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Ncwhiteman 01-01-2015 08:40 AM

2 Newbies and a PreOwned Sunseeker 2250
We are two retired women who just purchased a PreOwned 2014 Sunseeker 2250 (Chevy) from a private owner. They are removing all personal items, so I realize there is a long list of items we have to purchase. We purchased The Complete Idiot's Guide to Rving, so I know we need extension cords, plug adapters, plates, etc. But wanting to be thrifty, I don't want my eyes to glaze over at the local Camping World, and end up with three full shopping carts lined up at the checkout counter. Does anyone have an essential list vs. nice to have list vs. if money were no object list? Or is there a blog or website that might provide such a list? Our thanks in advance for any help you can provide! I suspect this will be the first of many questions we post.

Petro 01-01-2015 09:38 AM

Congratulations on your decision to enter this exciting life style. Sorry I can't help you with your list. I have been RVing for many years and am now to the point when I purchase something I need do decide what I am going to discard. I would like to wish you a Happy New Year.


jplante4 01-01-2015 10:15 AM


Somewhere on the forums was a thread concerning what to bring. A quick search didn't turn up the exact thread.

Walmart is your friend. Even the smallest ones have an RV section with the essentials at a price way below CW.

jplante4 01-01-2015 10:17 AM

found it

Ncwhiteman 01-01-2015 11:31 AM

Thanks so much for all your help. Can anyone direct me to a site just for Sunseeker owners? Since the 2250 is pretty bare bones, wondering if there are options that can be added that would be recommended by other owners.

Thanks again.:blink:

r___r 01-01-2015 11:44 AM

Welcome to the forum.

Safe adventures to you.


Scarab0088 01-01-2015 11:55 AM


iRV2 does not have a Forum dedicated to the SunSeeker, but there is the Forest River Owners Forum - iRV2 Forums for discussion about Forest River RV's including the SunSeeker.

And, there are already plenty of posts here about that RV, see:

There may be another Forum on another website about the SunSeeker, but I doubt anyone can find a more friendly or helpful group than the membership here.

And, most all RV's from all makers share many systems, so there is plenty to learn from others that will work.

Best luck

JohnRR 01-01-2015 01:12 PM

Good luck with your travel plans.

MSHappyCampers 01-01-2015 03:24 PM

Welcome to IRV2! It's great to have you join the bunch! :)

Congrats on the new rig! Keep her between the ditches!

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

:dance: Happy New Year! :dance:

vanbuskirk 01-01-2015 05:30 PM

We are not full timers however use our MH continuously April through October thus we have ours fully stocked with the exception of clothes and food perishables. Besides from the obvious: sheets, kitchen and bath towels, kitchen condiments, cleaning agents, etc & your personal toiletries I would start minimally until you get a better understanding of your coach and discover your type of rv'ing... camping vs glamping. I would say we run the middle of the road. These are probably not my top ten but just some helpful suggestions...

1. If you prefer not to always eat on paper products I suggest getting a set of Corelle. I also am a big proponent of paper boats like the ones you get at fairs and food trucks. They stack nicely and fit in small spaces and you food stays in place...your hot dog doesn't roll off the plate. Almost everyone that visits us asks me whew I get them. You can pick them up at any restaurant supply store. And while you are there pick-up a plastic cafeteria tray. They are great for carrying things in an out as well as serving foods from the grill or campfire.
2. I am all of my cabinets are extremely organized with either small plastic baskets or white dish pans from Walmart. Whichever fits better in the cabinets. Not only for organization but also to reduce movement in your cabinets while traveling. Some folks stuff there cabinets with pillows and such bit that is just not my style.
3. A starter set of pots and pans...don't go overboard. I think my most used pan is my flat griddle.
4. If you like to cook outside I would suggest a portable propane unit. We have a Coleman that is a combination stove and grill and we love it.
5. Two folding chairs...we started with bags chairs but eventually switch to standard folding chairs. Much more comfortable. We still have the bag chairs for company or when visiting neighborly campers.
6. Rain gear /ponchos... This made it to our pad and pencil list one rainy weekend
7. If you are going to Camping World...the telescopic full size broom is great.
8. This is not a must but a nice thing to have.... a collapsible clothes dryer. We have a small folding metal one and it works great. So great that all of our friends went out an purchased one.
9. Toaster
10. Some will disagree with me on this one.... a box of surgical gloves for sanitary removal tasks. Actually them come in handy for any messy task like scrubbing gills, etc. A pair of work gloves woulds also not be a bad idea.

Obviously this is from a women's point of view. I can guarantee if my DH would respond he would say.... make sure they carry a small tool bag!

Take paper and pen and jot down things you need to purchase or bring your next time out. And if you don't have it... there typically is always a Walmart in driving distance.


Fred1609 01-01-2015 10:48 PM

Welcome to the forum....and congratulations on your new rig. In regards to what you need. Make a mental list of what the previous owners are removing. Are they leaving you with anything at all? You will need an extension cord, sewer hose and white fresh water hose. A surge protector is also a must. Get your dishes and pots from a second hand store. Check thru craigs lists and such for some used items, which will save some money. Those are a few of the a good BBQ......we went with the Weber Q. You'll be doin most or your cooking outside so get a good unit.

I would suggest taking a short trip close to home. This will allow you to get familiar with your rig and how it works and thru trial and error what you need and don't need......If you run into trouble will camping ask another RVer......Most are just the nicest folks you will ever meet and will help out. Good luck and welcome to the RV life.

Safe and Happy Travels.

Mr_D 01-01-2015 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by Petro (Post 2365301)
Congratulations on your decision to enter this exciting life style. Sorry I can't help you with your list. I have been RVing for many years and am now to the point when I purchase something I need do decide what I am going to discard. I would like to wish you a Happy New Year.


Same here! RV'ing since 1957.

Chiefbvfd 01-02-2015 08:47 AM

Welcome and good luck on your stocking chores....:)

Medico 01-04-2015 05:48 AM Welcome and glad to meet you!

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