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SonnyB 12-02-2014 10:24 PM

Man Buys A Dead Horse
A young man named Chuck bought a horse from a farmer for $250.00 the framer promised to deliver the horse the next day.
The farmer showed up and told Chuck I have some bad news, the horse died.
Chuck said well just give me my money back.
The farmer said I can't do that, I already spent the money.
Chuck said then bring me the dead horse, the farmer said what you gonna do with a dead horse? Chuck replied I am gonna auction him off.
The farmer said you can't auction off a dead horse, Chuck said watch me. The farmer ran into Chuck a few weeks later and inquired about the dead horse auction.
Chuck said I sold 500 tickets for $5.00 each, I made $2495.00 profit. The farmer said didn't the people complain?
Chuck said only the one that had the winning ticket, so I gave him his money back.

Chuck grew up and now works for the government..........

MSHappyCampers 12-03-2014 08:53 AM

I can't stop laughing! :rofl:

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