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Farmer Steve 02-11-2015 02:40 PM

Calling all Newmar LE 2014 and up owners
How do you like you Newmar Ventana LE coaches? How does it drive with the Comort Drive? Any problems with quality? Yep we have a Thor don't ask.:nonono: We are looking to trade up to a DP but it must be under 40' to fit in the barn and places we go.

"007" 02-11-2015 05:56 PM

Welcome to the forum Steve.
Here is a Brochure and Owners Guide for you.
The LE will be the low entry into the Newmar DP line up.
Its built as any other Newmar coach by the same people that build the Bay Star and up to the King Aire DP.
Here is a thread, "read the link", on the CD and posts by the engineer that help build the CD.
If your going to have it built to your spec's this link will give you the people at Newmar to talk to, they will tell you what you can change and help pick out colors for interior and paint for outside of coach.
In QT's # 3 are threads on members experience with their experience's in purchasing their Newmars.
This will give you a start good luck in your pursuit.

the trainguy 02-11-2015 06:44 PM

We have a 2014 Ventana LE 3436 and are very happy with it.

The Newmar build quality is as good as it gets for this coach.

We traveled 6000 miles last fall with our F150 truck as our toad.

Didn't even know it was behind us,had to check the rear cam just to be sure!

Played around with different settings on the Comfort Drive control and love the job it does - very easy to maneuver at low speeds and didn't really notice the crosswinds much going across Texas,New Mexico and Arizona.

All in all it was an absolute pleasure to drive.:thumb:

Can't really give a glowing report however for the dealer (RV One) we purchased from in Albany ,NY unfortunately....

jimfh2o 02-11-2015 08:30 PM

We also have the LE 3436 from Transwest RV in Colorado. We upclassed from a gasser and the Newmar quality and quietness is unbelievable at the price point. We too were limited by garage length. It is definitely a frontrunner when you're looking at this price point. We can actually hear our music and carry on a conversation while driving down the highways or going over a mountain pass. Thumbs up from us.

SWag 02-11-2015 08:48 PM


My previous coach was a 2013 Ventana LE 3862. Sorry, not a 2014 but it's very close, it was the year before the LE got the full wall slide or Comfort Drive. Awesome motorhome, we owned it for a year, drove it 12,000 miles and really enjoyed every trip we made in it. We had the typical minor warranty issues which were easy to resolve but for the most part the coach was reliable and dependable. Newmar is a great company to deal with, very focused on treating the customer right. Build quality was excellent, floor plan very good and just fun to be on the road in this motorhome.

It was our first RV and we were testing the waters to see if we would enjoy the lifestyle. We knew very quickly that this is something we wanted to do long term so we ordered a 2015 Dutch Star (my lifelong dream has been to own a big bus). We sold the Ventana to great friends of ours who we travel with regularly and now we get to watch them enjoy the coach as much as we did! :D

Oh, and Comfort Drive makes it even better. :thumb: Good luck with your search.

Dutch Star Don 02-11-2015 10:18 PM

We don't have the Ventana, but the Dutch Star. I think build quality is build quality and they are pretty close to be the same coach. My biggest fear is that I have to take my coach in and leave it somewhere. I had my Monaco for almost 10 years and it only went in once, a month after purchase. It was in for two days while I stayed with it. It was getting several upgrades that were purchased with the coach and I had about four warranty items that only took a couple of hours.

With that said I surely didn't want to have any major issues with a new coach. The first time we took it out, the dash fan blower squealed and got worse. I replaced it myself and the dealer had a new fan motor for me the next day. We had the microwave recall, but had already replaced it because I wanted another brand.

We've had a check engine light (Cummins EGR Valve) that we had checked (5 hours) and that's about it in a year. I've done a lot of things to the coach to make it the way I want it, but I did that with my other coach. I found I didn't like how they mounted the microwave and today I changed how a piece of wood over the dryer was mounted. About the only interior stuff I changed.

So.....after a year, we're very happy with everything from the paint work to the cabinetry.

capnqball 02-11-2015 10:55 PM

We purchased our 3847 LE last April and now have over 11K miles on the coach. The only issue I have with the coach is that we could not get any other choice of engine. I might have opted for a somewhat larger rated engine had it been available. That said, our coach goes up any hill we come up against, just maybe a bit slower that other more powerful coaches. I find it takes getting used to the rpm range of the "B" series engine, in that it is a higher rpm rated engine. I used to stay under 2300 or so on my previous Cat 350. Now I run as much as 2600-2800 going up some hills. In normal tranny mode the coach will run up to 2500+ before it shifts. Cummins has indicated that this engine is designed to be run routinely in the 2600 or so rpm range. On our very first longer trip of 6K miles I averaged 9.6 mpg which I thought was darn decent for being right out of the box, so to speak.
As far as the coach itself, we are very happy with it, have had some of the routine issues on warranty, but was taken care of readily by our dealer and the factory. The quality is probably the best I've seen in this price category, bar none AFAIC. We wanted the bath and a half model with a couple special wants when we ordered. Newmar met our needs and wants to our satisfaction and more. Good luck to the OP in his search.

Farmer Steve 02-12-2015 07:14 AM

Thank You All! I can't wait to drive one. :)

capnqball 02-13-2015 01:50 AM

Steve, regarding the CD on the LE, I forgot to add in my previous post: I am totally sold on the CD. It is such an improvement from my former coach (Winnebago Journey) that I can say I will not buy a coach without Comfort Drive, plain and simple. Four or more hours in the saddle is now a piece of cake. Just my other $.02. Happy hunting.

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