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NB32 01-27-2015 11:43 AM

Military family thinking about making the leap

My husband and I have appreciated the information we've been finding on the forums so far and are looking to get involved a bit more. We are a family in our thirties with one son, and are finding ourselves considering much more seriously, full time life. For us, this would mean living in an RV of course, but not hauling much, aside from our permanent moves (every 2-3 years). Husband is an active duty Army Officer with about 10 years left, and we're looking to do this for the remainder of his service time (and then decide where and what we want to live in once he retires). We have a 2010 F350 FX4 and are considering 5th wheels for our full time home. We are definitely in the beginning phases of research, and would love any input regarding some manufacturers to take a look at. I will post over on the full time forums as well. Just wanted to say hello! We know of several military families who are "making the leap" and really tapping into some of the benefits this transient life already offers :-) We are growing tired of waiting months and months for post housing, or trying to secure a good rental, or stressing about buying, selling, and/or renting property every time we relocate. We think there could be a lot of benefits of living this way for our family and are excited to get started!

JohnRR 01-27-2015 12:07 PM

It's nice to have you here.

slowmachine 01-27-2015 12:36 PM

I have limited experience with Army bases (USMC 27 yrs.) but have used quite a few military RV parks in my travels. All that I have seen cater to short-term transients. Some will rent spaces at a monthly or even seasonal rate during off-peak periods. I think that would be OK as a temporary solution while looking for something long-term. A few bases, especially the larger ones, have mobile home parks that will probably accept a 5th wheel. That's what I would be looking for in your situation. Base housing referral offices may have lists and even recommendations for long-term spaces in private facilities near the base.

MSHappyCampers 01-27-2015 03:12 PM

Welcome to IRV2! We're sure glad you joined the gang here! :dance:

Hope you find the right RV for your fulltiming! Enjoy the forum!

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

Fred1609 01-27-2015 08:35 PM

Welcome to the forum. I can see why a RV would be attractive if you were moving every couple years. Thinking about your son, it might be an idea to look at a bunk model, where he could have his own private area. My buddy had a bunk 5er and it was great for his kids. Had a two piece bathroom back there as well.....Good luck with your research and choice.

Safe and Happy Travels.

Tetonchief 01-27-2015 08:56 PM

I would suggest you either live on base, or take your VHA (variable housing allowance--non taxed) and either buy a home at your postings, or rent until you separate/retire. You can always get an RV for recreational use and go camping on your time off. Becoming a full time RV person while you are still serving is not a good financial decision. Military installations do not have mobile home parks any more and they do not pay to move you trailer as they used to in years past. When you get closed to hanging it up you can sell the RV you use for occasional camping and move up to a full timer rig. Besides, who knows what the economy will be like when it comes that time. Just my opinion having lived it.

Chiefbvfd 01-28-2015 05:00 AM


Long Island Mac 01-28-2015 05:53 AM

1st, thank you both for your service!! Most (and I say most) Army bases have Family Camps. Active duty has a priority for reservations. Just left Ft Meyers (MD) where an individual has been camped for a few years. Depending on rules and amount of campers, he may have to move sites occasionally. Best of luck on you decision.

vraines 01-28-2015 07:03 AM

I spent thirty years in the Army as an officer and owned a travel trailer for part of that time. Never considered full timing as my uniforms and flight gear would have used up a big part of available storage. We had a certain amount of entertaining to do and an RV would not have worked. I spent a lot of time on TDY and on maneuvers and would have been hesitant to leave my wife in an RV while gone. Good luck, and thanks for your service!

Thornhammer 01-28-2015 08:29 AM

My younger Brother is in the Army and has been FT in his TT for the last 10 years he just moved to el paso Taxes base. there he stays on base most bases have full hook ups goto it has lots of info about military base camping and Tell larry I sent you. he runs the web site. its mostly for retired and vets but has lots to tell you about the camp sites and how active military get 1st dibs hope this helps. oh and :welcome: glad yall joined us

Medico 01-28-2015 12:38 PM

:welcome: Welcome, glad to meet you!

r___r 02-02-2015 07:24 PM

Welcome to the forum!!

Russtj60 02-02-2015 07:33 PM

Welcome to the forum. I would look carefully at the VHA allowances. I owned several homes during my career and they all turned out to be sound financial investments. I camped with a pop up with three kids during leave periods and had a blast. Best family quality time.

Enjoy your career. I loved the service and miss my shipmates ....

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