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Rick_NH 10-05-2014 09:44 AM

USA Travel Care Extended Coverage
When picking up my used 02 MH from the dealer I was ill prepared for the extended warranty discussion. I never buy them. A 12 year old 58K miles MH with two previous owners and no service history..... teeth clenched I went for it. The MH coverage was approx. 5500$ 4 yr. 48K and tire and wheel 1K$, 5 yr. 60.
My buyers remorse is only tempered by reading the contract and seeing it can be cancelled at any time with a prorated refund. My thought was I could keep it for a year until I know the MH then decide whether it's worth it.
Anyone have any history with this company? Shall I sink deeper into buyers remorse :banghead: or give myself a :thumb:.

Sagamore 10-05-2014 03:48 PM

It's always up to what makes you feel better. It would have to be a very major breakdown to be worth the $5500 for the warranty to me, that is. As you know, most problems will happen in the first few years, after that it's just maintenance. Use good oil, get the brake fluid exchanged and tranny fluid exchanged. Check the age of the antifreeze. Age of hoses, tires, etc. Slide if any, how does it work?

Ramets 10-06-2014 06:29 AM

Well first I'd NEVER buy an extended service policy from a dealer. They have quite a profit margin in those. I'd do a search, find one that fits your needs, then cancel the one you have. I'm pretty sure you paid too much for the one you have. For my 2000 DSDP I paid $4000 for a 4yr. policy w/$250 ded., unlimited mileage, roadside service, and gaskets & seals. The co. is But there's others out there also. So just do a little google searching.

Rick_NH 10-06-2014 08:01 PM

USA Travel Care Extended Coverage
I'm no longer on the fence, exercised the within 30 full refund cancellation clause today. Thanks for your comments, it was what my gut was telling me. Twenty years of TT and the only thing I couldn't fix myself was the refer. The generator and truck suspension is an unknown but with this group of experts I'm sure advice will be plentiful if necessary.
And now the rest of the story. Bought the MH at a dealership in CT. Found problems during the walk through at delivery and ended up driving it home to NH then to an affiliated dealer here. Suffice to say it has been two weeks and it has yet to pass NH vehicle inspection. Nothing major other than aggravation. The saga continues............... Good Day

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