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rideandslide 03-27-2015 06:20 PM

Dodge 4.7 vs. 5.7 Hemi
We currently have a 2010 4.7 with 3.55 gears,5 speed and towing now at our max.6,000 # How much better is the Hemi with the same 3.55 ? I know they have changed the trans. a lot, 5speed,6speed, on and on.
Looking at a 2012, hemi, 3.55 gears and 6 speed tans.


onechaddude 03-27-2015 07:29 PM

In my opinion, night and day. The 4.7 is an awesome little motor. Smooth as glass and stout for a small motor, but when asked to move a full size truck with a good size rv it works it hard.

The 5.7 hemi is a stout motor. My wife's jeep grand cherokee has the 5.7. I had a 2012 ram mega cab 2500 4x4 with the 5.7 hemi. I pulled lots of weight with it and nary a problem. Obviously it's not a big block motor so some of the hills it will downshift but you will NEVER be the slow poke unless you are severely overloaded. Best of luck.


kleslie 03-27-2015 07:52 PM

I have a 2012 5.7 4wd haven't found anything it wouldn't pull. They have 390 hp
My wife has a 2007 Durango 4.7 auto 4wd
Also pulls great . Wouldn't own any other
Brand auto. Have a 454rv only because
Couldn't find a class a with a 5.7

Bamaman 03-28-2015 12:42 AM

Modern 6 cylinder truck engines are pushing 300 hp, and that's technically enough power to tow most lighter RV's. Unfortunately, the torque of such engines comes with higher rpm's--which is not good for heavy towing. The Pentastar V-6 is okay for towing bass boats, however they're aerodynamic and relatively light trailers.

You'd do better to move on to the hemi for towing your RV.

rideandslide 03-28-2015 05:52 AM

I heard somewhere the Hemi"s power band is only in the higher rpm's 4,000 plus, true/false ????


keymastr 03-28-2015 12:13 PM

Yup, the Hemi will rev a lot. They are also fairly thirsty at the higher revs and you may not like hearing it. It will not hurt the motor and they pull pretty well but the torque band is pretty high up. Not my first choice for a gas tow vehicle but better than what you have now.

rubberduckie 03-30-2015 03:41 AM

Keymastr what would your first choice be.

dcarver 03-30-2015 01:27 PM

Spoke with a guy who has an 09 1500 hemi. Claims it pulled his 9k TT up a 6% grade at 70mph and didn't reach 3k RPMs. Now I don't know how true that is but it would be impressive if is.

monkey 03-30-2015 06:49 PM

I am looking at the newer 6.4 Hemi... It is a "made for truck" engine... Go read about it... For me, I'll be buying a new (er) truck in the next couple years,,, hopefully to pull a rv with... It will either be a 6.4 Hemi or Cummins.... I presently own a 04 Grand Cherokee with the 4.7 V8... Haven't really towed anything with it, (nothing big) I am on the third water pump with 70K miles... GRRRRR (all New pumps) Other than that seems like a nice smaller V8... In a truck, you need a bigger motor than that.....

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