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ChallengerRN 04-30-2015 07:16 PM

Haven't camped in the path of a volcano yet. Never in a raging flood plane --I haven't figured why I need to leave in a hurry either But I do leave the keys in the ignition ??


Fl_Richard 05-01-2015 02:10 PM

I dont leave the keys in the ignition for a quick getaway.

I leave them there because I know exactly where to find them and I'm secure enough in my surroundings to not have to worry about the MH disappearing while I'm walking the dogs...

Now if it's rolling and I pull into a store I remove the keys form the MH. Because the door lock key is on the same keyring. In a parking lot I'm not secure enough in my surroundings to leave the keys in the ignition and walk away...

The gun is just a given. I've had one in arms reach for 30 years. Kinda like my wedding band :) I dont really see what the big deal is about people who carry. Were not paranoid were prepared. I was a boy scout too. And never have had a "bad guy" jump out at me. I shot a rabid raccoon once....

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