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pjb 03-28-2015 01:30 PM

As a fairly new owner, for several years now, of a 2005 Fleetwood Providence, I have been able to handle most of my routine maintenance items, oil and filter changes, radiator flush and fill, belt changes, generator maintenance, water lines and tank flushing, etc. I have been underneath on a creeper to inspect as many of the lines, wires and components as possible looking for damages, leaks. I am not a heavy chassis guy, though. Inside, we have only had a small fridge issue and now sporadic operation of a slide out to mess with. On a trip to Utah two years ago, we had a propane alarm that drove us nuts. In 'Vegas, an rv service guy I talked to on the phone came to the conclusion to replace the propane detector. They go bad after about 5 years. Tested the old one, bought a new one, tested it, and we were fine. So, to you more experienced owners out there, what can you offer to us on what we need to be aware of or look for.

MSHappyCampers 03-28-2015 01:36 PM

I try to do as much maintenance as I can, but I'm not a chassis guy for sure! I go to Speedco for routine maintenance. I'm a pretty good handyman and have been able to figure out most things that break, but I know my limitations! :thumb::D

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