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reubenray 02-15-2015 06:00 AM

Traveling Through Houston?
After reading as much as I can about Houston it appears that I need to go through Houston on a Sunday morning. I need campgrounds close by on both the East and West side of Houston with pull thru sites and easy on/off access to Houston. I am tweaking my schedule to hit Houston on a Sunday morning.

ctpres 02-15-2015 06:33 AM

Lived in Houston 45 years and can't recommend any RV parks. We never camped close to home. Search for Houston then use map view. One potential problem on weekends is going to be construction. Highly recommend watching a couple evening and morning news on local TV channels. The traffic reports will be very helpful. They seldom close the interstates - but when they do it helps to know alternatives. Most likely you will zip thru.

stik 02-15-2015 06:50 AM


Originally Posted by reubenray (Post 2425545)
After reading as much as I can about Houston it appears that I need to go through Houston on a Sunday morning. I need campgrounds close by on both the East and West side of Houston with pull thru sites and easy on/off access to Houston. I am tweaking my schedule to hit Houston on a Sunday morning.

I have been through Houston many, many times on motorcycle, car, and several times in motorhome with toad. I don't have ANY bad memories about transiting thru there on I-10. Los Angeles, Atlanta, St Louis . . . yeah got some not-so-warm and fuzzy memories, but Houston, nope.

Sunday, of course, would be a good day to buzz through, but also, any week-day between noon and 3PM should be good (in any city).:)

AKJohn 02-15-2015 08:00 AM

We stayed here for a week last winter when we had a personal issue that kept us in Houston.

Houston RV Resort & Houston RV Park | Lakeview RV Resort

Like all the other RV parks in Houston it was expensive and close to the freeway which means noisy. The park was very nice, I don't remember if they had pull through sites, we were in a back in. This park is associated with other high end RV parks around Houston. I didn't want to stay in Houston and was glad to leave.

Driving there was not much of a problem, just avoid morning and evening rush hour. Watch for the toll roads that go around the city. They do not take cash, only the electronic system that you have to pay for in advance. We almost ended up on one that loops around northeast of the city. They are well marked, we got off on the last exit and drove on the frontage road.

We enjoyed Texas but the best part of staying in Houston was seeing it in our rear view mirror.

rick_p 02-15-2015 08:04 AM

We stayed in the West Lake RV Resort west of Houston in Katy.
Nice enough and a reasonable price as I remember.
Will stay there again if we're in the area.

Enjoy, rick p

thanks8990 02-15-2015 08:15 AM

We stayed at Houston West RV Park (west of Katy) on a recent trip going to Kerrville, very easy on and off the interstate with pull thrus. Then coming home a month later, we stayed at Houston East RV Resort (Baytown), again, easy on and off the interstate with pull thrus, a little more crowded than the other one, but it was just a one night stay for us. Going westbound, we managed to time it just right so that we were going through Houston during rush hour, oh my goodness!!! ugh! While it took awhile, we were impressed with how nice the other drivers were, letting us change lanes as needed. We were driving a MH pulling an enclosed trailer. Coming home we hit it right before rush hour and breezed through. We always stay on I-10 and never take any of the loops. Good luck!

docsdock 02-15-2015 08:19 AM

We came through Houston a couple months ago - took the bypass loop - an easy ride and it was mid day during the week. We stayed in a camp in Beumont that was terrible. can't remember the name but it had something to do with bayue

jpharley 02-15-2015 09:59 AM

We have transited through Houston several times both east and west bound with no issues. We just hit it mid morning/mid afternoon and stay in a middle lane and go right through. I-10 through Houston has more travel lanes than I have seen on any other road. We usually stay at one of the campgrounds in Beaumont but that area is a swampy mess. We just suck it up and put up with it for just one night.

Dennis_K 02-15-2015 10:11 AM

A couple of years ago we traveled north to south through Houston on Sunday, light traffic. We stayed at Advanced RV Park south of Houston, very nice park.

Darwin 02-15-2015 04:24 PM

We have stayed at Gulf Coast RV Resort in Beaumont a few time. Large concrete pull through sites.
West side Houston West RV Park.

EZDZIT 02-16-2015 05:32 PM

Gulf Coast RV Resort in Beaumont honors Good Sam, FMCA or Passport America. This is a large, clean rv park with level concrete parking slabs and good utilities. It is right off I-10 on the west side of town. They also offer a free continental breakfast.

Shellback1 02-16-2015 05:42 PM

Try Houston East or West RV, stayed at both.

DebbieMH 02-16-2015 06:16 PM

There are several new RV parks in Houston - have stayed at Northlake RV Resort and Westlake RV Resort. They are all owned by the same corporation. There is also a EastLake and we have reservations in May for Fallbrook which is another one of there's. Good pull throughs, dog friendly, nice lake, clean. If you have to go to Houston - then those will work well.

jpharley 02-17-2015 08:46 AM

We have stayed at Gulf Coast RV Park in Beaumont numerous times. Each time we have stayed there, it was a swampy mess. Each time, our site was so narrow that we had to step out into the swampy grass to get in and out. If you have a big motorhome, it looks like they put you in much nicer sites (our observation). We have a large 5th wheel and have always been put in a tight, narrow site. There there is not much in the area so we just suck it up and stay there.

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