosed with any cancer I should report it to the VA. However, for me so far, so good.

So far the same goes for me. I do get a 10% disability check from the VA but that's for arthritis working overtime on a fractured pelvis injury August of 68, Dong Tam.

I never look in a mirror, I think it has something to do with the image in my mind not jiving with the one that invariably shows up in a mirror. But last night for some silly reason I looked at myself and noticed a bulge left side, cantaloupe diameter and very noticeable just below the ribs. I have noticed that tying the boot laces left side is more difficult than the right. I assumed it was some late weight gain. I hope that's what it's about, I can lose weight. Best diet I've ever found was spending quality time in Haiti doing Ubuntublox. Every trip it's been a pound a day going away. Kinda funny, swore off beans because that was a large part of my diet growing up. Then after two tours in Nam I decided rice was not part of my future. I won't eat either unless I can put enough hot sauce on them to hide the taste. Haitians have rice and weenies (frankfurters) for break fast, mostly rice. They also eat a lot of rice and beans, mostly rice.

I had almost talked Glenda into allowing me to go to the VA for the physical by myself. She's convinced I don't explain things correctly to medical people. I showed her the bulge and she's on the case. LOL. There's no pain, just some pressure on the breathing mechanism and the difficulty with the boot laces. Getting old for some of us involves getting fat, double doggone darn.

bap 04-07-2017 06:16 AM

goodmorning gang,,

HARV,,prayers your way that it just the weight gain,,

well some of you know DEBBIE myself and her 80yr old dad built our first tiny house last summer,,yesterday DEBBIE gets a call from a lady that wants us to build 40 of them for her,,,yes 40 omg,,,i sure hope that was a prank call,,lol--if not and its in the good lords plan for us I'm sure he will provide everything we need to do this if not in his plan then shewwww thank him just the

LOYD,,great to have ya back,,

where has TIM been,,,haven't seen him around for awhile,,

have a blessed day my friends,,
gotta git crackin

Charlie and Martha 04-07-2017 08:01 AM

G'morning all, 36* here when I woke...brrrrr. It's supposed to be into the 70's for the next 7 days though ....Yay!

Harvey good luck on your annual, make sure they check you thoroughly and don't let em not do the necessary diagnostics for that lump. My annual is next Monday, I really don't like the whole "turn your head and cough" part of it but it's necessary.

I just got done reading and contributing to the "Parking SOP" thread, some informative and funny stuff on that one. I always marvel at how paranoid people are when they are parked somewhere for a few hours.

Anyway, our coach is "supposed" to be finished today or tomorrow. I am betting it won't be because I am pretty sure the living room slide problem will require a new motor or control board. The latter would be preferred as the motor and replacement would be about 1K. Yikes, fingers crossed.

Continued best wishes for all of those with medical issues.

Have a great day and "keep on, keepin on."

Gordon Dewald 04-07-2017 08:03 AM

Good Morning Everyone;
My definition of Retirement. Working just as hard or more than you did when you were working, pay is substantially reduced. Hopefully the tasks you do are your choice and done at a time when you want to do them.

Very good friend of ours told me early in my retirement that as soon as you get past the need for professional recognition you can truly start to enjoy retirement. It is true but I found that you still need (like) peer recognition so we will continue to do things that help out family and friends.

Big thing is to keep busy doing things you enjoy, perhaps complete some of the things on your bucket list should you have one. Bottom line IMO is you have to do things that pleases yourself for the most part.

Really foggy here at the moment. Rained overnight. Driveway is quite soft with the frost coming out so the coach will sit for a few days until things start to firm up. Was hoping to move things around on the frost but not freezing overnight so have to wait for it to dry. Will not take long as the soil is quite sandy.

Harvey - sorry to hear you will not be doing the Canada tour this summer. We will still be here next year and we will see you this winter so we can plan the following year.

Lloyd and Debbie - good to hear you are settled in Moab and will be there for a while. Nice not having to pack up every couple days but I imagine you will be really busy with the rally. Good catch on the water line.

BAP - 40 little houses??? You are becoming a manufacturer. Hope it works out and you are able to hire folks to do the "heavy lifting" so you can enjoy the build and make good dollars.

Everyone have a grand day.

spritz 04-07-2017 08:10 AM

currently 65,
coffee is left overs from yesterday but pretty good.

"where has TIM been,,,haven't seen him around for awhile"
Here I is, thanks for asking,
Wow 40 of them u have enough room to do 40? Don't forget the 2 sitting up in Minnesota, probably find a few more.

I am surprised how many new comers there is at the park.
Starting to get ready to head to the S&B. The old gal is getting treated to a treat this morning a wash and wax. I hope they do as good of a job as I do LOL. There suppose to be here @ 8.:eek:

Better get going I have stuff to move away from the MH so it don't get waxed...
Gordon the way Joe made it sound u were sitting in a snow drift in MT...
Glad your home and had a good trip home.
Those on the road be safe,

Wroughtnharv 04-07-2017 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by Charlie72704 (Post 3538332)
G'morning all, 36* here when I woke...brrrrr. It's supposed to be into the 70's for the next 7 days though ....Yay!

Harvey good luck on your annual, make sure they check you thoroughly and don't let em not do the necessary diagnostics for that lump. My annual is next Monday, I really don't like the whole "turn your head and cough" part of it but it's necessary.

I think I've had the turn your head and cough only two or three times in almost 69 years. I think there's this mutual understanding thing, "we really don't want to go there."

Different doc, everything's the same except the blood pressure is up a bit. I would have bet good money that I had gained at least 15-20 pounds in the last year, all of it in the chest belly area. I was exactly the same as a year ago, exactly. Oh well, he's ordering a CT scan to make sure my imagination hasn't migrated up from its usual location.

I haven't had a regular physician in five or so years. All that I've had done is checkups and let the VA do that. We're thinking of getting a regular doctor and use the regular medical avenues. VA has a big load on their plate unless the Agent Orange hits, then the VA is much better than civilian systems.

BTW, when it comes to blood draws VA nurses are the best, unless of course you allow them to let a trainee use you for a learning tool. That happened once. Felt real sorry for the trainee. He was poking and jamming for all he was worth and finding nothing but the grin on my face. Nurse finally interrupted him and took over. it was like an old fashioned whipping, it was hurting him more than me.

Franka548 04-07-2017 08:29 PM

Good Evening Gang,
Been doing odds and ends, getting ready to start putting stuff away to leave. The park is reallt thinning out, but then a bunch of short timers come in, so the park doesn't seem as empty. Had some much needed rain on Tuesday. Been busy helping guys in the park with their units and tow vehicles. Helped change the Mor/Ryde equalizer on a Montana, after putting a wet bolt kit and equalizer on another unit. Then had to change the power steering pump on a Duramax because it spit the pulley half way off. Needless to say, I work for beer, and I won't have to buy any for a while, lol.
Yes, mixed emotions about the trip with Goldie. I'm excited, but then worried that I might find a major problem due to sitting for so long. I know it will be OK, but the thought is in the back of my mind. I will feel better when we get to Ohio, it will be a little over 1000 miles. Sounds like you are having a good trip home. Safe travels to you and Deb.
I agree with the others about the pics that you are kind enough to share with us.
Glad that you are home safe and sound.
Hope that everything is good with your checkup and there is nothing to worry about.
Hope that the slide is fixed inexpensively and correctly for you. It is hard to walk away from all the toys and stuff that you accumulate through the years, but it is a conscious decision that you have to make when you decide to go full time. We will be starting our 5th year out on the road this summer, and have not regretted it one little bit. We do workkamp in the winter in Florida, where we stay at least 6 months, then go back to Ohio sometime in the summer for anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple months, depending on what is going on with family.Then we go traveling and sightseeing on the trip north and south. This summer we will spend about 6 weeks in Ohio, then a couple weeks seeing friends in Michigan, then a trip through the Canadian Provinces to the west coast, then come back east across I90 ending up at the Meet and Greet on the 14th of August at Carter Caves. If you have any questions , just ask and I will do my best to answer them.
Glad to hear about grandson, our thoughts and prayers stay with him and his family. As far as retiring, the extra 12 months will fly by, especially if you plan on traveling when that time comes.
Thoughts and prayers stay with you for a good surgery and a speedy recovery.
40 units, OUCH, you sure need help with all that. Gooodorning Gang, I think Bap has plans for us at the Meet and Greet, lol.
Safe travels home my friend.
If I missed anyone, I'm sorry, and I will try to catch you next time.
Have a great evening all,

Chucknmare 04-07-2017 08:33 PM

Gordon glad to hear you made it home safe and sound, Lloyd sounds like you are still having fun. Looks like we will get headed home around the 12th or 13th. Tim and Joe will be following along for a few miles till they head East and we go west up in Idaho. Not to worry Gordon I am letting all the leaves on your space alone so they came be ready for your return.


guardrail53 04-08-2017 12:39 AM

Good morning everyone! Coffee is so good today!
Well my laptop died today, i think it is the hard-drive! I will take it to the shop on Monday to find out it's fate! I think it is time to downsize, and get a tablet!
We are back home, and i am catching up on my sleep! Nice to be back and in our own bed, for sure!
Jeff, 40? Really? Sounds like a bussiness opportunity!
Lloyd, enjoy the Jeep rally, and Moab, great area!
Frank, Goldie will be fine, just keep a close eye on her for a few days, and relax! If she is like Mona, the more miles you put on her the better she runs!
Well, we have one more trip planned for the end of May, to Japan, then we will be all set to fly back to the states on July 28th! Can't wait!
It will be fun to get to meet all of you here that we haven't met yet! The M&G should be a hoot!
And Bap should have his new production facilities up and running by then, so we can get a tour! Rail!

bap 04-08-2017 04:53 AM

goooodmorning coffee crew,,

I'm really not sure I want to do 40 tiny houses,,--we enjoy doing these little tt rebuilds with plans of doing another tiny house or 2 down the road,,but never dreamed of doing anything on that kind of scale --and would rather keep it fun and on our own time schedule,,lol,,, besides it took us 3 months to do this last

well the sun is climbing up over the hill side so I gotta git cracken ,,have a safe and wonderfull day my friends,,---prayers for all of you!!

bap out

Wroughtnharv 04-08-2017 04:58 AM

Rail, I live in Apple land now. I'm still a newbie after all of these years but am getting better. I have the iPad Pro, iPad, iMac, and of course iPhone 7. The iMac is the only I actually purchased, rest are gifts.

One of the modifications I'm going to do for Jane is having a permanent place for the iMac 21 in the coach. I like having all of the power and programs that the desktop provides. My luck with MacBooks has been horrible. I was given the iPad Pro because it was believed it satisfied my needs better than a laptop from Apple. And it does for the most part. The great thing about Apple is I have them all tied together. I can snap a photo with the iPhone and jump on the iPad Pro or iMac and the photo is there too. The same goes for emails etc. I take the iPad Pro with me when I'm working on or around the coach because sometimes the iPhone isn't as easy to navigate.

I remember back in the day when it was take a photo, come home, download the photo onto the desktop, then downsize a version of the photo for submitting online on a discussion forums. Life is a lot easier now. And for sites like IRV2 a tablet tied to a cloud is all you need. I happen to like messing with the photos and write so I prefer more space and immediate results when offline.

Frank, the other day while in a box store one of the employees came up bouncing off the wall full of joy about life in general, old too. My immediate reaction was to question why someone so upbeat would be working at a box store. He lit up and explained that he worked at two as a matter of fact, ten to twelve hours per day between the two jobs. After my "what the heck is wrong with you?" he explained that he had been retired for ten years, all of the honey dos were done, and he had nothing to do so he worked at the box stores and loved it.

"You need an RV" was my reply. Point being, if you have an RV there will always be something to do. Things are going to happen and we have to deal with it. Things will happen often. But in between those things will be some really great times. Singing to the choir I know, but the coach will be fine, hiccups and all.

I've had some time to digest the observation of the bulge and decided it is all about diet and physical activity. I need to be more active and eat less. That's a big chore for me, first part is easy, "more naps" as Gordon says. Second part, that's going to be difficult.

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